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 •  Laurie Anderson
 •  Christo
 •  Considering the End
 •  Johanna Drucker (Columbia U.)
 •  The Electric Gallery
 •  Ron English - Agit-Pop Artist
 •  Jeff Koons
 •  Sherrie Levine
 •  Kellianne O'Brien (Paintings)
 •  Nam June Paik
 •  Christy Sheffield Sanford
 •  Kiki Smith
 •  Victoria Vesna
Modern and Contemporary Art by Artists and/or Movements
Modern and Contemporary Art by Artists and/or Movements
Contemporary   Suggest a Link
@149st New York City Graffiti ("history of New York City's subway graffiti movement"; includes "photographs of detailed murals, artist profiles and a glossary of terms") (Eric Felisbret and Spar One)
@art (electronic art gallery affiliated with the School of Art and Design, the U. Urbana-Champaign)
AAA Gallery (Dutch virtual gallery)
Academia de Arte Yepes (LA-area fine arts murals academy) (Andres Rosillo)
AICAP: American Indian Computer Art Project 
Alberto Milano (online paintng exhibit; in Italian and English)
Laurie Anderson
Homepage of the Bave: Laurie Anderson (Jimmy Davies)
Laurie Anderson Links (Womynlynks)
Laurie Anderson Page (Peter Hartman)
Andy Goldsworthy (Center for Global Envronmental Education)
Ars Astronautica ("dedicated to developing a cultural dimension to humanity's space endeavors by exploring, reporting and nurturing the arts in and about space") (Arthur Woods / Leonardo)
Art (Introduction to the work of Joan Desmond, includes online archive) (Joan Desmond)
Art Crimes (graffiti) *
Art Galleries on the Web: A Hypertextual Analysis (Margaret L. McLaughlin, USC) (essay analyzing on-line art galleries)
Art Gallery (metapage of art gallery and other art-related sites) (Luc Girardin, Institut Universitaire de Haute Etudes Internationales, Geneva)
ArtMap: The Multimedia Cultural Information Service *
The ArtMetal Project (metalwork art) (Enrique Vega)
Art Net 
ArtNet Italia (contemporary Italian painting, photography, sculpture)
The Art of Haiti (commercial gallery; site includes links and info on Haiti) (MediaArt)
The Art of Tibetan Sand Painting (sand painting event on the Web by Tibetan monks) (Houston Chronicle Interactive)
Arts and Crafts Movement in America 
The Arts & Crafts Society ("an online community dedicated to the philosophy and spirit of the Arts & Crafts Movement")
ArtScape (Ides Communications Group)
Art Scene China ("portfolios of modern and avant-garde artwork by more than 20 leading contemporary artists from China")
Art Watchers (in German and English) (Reiner Strasser)
AssemblyLanguage - Tokyo Avant-Garde Culture and Japanese Contemporary Art ("news, images, texts, and reviews concerning avant-garde culture and contemporary art from Tokyo, Japan")
AtelierAranita (introduction to the art of Aranita, includes online gallery of selected works)
Benbow Bullock, Sculptor (introduction to the work of contemporary sculptor Bullock, includes an extensive list of links to sculpture parks and gardens worldwide)
Ben Stahl: Virtual Museum Of The Cross (David Stahl)
Charles Bernstein (State U. of New York, Buffalo), "I Don't Take Voice Mail" 
Bibliotheque Bajazzo Amsterdam: Online Experimental Art (requires Netscape 2.0; very sophisticated use of frames and client-pull animation)
Bill Murphy: Contemporary Paintings 
the blue dot (Razorfish, Inc.)
