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Religious Studies   Suggest a Link
Christianity Search Engine (generally links to evangelical material; "Search engine and directory of Christianity articles, links, and books.")(First Assembly of God)
Biblekeeper (Christian bible study site; "An interactive website with several versions and languages of the Bible")
Michael Maasdorp Radical Faith ("is based on the supposition that a few Christians are interested in looking at the broader context in which their faith was born. In particular, it supposes that being a Christian today demands that we are prepared to move away from traditional teachings when necessary.") (Michael Maasdorp, Society of the Sacred Mission)
Church of Scientology Official Site (religious organization; "Official Scientology Home Page")
Woodstock Theological Center ("Woodstock Theological Center is an independent nonprofit institute at Georgetown University that engages in theological and ethical reflection on topics of social, economic, business, scientific, cultural, religious, and political importance. The Center does research, conducts conferences and seminars, and publishes books and articles. Drawing on the Roman Catholic tradition, the Woodstock Center is ecumenically open, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative with, among others, the business community, government, religious groups, universities, other research centers, and the media.")
General Religious Studies Resources
Academic Info: Religion Gateway (formerly Comparative Religion: A Directory of Internet Resources for the Academic Study of Religion) (Mike Madin / Academic Info)
Homepage of Religion Gateway 
Religous Studies Resources 
American Academy of Religion 
The APS Research Guide to Resources for Theological and Religious Studies (Michael Fraser,St. Michael's U.,Toronto)
Christian Classics Etheral Library Homepage 
Society, Religion, and Technology Project (objectives: "to foster an informed understanding in society of the issues which confront it as a result of current and future technologies, and to inform the churches of key developments To provide opportunities for technologists to reflect on the ethical implications of their work;To respond with considered judgement to Government bodies on technological issues; To contribute actively to European and international debates on these issues.") (Church of Scotland)
Emile Durkheim
The Durkheim Pages
Homepage (Robert Alun Jones, U. Illinois in Urbana-Champaign)
Bibliography of Works by Durkheim 
Durkheim Timeline 
Glossary of Terms and Concepts 
Synopsis of On the Division of Labor in Society (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
Synopsis of The Elementary Forms of Religious Life (Society of Social Research Page, U. Chicago)
Encyclopedia Mythica ("online encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends. It currently contains over 6,100 entries on gods and goddesses, heroes, legendary creatures and beings")(Micha Lindemans)
John L. Gresham Finding God in Cyberspace: A Guide to Religious Studies Resources on the Internet (Catholic)
Glossary for the Study of Judaism, Christianity, Islam (Robert A. Kraft, et al., U. Penn)
Library GTU (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley)
History of Religions (journal; tables of contents only)
Humanities Faculty and Research Positions: Religion (Chronicle of Higher Education)
HUMBUL Gateway to Religion & Theology (Oxford U.)
Intratext Digital Library (online texts of primary sources relating to religion and religious studies; Christian emphasis but links to Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu texts as well)
Journal of Religion (tables of contents only)
Journal of Religious Ethics 
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion (bibliography)(journal of the North American Association for the Study of Religion)
Mysticism in World Religions (Deb Platt)
Natural Theology (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance
Homepage (information about minority religions, religious hatred, etc.)
Selected Resources:  
Descriptions of 63 Religions, Faith Groups, and Ethical Systems 
Religiously "Hot" Topics 
Philosophy & Theology 
Pitts Theology Library (graphics mode) 
Princeton U. Center for the Study of Religion 
Relations Among Religions ("resources for enriching the appreciation of various faiths and for engaging in the practice of inter-religious toleration or mutual understanding") (Gene R. Thursby, U. Florida)
Religion and Philosophy Resources on the Internet (Sara A. Memmott & David Suiter, Boston U.)
Religion and the Arts (journal) (Boston C.)
