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Early Modern Britain
Early Modern Scotland   Suggest a Link
Shake Loose the Border (site devoted to the 16th-century Anglo-Scottish border, with emphasis on ballads and broadsides; numerous links to primary sources; within the Legends site) (Paula Katherine Marmor)
Charting the Nation: Maps of Scotland and Associated Archives (articles, images, and maps, "together with important manuscript and printed texts relating to the geography and mapping of Scotland from 1550 to 1740 and beyond") (Edinburgh U. Library)
The Pont Maps (the Timothy Pont maps made in the 1580s and 1590s) (National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh)
Scottish Documents.com ("free access to a fully searchable index of over 520,000 Scottish wills and testaments dating from 1500 to 1901") (Scottish Archive Network)
Scottish Economic History Database, 1550 - 1780 (database for statistics) (Alex Gibson, Exeter U.)
The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft: 1563-1736 (searchable database containing relevant court records; also includes an introductory essay, bibliography, and links) (Julian Goodare, Lauren Martin, Joyce Miller and Louise Yeoman, U. of Edinburgh)

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