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ETHICOMP98: Fourth International Conference on Ethical Issues of Information Technology (March 25-27, 1998, Erasmus U., The Netherlands) 
Events and Conferences (Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies)
Fifth International Conference on Cyberspace (June 6-9, Madrid) (in Spanish) (Fundación Arte y Tecnologia de Telefonica)
Rhetorics and Politics of the Information Society: Behind the Theories, Visions, Texts, and Programs (June 28-July 1, 1998, Tampere, Finland / July 26-Aug. 1, 1998, Montreal) (International Social Science Council, Standing Committee on Conceptual and Terminological Analysis)
Virtual Communities
1998 Virtual Communities Conference (Bath, England, 25-26 March 1999)
1999 Conference (Programme) (Bath, England, 25-26 March) 
2000 Conference (Programme) 
2001 Conference (Westminster, Central London 20-21 June) 

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