Religion Depot (Po-Han Lin)
Religion News Service 
Religion Religions Religious Studies (well-organized, academically-oriented "information and links for study and interpretation of religions") (Gene R. Thursby, U. Florida)
Religious Studies Internet Links (excellent metapage) (Michel Desjardins and Adrien Desjardins, Wilfrid Laurier U., Ontario)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Religious Studies (U. Waterloo)
Silver Mountain Software (software and fonts for classical and religious studies)
THEOLDI: Documentation of Theological and Interdisciplinary Literature (search form for database of bibliographical citations) (School of Theology, U. Innsbruck)
A Guide to Finding Theological Book Reviews (Graham Library Guide to Biblical & Theological Research)(U Toronto)
Theology Glossary (bible studies) (Center for Biblical Theology and Eschatology)
Theory and Method of Religious Studies (annotated guide to online resources in past and present methods of study) (Gene R. Thursby, U. Florida)
Watchtower--Official Website of Jehovah's Witnesses (religious organization)(Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania)
Western Philosophical Concepts of God (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Women and Religions: Web Resources 
Woodstock Theological Center ("nonprofit independent research institute at Georgetown U. that addresses topics of social, economic, and political importance from a theological and ethical perspective. Interdisciplinary and ecumenical by design")
Religion Hypertext Database 
Worldwide Faith News ("searchable data base of full text news releases and other information, including policy statements, from national and world faith groups") (George Conklin)
Zen Buddhism
Korean Buddhism
Teachings from Korea (info on Korean Buddhsim with images and comprehensive text)(Daniel Trent Dillon)
Tibetian Buddhism
Tibetian Buddhism  (historical introduction to the Five Principal Spiritual Traditions of Tibet including the Bön, Nyingma, Sakya and other traditions)(The Office of Tibet)
Thai Buddhism
Thai Buddhism: Observations, Reflections and Ideas  (Leslie Barclay)
A Challenge for Thai Buddhism  (analyses "current social and economic climate" in Thailand and presents a "potential crisis for Buddhism" there) (John Knox)(Bangkok Post)
Japanese Buddhism
The Buddha's Words on Kamma (detailed info on exposition of Kammma in Buddhism)(Khantipalo Bhikkhu)(Buddhist Publication Society)
The Wheel ( an excellent site with several essays on various aspects of Buddhism)(accesstoinsight.org)
Non-religion Buddhist Philosophy  (interesting info on logic of Buddhism, quotes and theory of Buddhist philosophy)(Sanuja Senanayake)
A Glossary of Pali and Buddhist terms (accesstoinsight.org)
About.com: Buddhism (Dick Dillon)
Alan Watts: Lectures and Essays (The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension)
The Art of Tibetan Sand Painting (sand painting event on the Web by Tibetan monks) (Houston Chronicle Interactive)
Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics (Tibetan Buddhist texts) (William Magee, Craig Peterson)
Buddhism Depot (Po-Han Lin)
The Electronic Bohidharma (Web site of the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism, IRIZ, in Kyoto, Japan; includes texts and projects)
Friends of Buddhism 
IRIZ: The Zen KnowledgeBase Research Project 
Journal of Buddist Ethics (Penn State U)
Christianity & Bible Studies
7,000 Year Timeline (Biblical timeline) (Steve Pardue)
Autobiography of George Fox (edited with an introduction by Rufus M. Jones, Haverford C. / HTML by Harry Plantinga)
Bible Studies
Philip A. Harland (Concordia University, Montreal) Associations, Synagogues, and Congregations (Philip A. Harland (study of the context of Christian groups in Asia Minor, shedding light on John's Apocalypse, 1 Peter and others)
Reference Tools for Bible Study (Yale Divity Library)
The Formation of the New Testament Canon (Stephen Voorwinde, Reformed Theological College)
A Basic Vocabulary of Biblical Studies For Beginning Students (Fred L. Horton, Jr., Kenneth G. Hoglund, & Mary F. Foskett, Wake Forest U.)
