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 •  First Sino-Japanese War (1894-95)
 •  The Opium Wars
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)   Suggest a Link
Formosa (virtual exhibit on 19th century Taiwan through Western eyes, with maps, timelines, and more) (Reed C., Portland, OR)
The Opium Wars
Digital China: The Opium War (overview, links to primary sources and other sites) (Harvard Law School)
China: The First Opium War (overview, image, and prmary document) (Joseph V. O'Brien, John Jay C. of Criminal Justice, NY)
Windows on Asia: History of Hong Kong (overview of cession of Hong Kong to Britain due to Chinese military defeat) (Michigan State U.)
Richard Hooker (Washington State U.) The Opium Wars (overview article, within the World Civilizations pages devoted to Chinese history)
Sigrid Schmalzer (U. California, San Diego) Review of Arthur Waley, The Opium War through Chinese Eyes (1958) 
Cameron Campbell (U. California, Los Angeles) and James Lee (Cal. tech) Papers on Chinese Population and Social History (papers in.pdf format, covering c.1750-1909) (U. California, Los Angeles)
The Qing Dynasty (articles and links, arranged by topic, within the John Fairbank memorial Chinese History Virtual Library) (Robert Gray, U. of Michigan)
Qing Dynasty (overview article and images, within larger site on ancient and imperial China) (Minnesota State U., Mankota)
First Sino-Japanese War (1894-95)
Bill Gordon (Wesleyan U.) "Explanations of Japanís Imperialistic Expansion, 1894-1910" (2003) (overvioew essay that runs through various theories of imperialism and weighs the value of these to the subject)
Shimonoseki Armistice, March 30, 1895 (transcription, in English) (Center for East Asian Studies, U. California, Los Angeles)
S. Weigelin-Schwiedrzik (U. Heidelberg) and Marilyn A. Levine (Lewis-Clark State C.) Historical Survey: Sino-Japanese War (overview and images, within electronic course on Chinese history)
Leon Poon (U. Maryland) Emergence of Modern China: The Taiping Rebellion, 1851-64 (overview article, within larger history of China site)

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