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 •  Romantic Passions: A Hypertext Collection of Theory and Criticism (1998)
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(for specific criticism, see under individual authors)
John Anderson (Boston C.), "Romantic Billboards on the Infobahn" 
Ron S. Broglio & F. William Ruegg (U. Florida), "Designing a New Pedagogical Practice for Romantic Studies" (1996) 
David Chandler (Kyoto U.), " 'One Consciousness,' Historical Criticism and the Romantic Canon" (2000) (Romanticism on the Net)
Thomas C. Gannon, "Romanticism and the Unconscious" (1st chapter of MA thesis)
Anthony John Harding, The Reception of Myth in English Romanticism (publisher's description)
John Spencer Hill (U. Ottawa), editor, The Romantic Imagination (1977) 
Nelson Hilton (U. Georgia), Lexis Complexes: Literary Interventions (1995) (full-text)
Keats-Shelley Journal Bibliography (Jonathan David Gross, DePaul U. / Romantic Circles)
W.J.T. Mitchell, The Last Formalist, or W.J.T. Mitchell as Romantic Dinosaur (innovative "paratextual" interview of Mitchell by Orrin N.C. Wang, U. Maryland) (Romantic Praxis / Romantic Circles; HTML by Rita Raley)
New Books in Nineteenth-Century Studies ("authors, titles, publishers, prices, ISBN numbers and publishers' descriptions for new and forthcoming critical works, anthologies, and critical editions of nineteenth-century British materials"; will also include reviews) (English Dept., USC)
Romantic Anthologies -- A Special Issue of Romanticism On the Net (1997) (guest editor: Laura Mandell)
Romantic Circles Reviews (Jeffrey N. Cox with Charles Snodgrass / Romantic Circles)
Romanticism On the Net (electronic journal) (Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Oxford U.)
Romanticism and Conspiracy (essays edited by Orrin N.C. Wang, U. Maryland, originating in the session on this topic at the NASSR conference, Nov. 1996)
"Romanticism" in Crisis: A Panel Discussion on Period and Profession (position papers "on changing definitions of British Romanticism . . . [and] the future of British Romanticism as a hiring field' from the 1997 conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism; the debate particula
Romantic Passions: A Hypertext Collection of Theory and Criticism (1998)
Homepage (critical essays on Romanticism and affect) (Romantic Circles)
Elizabeth Fay (U. Massachusetts, Boston), "Romantic Passions" 
Adela Pinch (U. Michigan), "Thinking about the Other in Romantic Love" 
Jeffrey C. Robinson (U. Colorado, Boulder) "Passion and Romantic Poetics" 
Charles J. Rzepka (Boston U.), "Re-collecting Spontaneous Overflows: Romantic Passions, the Sublime, and Mesmerism" 
Andrew M. Stauffer (U. Virginia), "Romantic Anger and Byron's Curse" 
Nanora Sweet (U. Missouri, St. Louis), "Hemans, Heber, and Superstition and Revelation" 
Selected Studies of Lyrical Ballads (Ronald Tetreault, Dalhousie U., and Bruce Graver, Providence C.)
James Stanger (U. California, Riverside), "The Specter of the Press in Romantic Scenes of Writing" (Prometheus Unplugged Conference / Carole Meyers)
Ruriko Suzuki (Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan), "Translation in the 1790's: a Means of Creating a Like Existence and/or Restoring the Original" (1996) (Romanticism On the Net)

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