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General Gaelic & Celtic Resources
An Ireland Reading List (English Studies Information Server, U. Mannheim)
Celtic-L WWW site (archives for Celtic culture discussion list)
Ceolas Celtic Music Archive 
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture (Seàn O Mìadhachàin, Godfrey Nolan, U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Faclair Gàidhlig-Beurla: Gaelic-English Dictionary 
Gaelic Language Reader (Ronald Ogawa, Brock U.)
Gaelic Languages Info (John T. McCranie)
Archéire: Irish Architecture Online 
The Hero of Irish Myth and Saga Toms O. Cathasaigh (Harvard U.)
Seminar in James Joyce John Rickard (Bucknell U.)
Gwarnant: y Beirdd i'r Oesoedd Canol (The Medieval Welsh Poets) (Jeff Davies)
Irish Studies on the Web (John Rickard, Bucknell U.)
Irish and Celtic Thingies (Pat Murphy)
Medieval Irish Poetry (Maureen S. O'Brien)
World History Archives: The History of Ireland 
Manx Gaelic (Stephen Miller, Oxford U.)
Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) 
SaveGaelic.org: Scottish Gaelic Supporters Portal 
Thesaurus Linguarum Hiberniae: The CURIA Irish Manuscript Project (U. College Cork)
Cymdeithas Madog: Welsh Studies Institute of North America
Homepage of Cymdeithas Madog: Welsh Studies Institute of North America  
History and Status of the Welsh Language Geraint Jones (Oxford U.)
A Wales Reading List (English Studies Information Server, U. Mannheim)
WELSH-L Website ("discussions in the Welsh language [or the related languages Breton and Cornish]") (Caoimhín P. Ó Donnaíle, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig)

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