Bodies, INCorporated (sophisticated multimedia, interactive environment in which users construct virtual bodies and "incorporate" as part of an exploration of the interface between art and corporate zones) (Victoria Vesna et al., U. California, Santa Barbara)
The Body Missing Project ("an inquiry begun in Toronto and Linz, 1994, into the Kunstraub [art theft] policies of the Third Reich, the proposed Führermuseum, and the fate of artworks missing after World War II") (Vera Frenkel)
Boogles's Collection of Random Art (Brian K. Zuzga)
Betty Brown, "A Repast of Feminism Reviewed at Sexual Politics Show" (review of the UCLA show featuring Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party; includes images) (ArtScene)
Buddery (Brendan deVallance & Nancy Martell)
BURN!: Toge Sankichi (Hiroshima Artworks by Iri and Toshi Maruki) 
CAGE: Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven (contemporary Dutch art) (Rolf van Gelder)
Carol Sutton (requires graphical browser)
ChasSK Site (Chaslav S. Krstich) 
The Art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude Site (Jok Church, Adam Ciesielski, and Von Wall)
Christo & Jeanne-Claude Home Page (gateway to pages covering Christo's projects)
Christo & Jeane-Claude
Homepage (Stanford)
Christo's Umbrellas Project 
Christo's Running Fence Project 
Christo's Reichstag Project (photos and coverage of the wrapping of the Reichstag, beginning June 17, 1995)
Kulturbox (official page of the Christo "Wrapped Reichstag" project)
Chrysalises: Writing of a Butterfly (allegorical hypertext essay on the "ecology of communications") (Oliver Hockenhull)
Commuter's THEater (School of Architecture, U Texas Austin)
Considering the End
Homepage (very sophisticated virtual art gallery for the U. California, Santa Barbara conference,
Exit and Entrances (Western and Shamanic Constructions of Death) (Jim Tipton)
Find-A-Grave (A Listing of the Final Resting Places of Noteworthy People) (Jim Tipton)
Internet Crime Archives: Digital Home of the Mass-Murdering Serial Killer 
No Memory (Lisa Bloomfield)
Terminal Links (death-related sites on the net)
Transitive Space (Mark Benthin & Yan Breuleux)
Contemporary Art Site (Tractor, Inc.)
DADA Productions Inc. 
Dale Chihuly Web Site (overview of the artist's glass work with "approximately 2500 pages mostly of photograghs and some videos") (Chihuly.com)
The Dark Pool (Web view of installation project; requires a graphical browser to such an extent that even the text of the page's HTML title is invisible [two spaces]) (Janet Cardiff, George Bures Miller)
Constance DeJong, Tony Oursler, Stephen Vitiello, Fantastic Prayers (multimedia text, image, music web installation) (Dia Center for the Arts, NY City)
Belinda de Leo (U California, San Diego), Ancestry: Religion, Death and Culture (personal image exploration of Appalachian culture)
Dia Center for the Arts, NY City (excellent page with images and bibliographies of contemporary artists; also resources relevant to poets, dancers, and others affiliated with the Dia Center)
Diversive Paths (collaborative project exploring "the concept of nonlinear image development and manipulation of existing images") (Bonnie Mitchell or Neil Herzinger)
Doctor Hugo: Museums of the Mind ("virtual museum project about the future of the sense; resources on paintings, net.art, synaesthesia and fuzzy dreamz; research, theory and experiments on telematics of the mind") (Doctor Hugo)
Johanna Drucker (Columbia U.)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Virginia), Lines for a Virtual Ty/opography (in-progress hypertext and VRML dissertation being written "real-time" on the net; concerns the work of textuality theorist/artist Johanna Drucker)
"Offset Printing as a Creative Medium" 
