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Science Fiction
Cyberpunk   Suggest a Link
CCRU- Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (cyberculture, hyperstition, Deleuze and Guattari, abstract culture, Lovecraft, Gibson, cybergothic, cyberpunk)
alt.cyberpunk FAQ 
Pat Cadigan Home Page (Chris Fowler)
The Cyberpunk Project (includes extensive, well-developed "information database" with introductions and links to various cyperpunk topics)
William Gibson [Show]
Martin Irvine (Georgetown U.), Technoculture from Frankenstein to Cyberpunk (course)
Mirrorshades Post Modern Archive
Homepage of Mirrorshades Postmodern Archive ("Ever wonder where the authors of science fiction get their ideas? Judge the process for yourself ... If it's in MIRRORSHADES, it'll be science fiction in a year. In two years it will be in WIRED magazine. In three years teenage girls will be wearing it. In four years it'll be mentioned on CNN. In five years it'll be "discovered.""(Bruce Sterling, Jon Lebkowsky, Linda Castellani)
Bookstore (list of Sterling's major works and an annotated list of his 'picks')
Cyberpunk Page 
Net Culture- Cyberpunk (Eletronic Frontier Foundation)
Rudy Rucker Page (Mark/Space Interplanetary Review)
Neal Stephenson [Show]
Bruce Sterling [Show]

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