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 •  Chorus: Exploring New Media in the Arts & Sciences
 •  CyberSpaces: Pedagogy and Performance on the Electronic Frontier
 •  Carole Meyers (Emory U./Georgia Tech U.)
 •  Owls
Technology Of Writing
Computers & Composition   Suggest a Link
The Alliance for Computers and Writing 
Chorus: Exploring New Media in the Arts & Sciences
Homepage of CHORUS (Todd Blayone, et al. / College Writing Programs, U. California, Berkeley)
Composition (Maggie Sokolik)
Consumptive Writing (A Fatal Strategy) (unique site that presents an anti-"process" approach to the philosophy and practice of composition teaching on the basis of cross-disciplinary reflections centered on Baudrillard's philosophy) (Matthew Levy, U. Texas, Arlington)
CyberSpaces: Pedagogy and Performance on the Electronic Frontier
Homepage (journal is devoted to issues broken up into three major sections: Pedagogy, Performance, and Intersections; all articles viewable online)(Works and Days 25/26 Volume 13, Numbers 1 & 2, 1995)
"Body Language: The Resurrection of the Corpus in Text-Based VR" (Candance Lang)
" Building a World With Words: The Narrative Reality of Virtual Communities " (Beth E. Kolko)
"MOO or Mistakenness" (Michael Joyce)
Cyberspace Writing Center Consultation Project (collaborative writing instruction between Roane St. Community College, Harriman, Tennessee and U. Arkansas, Little Rock; uses a MOO for consultation between undergraduates in Tennessee and graduate students in Arkansas)
Interface Design for Educational Multimedia (information pertaining to human-computer interface; interface design; cognitive approaches to interface design; and sample applications, notably
Carole Meyers (Emory U./Georgia Tech U.)
Communication, Document Design and the World Wide Web (paper describing an assignment used in a Technical Writing course)
Technical Writing (course)
MOO Central (excellent page of links, resources, and information on educational use of MOOs) (U. Pittsburgh) *
Multimedia for College-Level Writing (good collection of links to educational software resources) (Chris Coleman, Humber C.)
Dakota State University Online Writing Lab (OWL) (Patricia Ericsson)
Purdue On-Line Writing Lab 
rhetcomp.com ("portal to sites relevant to the field of rhetoric and composition") (Matthew Levy, U. Texas at Arlington)
RhetNet: A CyberJournal for Rhetoric and Writing 

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