Eduardo Kac: A Retrospective Exhibition ("documentation of performances, mixed media work, holopoetry, telecommunications events, computer imaging, interactive installations, telepresence art, essays and articles, as well as actual digital pieces available for downloading")
The Electric Gallery
The Amazon Project 
Haitian Art Wing 
The Jazz and Blues Wing (music-related pictures)
Electric Olive Gallery (Ken Fair)
Electronic Visualization Lab 
Dinae Fenster, Ritual of Abandonment: An Ephemeral Archive of Memory 
FineArt Forum: Resources Page 
FIVA: Festival of Independent Virtual Media Arts Online 
Carol Flax (UCSB), Other (M)Other Stories 
Floral Radiographs: The Secret Garden (Albert Richards, U. Michigan)
Francesco Boretti Artwork ("Abstract Expressionist painting ")
Genderplex: An Electronic Exhibition & Publication (Nancy Mahl)
Giorgio Butini (@Barabel) (In Italian)
Guerrilla Girls ("a group of women artists and art professionals who make posters about discrimination")
Hai-Tang Arts Web (Arts and Ceramic in Taiwan) (in Chinese)
Hanni Stolker, Artist (paintings and murals)
Sara Hartland, "Cut With A Kitchen Knife" ("I will consider the discursive potential of images and ask if images can work to rupture the construction and representation of women by which 'woman' is that which is 'not-man' ") (EVA: Electronic Visual Arts Journal)
Healing the Mind: An Exhibition of Arts and Crafts by Artists With Mental Illnesses (Verlangieri Virtual Gallery of Art)
Helene Black -| Artist |- ("installations, mixed media, paintings and full on line illustrated cv" of the Cypriot Australian artist)
Rocío Heredia Rocío Heredia, Metal Artist (traditional metalworks techniques of Chasing and Repoussé to raise intricate designs on tin, copper and brass)
Julian Hill, The fake Tate Gallery ("Home of post-surrealism and exhibition space for Julian Hill, post-surrealist artist")
Illustra Graffiti Wall Demo ("The Illustra Graffiti Wall is an example of using Illustra's no-overwrite storage system to do time travel over archived data in the database. This demo is an interactive example of archiving and searching over archived data in real time"
Inspired Arts Virtual Gallery (Karen Morgan)
Intaglio Web (requires Shockwave Flash plug-in) (KyeongIl Park)
interARTisrael ("first virtual art gallery in Israel and the Near East")
International Internet Chain Art Project ("collaborative computer art project conducted using the Internet as a vehicle to obtain and deposit the images and communicate with members") (U. Oregon)
Internet Arts Museum for FREE (Artists for Revolution through Technology) 
Jo-Ann Castano Studio (digitally-generated works "similar in form and idiom" to Castano's polarized kinetic light sculptures)
John Hein: Studio Furnituremaker (New Jersey-based "designer and builder of one-of-a-kind, craft-based, solid hardwood furniture for the art market, using traditional joinery and wooden pegs")
Judith Mann's Far Journeys ("Journey to Remote Lands/Experience Exotic Places Meet Fascinating People")
Kazantzakis Project (Mark Meadows, aka "Pighed")
Jeff Koons
Michael Jackson and Bubbles (Eli Broad Foundation)
lastplace.com: The "last place" to visit online - for Cyberart (Rodney Chang)
LebanonArt (Joseph Matar)
Le Musée Imaginaire: Legal Fakes of Masterpieces 
Leonardo Space Art Project ("aims to make visible the work of artists, writers, composers and others interested in the exploration of outer space")
L. Essie Art Gallery 
Sherrie Levine
Christine Kiessling, "Meditations on the Invisible: Sherrie Levine Between Homage and Appropriation" (1997) (Thresholds)
Glenn Ligon, Untitled: Four Etchings (Eli Broad Foundation)
Robert Longo, Tongue to the Heart (Eli Broad Foundation)
Fiona Macdonald, "A User's Guide to Abstraction at the End of the Millennium" (1996) (essay on abstract art) (Globe E-Journal)
