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bOING bOING Online 
Complexity International (journal on artificial life, cellular automata, chaos theory, fractals, neural networks, parallel processing, and other systems of complex behavior from the interaction of multiple parallel processes)
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine 
Computer News Daily (NY Times Syndicate)
Cyber Culture Magazine (Creativision Publishing Corp)
Ecola's Newsstand -- Computer Publications (Ecola Design)
InterFace Magazine (computer interface theory and practice)
Internet Resources Newsletter (Roddy MacLeod & Gordon Andrew)
Internet World 
Leonardo (art & computing)
Mobilis: The Mobile Computing Lifestye Magazine ("interviews, tutorials, reviews, and opinion concerning all aspects of Personal Data Assistants, wireless communication, and mobile peripherals")
Net Effects (cyberculture)
Netfuture: Technology and Human Responsibility (weekly newsletter that submits the net to ethical, social, political critique) (Steve Talbott)
The Network Observer ("on-line newsletter about networks and democracy") (Phil Agre, U. Calif., San Diego)
PC Magazine 
PowerPC News 
theNet Magazine 
Web Week 
The Web Word 
Wired Magazine 
WordPerfect Magazine - Online (IVY International Communications, Inc.)

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