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Women's Studies & Feminist Theory
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Boston Ecofeminist Action 
Emily Bounds, "World Wide Web Review: Ecofeminism on the Internet" (2002) (U. Wisconsin)
Leila R. Brammer, "Ecofeminism, the Environment, and Social Movements" (1998) (Gustavus Adolphus C.)
Colorado College Women's Studies 215 - Ecofeminism (Alex Vargo and Barbara Whitten, Colorado C.)
Deep Ecology and Ecofeminism (Genesis of Eden Diversity Encyclopedia)
Ecofeminism (Adrian Harris, the green fuse)
Ecofeminism ("features thousands of annotated links and text resources for students and teachers with interests in Ecofeminism, Gender Studies and Environmental philosophy") (Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base)
Ecofeminism (Gloria Orenstein, U. Southern California)
Ecofeminism (Michelle Bemis)
Ecofeminism and Earth-Based Spirituality (The Maa Batakali Cultural Mission, Inc.)
Ecofeminism Now! (info on documentary produced by Greta Gaard, Western Washington U.) (Center for Environmental Philosophy, U. North Texas)
Ecofeminist and Ecology Resources 
ecofem.org ~ activist-educative hub for ecofeminism ~ race-class-nature-gender 
EVE Online: Ecofeminism Visions Merging (Cathleen McGuire)
Stephen Hui, "De/colonizing Nature: Postcolonialist and Ecofeminist Perspectives on Human-Environment Relations" (2001) 
Marlene Longenecker (Ohio State U.), "Women, Ecology, and the Environment: An Introduction" (NWSA Journal, Indiana U. Press)
Rosemary Radford Reuther, "Ecofeminism" (Spunk Library)
Charlene Spretnak, "Critical and Constructive Contributions of Ecofeminism" (1993) (Larry R. Ridener, Pfeiffer U.)
Studies in Women and the Environment (ecofem mailing list archive) (Stefanie Rixecker, U. Colorado, Boulder)
Karen J. Warren, "Introduction to Ecofeminism" (from Environmental Philosophy: From Animal Rights to Radical Ecology [1993]) (Larry R. Ridener, Pfeiffer U.)
WEDO: Women's Environment and Development Organization 
Women's Voices for the Earth 
Yahoo! Groups: EcoFeminism 

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