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 •  William Morris
 •  William Cobbett
 •  Caroline Norton
19th-Century Britain
Reform, Radicalism and Social Unrest   Suggest a Link
The British Abolition Movement: Homepage pages on history, literature, art, and bibliography) (Mark Aronowitz & Kevin Heald, Miami U., Ohio)
Chartism: The People's Petition, 1838 (within Fordham U.'s Modern History Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
William Cobbett
Kevin Gilmartin (California Institute of Technology), "William Cobbett and the Politics of System" (1996) (part of Ch. 5 of Gilmartin's Print Politics: The Press and Radical Opposition in Early Nineteenth-Century England (Romantic Praxis / Romantic Circles)
Thomas Babington Macaulay Speech On The Reform Bill of 1832, March 2, 1831 (within Fordham U.'s Modern History Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
William Morris
Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement (anthology of primary sources, taken from W. Morris, W. Crane, O. Wilde and other key players in the Arts and Crafts movement, along with links) (J.R. Burrows and Company, Rockland, MA)
Saul Blumenthal (Massachusetts I. of Technology) The Kelmscott Chaucer (virtual exhibit, within the Print and the Book e-exhibit)
William Morris and His Circle (virtual exhibit, with articles and images, with sections on Morris's art, socialism, the history of his press, and more) (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, U. Texas, Austin)
William Morris (biography, with bibliography, especially of Morris's literary career) (Camelot Project, U. Rochester)
The Noble Craftsmen We Promote: Roots of Arts and Crafts (virtual exhibit page, focused on Morris and Ruskin and their influence on American theries of design) (Carlson Library, U. Toledo)
William Morris Why I Am a Socialist (1896) (excerpt, within Fordham U.'s Modern history Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
The Pursuit of the Ideal: The Life and Art of William Morris (virtual exhibit, with sections on Writings, Socialism, the Kelmscott Press, and biography) (Special Collections Library, U. Michigan
William Morris Home Society 
William Morris (U. Toronto)
Caroline Norton
A Celebration of Women Writers: Caroline Norton (biographical essay, with images) (Mary Mark Ockerbloom, U. Pennsylvania)
English Laws for Women in the Nineteenth Century (1854) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
The Lady of La Garaye (1866) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
Letters to the Mob (1848) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
A Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cranworth's Marriage & Divorce Bill (1855) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
A Plain Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Infant Custody Bill (1839) (Victorian Women Writers Project)
Charles W. Colby The Peterloo Massacre, 1819 (excerpt, within Fordham U.'s Modern History Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)
Peterloo Massacre (Articles, arranged by topic) (Spartacus Educational, UK)
Sydney Smith Fallacies Of Anti-Reformers, 1824 (within Fordham U.'s Modern History Sourcebook) (Paul Halsall, U. North Florida)

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