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 •  Bruce Jones , "The History of Printing"  
Print History
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Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies (a "new research centre created from the merger of the Centre for Palaeography and the Research Centre in the History of the Book"; site has events info, links, and more) (Institute of English Studies, London)
Early Printed Books Project, Oxford U. 
Recent Studies of 18th-Century Book Culture (bibliography on bibliophilia and related topics) (James E. May, Pennsylvania State U.)
The Infancy of Printing: Incunabula at the Golda Meir Library (virtual exhibit, with text and images on the transition from manuscript culture to print, early prints, and more) (U. Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Bruce Jones (U. California, San Diego) Manuscripts, Books, and Maps: The Printing Press and a Changing World (articles on the history of the book)
Bruce Jones , "The History of Printing" (U. California, San Diego), [Show]
The Nineteenth Century in Print: Books (part of The Making of America in Books and Periodicals; virtual exhibit) (Library of Congress, Washington, DC, and U. of Michigan)
Saul Blumenthal (Massachusetts I. of Technology) The Print and The Book: A look at the relation between prints and books over four centuries. (virtual exhibits, with sections on the Nuremberg Chronicle, Night Thoughts, Voyages Pittoresques, and the Kelmscott Chaucer)
Printing Historical Society (organization homepage, includes journal information and links to sites on printing history)
Printing: Renaissance & Reformation (virtual exhibit, with images arrange din sections, with text by Patrick Scott and Roger Mortimer) (Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina
Unseen Hands: Women Printers, Binders, & Book Designers (virtual exhibit, with articles, images, and more) (Rebecca W. Davidson, Princeton U. Library)
Lynne M. Fors (U. Illinois Library) Chez La Veuve: Women Printers in Great Britain 1475-1700 (virtual exhibit, with images and articles)

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