Mail Art Gallery and Museum (online gallery of mail art; in Italian or English) (MAGRAM, Milan)
Man Woman Image Text: Paintings by Peter Illig ("six oil paintings that serve as narrative allegories about art and art history, men and women, media culture, and the American scene") (Peter Illig, Metropolitan State C., Denver)
Marina Obo (introduction to the work of contemporary French artist Marina Obo, in English and French) (Marina Obo)
mary flanagan web ("VRML online artwork, links to cyberculture and gender + technology syllabi, papers on feminist uses of virtual space, knowledge representation and computer games") (Mary Flanagan, State U. of New York, Buffalo)
Mask Links ("images of masks, makers of masks, masquerade troupes, and relevant resources from around the world") (Conrad Schuler & Frederic Schuler)
Matricism ("A derivative of Pointillism, Matricism is a technique by which the practitioner attempts to design a logical, sequential, or scientific process for the technical construction of a pictorial statement") (Christian H. Seidler)
Mattison FitzGerald and Rochelle Ford (real-time, interlinked exhibition in San Jose and New York City)
Max's Art Gallery (Max Edward Cordonnier)
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled, "Skull" (Eli Broad Foundation)
Alyson Muenzer (Middle Tennessee State U.), "Grotesque in Art: Urinals, Dreams, Graffiti, and Personal Suffering As Art:: A Brief Overview of the Grotesque In Twentieth-Century Painting" 
Museu Virtual de Arte Brasileira (Virtual Museum of Brazilian Art) 
Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design ("Today, adherence to the "truth" of a material is no longer an absolute for design. New technologies are being used to customize, extend, and modify the physical properties of materials. . . ."; many photos of artifacts identifi
MUVA: Museo Virtual de Artes el Pais (virtual museum "building" designed by four architects to exhibit Uruguayan art; in Spanish and English)
Nam June Paik
"Satellite Art: An Interview with Nam June Paik" (Eduardo Kac)
"Wrap Around the World" (on Nam June Paik) (Eduardo Kac)
newNYart (Kenny Schachter)
Nick Jordan: Paintings 
NY Digital Salon 1995 (Third Annual) (juried competition of computer art)
Kellianne O'Brien (Paintings)
Abstract Impressionisms 
One Eyed, Long Haired, Indian Art (Anthony Miron)
SITO (formerly OTIS Project) (Ed Stastny)
Patricia McGurk: paintingsandphotos art gallery (American artist and photographer)
Philip Johnson Gallery 
Pigments ("galerie de peinture lente"; in French) (Frédérique Salvatore)
Pintores Mexicanos 
Pixel Pushers Gallery 
The Place (Joseph Squier)
Placing (a series of product "epiphanies" demonstrating the thesis that contemporary "placing" [product placements in movies, TV shows, and sporting events] "captures the essence of a new kind of selfhood for the '90s. No longer do
Poietic Generator ("enables a potentially large number of people across the world to participate in the emergence of an ever changing collective image") (Olivier Auber, et al.)
Political Paintings from North Viet Nam, 1970-1980 (Track 16 Gallry, Santa Monica, Calif./Art City)
Postmodernism and Art History (articles "on over three years of exhibitions at museums and galleries"; browseable "by artist, period in art history, or postmodern ideas"; I link artists and ideas, because I write about artists that get me thinking") (Joh
Public Art in Los Angeles ("documents public art works, sculptural works, mosaics, and murals") (Ruth Wallach, USC)
Quilt Page 
Raphael Collazo Museum (online museum displaying work of Raphael Collazo)
Rogers Virtual Gallery - "Beauty #2" (well-designed gallery making good use of image maps; features "young Toronto artists at Harbourfront's Power Plant") (Rogers Communications Inc.)
