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 •  Pedro Almodovar:
 •  Peter Greenaway
 •  Wayne Wang
 •  Martin Scorsese
 •  David Cronenberg
 •  Hong Kong Cinema
 •  David Lynch
 •  Wim Wenders
 •  Christopher Nolan
Contemporary Film   Suggest a Link
Pedro Almodovar:
Almodovarlandia (links to resources about Almodovar; in English. German and Spanish) (Karl Erber)
David Cronenberg
David Cronenberg filmography and www resources (Kevin Bishop)
Film.com (Reviews, Film Festivals, Screening Room, movie news, and more)
Flicker Home Page: Alternative Film and Video (Scott Stark)
Peter Greenaway
Peter Greenaway: The Internet Version (Bruno Bollaert)
"Pillow Talk: Human Graffiti in Peter Greenaway's Sexy Film" (Richard Corliss, Time, July 7, 1997)
Mike Tanner "The Auteur, the Hype, His Aide, Her Skepticism" (May 1997) ("On tour in North America to promote his new film, The Pillow Book, director Peter Greenaway gave much Q&A time to his next film, which he says will be released as a movie, on CD-ROM, and over the Internet...") (Wired)
Hal Hartley
Hal Hartley Homepage
Homepage (Ethan Straffin)
Hong Kong Cinema
Electric Shadows Journal ("...a mailing list devoted to Asian Arthouse Movies...; links to discussions on a great many topics such as "Films," "Directors," "Group Reviews," and "Essays,")
The Martial Artist's Guide to Hong Kong Films 
The Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong) Film Top Ten Box Office Home Page 
Krzysztof Kieslowski and His Films (Zbigniew J. Pasek)
Notes on Luc Besson Films (Stuart Fernie)
David Lynch
Official David Lynch Site ("This is a membership and pay-per-series site. There are a number of experiences waiting for you if you choose to become a member . . .")
Hartmann, Mike The City of Absurdity: The Mysterious World of David Lynch Well designed site with a great depth of resources
Lynchnet: The David Lynch Resource
Articles and Interviews 
LynchNet: The David Lynch Resource- homepage 
Twin Peaks 
MGM/United Artists Lion's Den 
Miramax Films 
Christopher Nolan
Klein, Andy Everything you wanted to know about Memento (Salon.com)
Jonathan Nolan Memento Mori (Story that inspired the film Memento(Esquire Magazine)
Martin Scorsese
Travis 76: A Taxi Driver Page (nice tribute to Taxi Driver, includes information and visual images as well as commentary on the film)
ScreenSite ("ScreenSite facilitates the teaching and research of film/TV/new media and is designed principally for educators and students . . .first emerged in 1994 during the Paleolithic era of the Web. In 2003 we mounted a major renovation) (U. Alabama)
Robert Leventhal (U. Virginia) "Romancing the Holocaust: Spielberg's Schindler's List" (Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities)
Alan Stone (Boston Review), "Jane Campion's Piano" 
Quentin Tarantino
Wayne Wang
Wim Wenders
Visual Taste, Rediscovered (site with a great deal of information and commentary; Italian and German only) (Fabrizio Gabrielli)
Wim Wenders Official Site 

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