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 •  Fixing Shadows: Still Photography
Galleries & Museums   Suggest a Link
(Exhibitions Of Particular Photographers Or Themes Are Listed Under
Aperture Gallery: Introducing the Master Photographer's Collection ("fine-art limited edition collections of over 50 great photographers"; includes information about photographers) (Richard Hargrave)
Art Center La Estancia (in Spanish and English)
The Australian Outback Gallery (Ewen Bell)
California Museum of Photography 
Civil War Photographs Gallery (Carole Thompson Fine Photographs)
Cloud Gallery (art photographs, copyright-free)
Fixing Shadows: Still Photography
Homepage ("devoted to photographic topics including the work of individual photographers and photographs of historical and ethnographic interest and value") (J. David Sapir)
Ethnographic Photography 
The History Page ("photographs of historic interest")
Photography Gallery 
Photography in Literature -- Fiction, Poetry 
Gallery Inter Foto 
MIFAV: Museum of the Photographic Image and of the Visual Arts (U. di Roma Tor Vergata)
The Nielsen Gallery (Frode Neilsen)
Photo Perspectives: A Museum for the Photographic Examination of Contemporary Society and Culture (interactive online photography museum)
PhotoZone Gallery (non-profit, fine-art photography cooperative based in Eugene, Oregon)
Planet Claire Photo Gallery 
Time Life Photo Gallery 
Zone I Gallery 

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