Ron English - Agit-Pop Artist
Homepage of Ron English, Agit-Pop Artist 
Revisionist Modernism 
A Room Without Walls: Cyber Gallery (Ted Warnell)
Salvatore Ventura 
Sandi Kohler: Artist 
Sandra Gering Gallery 
Christy Sheffield Sanford
Homepage of Christy Sheffield Sanford (mixed genre artist/creative writer using advanced Web techniques)
Madame de Lafayette Book of Hours Page (unique, image- and frame-intensive, hypertext meditation inspired by "the life, time or characters of Madame de Lafayette)
Red Mona (a mixed genre work using "flash-cards" with text, images, sound inspired by the Guy de Maupassant story, Petit Soldat)
"Safara in the Beginning," a Moving-Book ("a web-novel set in the seventeenth century")
Julian Schnabel, Self-Portrait in Andy's Shadow (Eli Broad Foundation)
Scope Art - Gallery 
Sculptors Society of Canada 
The Sculpture of Philip Organ: "Wave Patterns and Particles" ("online gallery, biographical information and a studio tour")
Seiko Mikami Artworks Archive 
Eriq Lukkenbaum Shaping (Introduction to the work of Eriq Lukkenbaum, includes cyberspace exhibition of his work) (in English and German)
Silvain (introduction to the work of Christian Silvain, includes image galleries) (in English, Dutch and French)
Sketch=Think (Matiu Carr, U. of Auckland)
Kiki Smith
Interview with Todd Slaughter 
Kiki Smith Reference Page (art in context)
Kiki Smith, New York (1995 Pace Wildenstein exhibit)
Untitled (Fluttering Eyes) (Sordoni Art Gallery)
Stange's Gallery (Ken Stange)
Stefane Rocknak: Figurative Wood Sculpture ("detailed figurative wood sculpture, influenced by the Medieval tradition; some religious pieces")
Survival Research Laboratories (mechanized and robotic performance art)
Synergy:Corpse Page (Harlan Wallach/OTIS)
That's Art (online art gallery)
Titlebaum Art Gallery ("What happens to someone who receives a Ph.D. in English literature from Harvard, teaches in 4 universities, and then abandons academia to devote himself full-time to the art of painting? Take a look. The Titlebaum Art Gallery features writings a
Stanley Tomshinsky, On The Way: Images to While the Day Anyway 
T.S.4: Telematic Sculpture 4 (machinic sculpture in the Austrian Pavilion at Biennale 95 that repositions itself on a track in response to the "data flow" of the Internet)
Tu Art Studio On-Line ("portraits, landscapes, and drawings by Chinese oil painter Zhiwei Tu, living in the U.S.")
U. S. Army Vietnam Combat Art (Jim Pollock, CMH U. S. Army Center for Military History War Art Collection)
Valeriy Grachov (introduction to the work of Valeriy Grachov, includes extensive digital gallery)
Varo Registry of Women Artists Online (Robin Masi & C.J. Holmes)
Victoria Vesna (U. California, Santa Barbara)
Bodies, INCorporated (sophisticated multimedia, interactive environment in which users construct virtual bodies and "incorporate" as part of an exploration of the interface between art and corporate zones)
Computers and the Intuitive Edge: An Introduction to Computer Technology for the Visual Thinker 
Considering the End (virtual art gallery for the U. California, Santa Barbara conference,
History of Art and Computing ("an exploration of parallel events in the evolution of arts and computers")
ICA: Intercampus Arts Web Server (UC-system intercampus arts linkway)
Vincent Art Gallery (gallery in the Netherlands that takes as its mission painting "reproductions of the Old Masters, like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Renoir, Cézanne, Gauguin and many others")
The Fantastic Art of Michele Vincent 
The Virtual Colony: A Place in Cyberspace for Artists ("a showcase of composers, musicians, painters, photographers, artisans, writers & poets")
Watercolors of Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt ("As a watercolorist who started out to be a biologist, Carol's paintings may remind you of looking through a microscope")
Wentworth Gallery 
Carolyn Wood, Spiritual Journey Downunder - Australian Contemporary Art (encounter with aboriginal culture)
World Art Party ("a democratic coalition of artists who accept the call for leadership and social responsibility through acts of peaceful art terrorism")
Valentin Yotkov, Designer/Silversmith ("reviving chasing and repoussé in art metals")

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