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 •  Robert N. Barger, Notre Dame U.)
 •  Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Cyberethics, Cyberlaw, and Cyberprivacy
Cyberethics   Suggest a Link
Robert N. Barger, Notre Dame U.)
Computer Ethics Cases (Robert N. Barger, Notre Dame U.)
Robert Barger (Notre Dame) Computer Ethics (course)
Society, Religion, and Technology Project (objectives: "to foster an informed understanding in society of the issues which confront it as a result of current and future technologies, and to inform the churches of key developments To provide opportunities for technologists to reflect on the ethical implications of their work;To respond with considered judgement to Government bodies on technological issues; To contribute actively to European and international debates on these issues.") (Church of Scotland)
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (metapage of computing-ethics resources) (School of Computing Sciences, De Montfort U., UK)
Homepage of Centre for Computing & Social Responsibility 
Simon Rogerson (De Montfort U., UK), "But IS IT Ethical?" 
Simon Rogerson & Terrell Ward Bynum, "Cyberspace: the Ethical Frontier" (originally published in Times Higher Education Supplement
Computer & Information Ethics Resources on WWW (Centre for Applied Ethics, U. British Columbia)
Fergus Duniho (U. Rochester), Computer Ethics (course)
Envisioning a Global Information Infrastructure: Project on The Ethical, Legal and Technological Aspects of Computer Network Use and Abuse (Directorate for Science and Policy Programs / American Association for the Advancement of Science)
ETHICOMP98: Fourth International Conference on Ethical Issues of Information Technology (March 25-27, 1998, Erasmus U., The Netherlands)
Bonnie Kaplan and Nick Bostrom (Yale U.) The Ethics and Policy of New Technologies (course)
International Center for Information Ethics ("an academic website on information ethics. It is a platform for exchanging information about worldwide teaching and research in our field") (Stuttgart U., Germany)
Chris McDonald (U. British Columbia), "The Ethics of Web Site Engineering" 
Netfuture: Technology and Human Responsibility (weekly newsletter that submits the net to ethical, social, political critique) (Steve Talbott)
Diana Oblinger "Computer and Network Security and Higher Education's Core Values" (2003) 
Wendy Robinson (Duke U.) Ethics and the Internet: Pervasive Computing in the Digital Age (course)
Simon Rogerson and Terrell Ward Bynum, "Information Ethics: The Second Generation" (1996) ("there is increasing evidence that computer professionals do not recognise when and where ethical issues present themselves") (Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility, De Montfort U., UK)
Science and Engineering Ethics ("A multi-disciplinary quarterly journal, launched in 1995, exploring ethical issues confronting scientists and engineers": includes refereed papers and reviews; editorials, comments, letters; educational resources; book and conference reports;

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