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 •  Centre for the Easily Amused
Laws Of Cool
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1002situations: Participatory Heimat/Homeland Exhibition ("place text, photos, and sound that define your 'heimat'/homeland into this 'virtual museum.'" "Starting on Sept. 15, 1995, the exhibition . . . will be materialized and put on display for two weeks at the Castle Tollet in Upper Aust
antont: Earth Page ("Mark your position on my experimental, auto-updating map of the world!")
Centre for the Easily Amused
Selected Resources:  
Miss Walker's Guide to Employee Internet Etiquette 
Random Silliness 
Short Attention Span Site of the Week ("now Java enhanced!")
Sites That Do Things 
The Creative Internet Home Page 
Cynthia Rose's Real Time Hot Tips 
The Electronic Cafe (NEXUS-London home page)
Grafica Obscura 
Heather Has Two Mommies (political spoof in the form of a children's book; includes links on the topic of political correctness) (MIT Center for Political Correctness)
Internet in a Baby (ultimate interface for the computer-phobic: clickable image of a baby--actually a small child--leading to "every web page of any significance"; but it can't find Voice of the Shuttle ;-)
Netgram (retro-net: experimental "e-mail to paper mail gateway"; converts your e-mail message into a free, one-page paper letter sent to the party of your choice)
Streams and Brian Present Piercing Mildred (interactive body modification and piercing)

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