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 •  Earl Jackson, Jr. (U. California, Santa Cruz)
 •  Gary Harrison (U. New Mexico)
 •  Wesley Morris (Rice U.)
 •  Gregory Ulmer (U. Florida, Gainesville)
Literary Theory
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Jay Clayton (Vanderbilt U.), Postmodernism and the Culture of Cyberspace 
Gregory Ulmer (U. Florida, Gainesville)
"Critical Theory" 
"Electronic Culture" 
Gary Harrison (U. New Mexico)
Ecocriticism (1998) (graduate course)
Literary Criticism and Theory (1997) (graduate course)
Earl Jackson, Jr. (U. California, Santa Cruz)
Alien/ations: The Postmodern in Japan and EuroAmerica 
Histories of Meaning ("intensive selective survey of theories of meaning from Plato to Augustine")
Hysteria and Paranoia (course)
Semiotics and Psychology (course)
Mary Klages (U. Colorado, Boulder), Modern Critical Thought (includes lecture notes on major theoretical movements and authors)
Carol Lloyd, "I Was Michel Foucault's Love Slave" (1997) (confessional, meditative essay on the life of theory: "I am a child of Theory") (Salon Magazine)
John Lye (Brock U.), Contemporary Literary Theory (well-developed site for a course; includes expository material on major theoretical movements)
Wesley Morris (Rice U.)
Politics and Literary Theory: Performing the Self (1997) 
Studies in Literary Theory: Problems in the History of the Theory Canon 
Tim Spurgin (Lawrence U., Wisconsin), Contemporary Literary Theory (includes class handouts on theorists and movements)
Ismail S. Talib (National U. of Singapore), "Literary Stylistics" ("linguistic and discourse-analytical approaches to style in literary works")
John Unsworth (U. Virginia), "Contemporary Literature and Theory: Engineering the Self in the Late Twentieth Century" 

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