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 •  Digital Divide
Economics Of The Net   Suggest a Link
David Bacon "Organizing Silicon Valley's High Tech Workers" (1999) 
John Perry Barlow, "Selling Wine Without Bottles: The Economy of Mind on the Global Net" (1996) 
William F. Birdsall (Dalhousie U.), "The Internet and the Ideology of Information Technology" (1996) (on the relation between the push for information technology and economic factors) (The Internet Society)
Brad Cox (George Mason U.), Superdistribution: Objects as Property on the Electronic Frontier (originally titled Taming the Electronic Frontier)
Digital Divide
Wenhong Cheng and Barry Wellman (U. Toronto) "Charting Digital Divides: Comparing Socioeconomic, Gender, Life Stage, and Rural-Urban Internet Access and Use in Five Countries" (2003) (pdf)
Digital Divide (links to articles) (Martin Ryder, U. Colorado, Denver)
Digital Divide Basics (articles and links to resources) (Digital Divide Network)
Digital Divide (a set of links devoted to many different facets of this issue) (Yahoo)
Paul DiMaggio, Eszter Hargittai, et al. (Princeton U.) "Digital Inequality: From Unequal Access to Differentiated Use " 
"Falling Through the Net" (series of reports from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
Ezster Hargittai (Northwestern U.) "Second Level Digital Divide: Differences in People's Online Skills" ( First Monday )
Hot Topics- Digital Divide (ELab; Vanderbilt U.)
The Information Economy: The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues (Hal R. Varian, School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley)
Internet Economics (a set of links under the following topics: Internet Economics; Digital Currency; Computer Industry; and Business and the Internet) (First Monday)
Peter Kollock (UCLA), "The Economies of Online Cooperation: Gifts and Public Goods in Cyberspace" (1999) 
"Labour and the Internet: The Others/Periphery" (summary of 1997 online seminar led by Jagdish Parikh and Roberto Verzola) (Corporate Watch)
"Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce" (links to articles, organizations, and resources) (U. New Brunswick)
Jeffrey Mackie-Mason, Research (the research of this Professor of Information and Computer Science is primarily in information economics, especially the Internet and advanced telecommunications technologies, and the economics of digital information content) (U. of Michigan)
Kevin Kelly New Rules for the New Economy: 10 ways the network economy is changing everything (1998) 
Stewart Brand Interview, June 15, 1995 (on the Internet as a "gift economy") (WGBH Educational Foundation)

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