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The Meiji Era (1868-1912)   Suggest a Link
Richard Hooker (Washington State U.) The Meiji Restoration (overview essay, within the World Civilizations: Modern Japan site)
Jonathan Dresner (U. Hawai'i at Hilo) How True to History is Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai? (2004) (review and essay)
Richard J. Smith (Rice U.) Meiji Japan and Late Qing China: Some Comparisons (essay, wtih tables, with sections on the Meiji Charter Oath [1868] and the Complete record of Barbarian Affairs [1880] and on statistical comparisons between Japan and China)
Thayer Watkins (San Josť State U.) Meiji Restoration/Revolution (essay, providing overview with a socio-economic focus)
Ronald P. Loftus (Willamette U.) The Meiji Restoration: Links (annotated links)
The Meiji Restoration and Modernization (module from the Contemporary Japan: A Teaching Workbook, with historical background and study questions) (East Asian Curriculum Project, Columbia U.)
Sidney DeVere Brown Nagasaki in the Meiji Restoration: Choshu Loyalists and British Arms Merchants (overview, with reference to the diary of Kido Takayoshi)
Bill Gordon (Wesleyan U.) "Tokugawa Period's Influence on Meiji Restoration" (essay) (2000)

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