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 •  Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance
Religious Studies
General Religious Studies Resources   Suggest a Link
Academic Info: Religion Gateway (formerly Comparative Religion: A Directory of Internet Resources for the Academic Study of Religion) (Mike Madin / Academic Info)
Homepage of Religion Gateway 
Religous Studies Resources 
American Academy of Religion 
The APS Research Guide to Resources for Theological and Religious Studies (Michael Fraser,St. Michael's U.,Toronto)
Christian Classics Etheral Library Homepage 
Society, Religion, and Technology Project (objectives: "to foster an informed understanding in society of the issues which confront it as a result of current and future technologies, and to inform the churches of key developments To provide opportunities for technologists to reflect on the ethical implications of their work;To respond with considered judgement to Government bodies on technological issues; To contribute actively to European and international debates on these issues.") (Church of Scotland)
Emile Durkheim
The Durkheim Pages
Homepage (Robert Alun Jones, U. Illinois in Urbana-Champaign)
Bibliography of Works by Durkheim 
Durkheim Timeline 
Glossary of Terms and Concepts 
Synopsis of On the Division of Labor in Society (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
Synopsis of The Elementary Forms of Religious Life (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
Encyclopedia Mythica ("online encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends. It currently contains over 6,100 entries on gods and goddesses, heroes, legendary creatures and beings")(Micha Lindemans)
John L. Gresham Finding God in Cyberspace: A Guide to Religious Studies Resources on the Internet (Catholic)
Glossary for the Study of Judaism, Christianity, Islam (Robert A. Kraft, et al., U. Penn)
Library GTU (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley)
History of Religions (journal; tables of contents only)
Humanities Faculty and Research Positions: Religion (Chronicle of Higher Education)
HUMBUL Gateway to Religion & Theology (Oxford U.)
Intratext Digital Library (online texts of primary sources relating to religion and religious studies; Christian emphasis but links to Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu texts as well)
Journal of Religion (tables of contents only)
Journal of Religious Ethics 
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion (bibliography)(journal of the North American Association for the Study of Religion)
Mysticism in World Religions (Deb Platt)
Natural Theology (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance
Homepage (information about minority religions, religious hatred, etc.)
Selected Resources:  
Descriptions of 63 Religions, Faith Groups, and Ethical Systems 
Religiously "Hot" Topics 
Philosophy & Theology 
Pitts Theology Library (graphics mode) 
Princeton U. Center for the Study of Religion 
Relations Among Religions ("resources for enriching the appreciation of various faiths and for engaging in the practice of inter-religious toleration or mutual understanding") (Gene R. Thursby, U. Florida)
Religion and Philosophy Resources on the Internet (Sara A. Memmott & David Suiter, Boston U.)
Religion and the Arts (journal) (Boston C.)
Religion Depot (Po-Han Lin)
Religion News Service 
Religion Religions Religious Studies (well-organized, academically-oriented "information and links for study and interpretation of religions") (Gene R. Thursby, U. Florida)
Religious Studies Internet Links (excellent metapage) (Michel Desjardins and Adrien Desjardins, Wilfrid Laurier U., Ontario)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Religious Studies (U. Waterloo)
Silver Mountain Software (software and fonts for classical and religious studies)
THEOLDI: Documentation of Theological and Interdisciplinary Literature (search form for database of bibliographical citations) (School of Theology, U. Innsbruck)
A Guide to Finding Theological Book Reviews (Graham Library Guide to Biblical & Theological Research)(U Toronto)
Theology Glossary (bible studies) (Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology)
Theory and Method of Religious Studies (annotated guide to online resources in past and present methods of study) (Gene R. Thursby, U. Florida)
Watchtower--Official Website of Jehovah's Witnesses (religious organization)(Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania)
Western Philosophical Concepts of God (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Women and Religions: Web Resources 
Woodstock Theological Center ("nonprofit independent research institute at Georgetown U. that addresses topics of social, economic, and political importance from a theological and ethical perspective. Interdisciplinary and ecumenical by design")
Religion Hypertext Database 
Worldwide Faith News ("searchable data base of full text news releases and other information, including policy statements, from national and world faith groups") (George Conklin)

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