Bible History Chart (1st century) (Java-based, interactive chart that plots significant events in the lives of Matthew, Mark, Luke, James, Paul, Peter, Jude and John against a time scale; pressing on the name of an apostle turns on or off events relevant to them) (requires Java-capa
Bibliographical Resources for Old Testament Studies ("a basic bibliography for the study of the Old Testament. Numerous additional sources are available for each category and may be of use to you, depending upon your topic. See especially the section "Bibliographies and guides" for additional sources")(Yale Divinity Library)
Bibliographical Resources for New Testament Studies (Yale Divinity Library)
Classical and Biblical Literature Research Tools (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
The Dark Bible: Women's Inferior Status  ("for the purpose of finding relevant passages that dealt with the wrath, scaological, and dubious moral teachings of God in the Bible)(The Secular Web)
Easton's Bible Dictionary 
Ronald L. Ecker, And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible (Electronic Edition) 
The New Testament Canon (Biblical Studies.org)
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web (paleography and other disciplines relevant to interpretation of New Testament texts) (Brown U.)
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible (searchable by section of the Bible)
New Testament Literature in English (course) (Michael O'Connell,U. Calif. Santa Barbara)
Resource Page for Biblical Studies ("These pages are intended as a resource for serious, scholarly studies of the early Christian writings and their social world")(Volga College, Norway)
Bible Texts & Software
Bibeln (Swedish Bible)
Bible Browser (searchable access to the Revised Standard, King James, and Vulgate versions) (Richard L. Goerwitz)
Bible Notes (summaries of both Old and New Testaments, review notes and keypoints) (BRN-PTRS)
Bible Windows (commercial bible studies program; Silver Mountain Software)
Computer-Assisted Bible Analysis (Harry Hahne, Ontario Theological Seminary / Chorus)
Deutsche Bibel (German-language hypertext Bible; extensively HTML-tagged) (Matthias Müller)
French Bible (Louis Segond translation)
King James Bible (hypertext)
King James Bible Arranged by Subject (Technische U., Delft, Netherlands)
King James Bible (search gateway to U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative text)
KJV WinBible for Windows (downloadable program facilitating the search, display, and output of the King James Version Bible) (Ian Vink)
Gerald A. Larue, Old Testament Life and Literature (1968) (Secular Web)
Multi-Language Editions of the Bible (German/English and Latin/English parallel editions of the Bible; includes the Vulgate New Testament) (Abilene Christian U.)
The Old English Bible: Electronic Old-English Texts of Biblical Literature (Catholic Center at Georgia Tech)
The Postmodern Bible (information about, and excerpts from, a collectively-written volume of scholarly essays illuminating "the current multidisciplinary debates emerging from postmodernism by exposing the still highly contested epistemological, political, and ethi
Revised Standard Bible (search gateway to U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative text)
The Tyndale New Testament ("only surviving textually complete copy of a print-run of 3,000 (possibly even 6,000) from the press of Peter Schoeffer in Worms") (British Library)
Vulgate Bible of St. Jerome (Latin)
Vulgate Bible (Brigham Young U.)
The Vulgate Project (Vulgate Bible formatted "to give the modern reader a more indexed and easy to follow edition"; available as plain text or as Adobe Acrobat and Postscript files) (Online Christian Classics)
World Wide Study Bible ("conceived as a means of organizing all of the Bible-related resources on the WWW according to scripture reference"; press on the link to a chapter of the Bible and go to a menu of all known online versions--e.g., King James, Revised St
WWW Bible Gateway (multilingual, searchable access to multiple versions of the Bible) (Calvin College, Michigan)
Calendar of Christian Historical Biographies ("reference page to biographies written by James Kiefer for the Christia Discussion List")
California Mission Studies Assoc. ("for the study and preservation of the California Missions and their Native American, Hispanic, and Early American past")
John Calvin, On the Christian Life (Institute of Practical Bible Education: The Electronic Public Library)
Catholic Pages
The Catholic Encyclopedia (collaborative effort to put online the 15-volume Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913, "covering a broad range of topics, secular and religious, from a Catholic perspective") (coordinator: Kevin Knight)
Catholic Perspective On: Women in Society and in the Church (Caltech Newman Center)
Daughters of St. Paul: Apostles in the World of Communication ("We are an international congregation of Catholic women religious communicating God's love through media technology")
The Missionary Cenacle Family ("Roman Catholic community dedicated to the preservation of the faith, service to the poor and abandoned, and the development of the laity"; in English and Spanish) (James Bolner, Sr., and Jo Gomez)
New Advent Catholic Website
The Complete List of Popes 
Fathers of the Church ("English translations of some of the Church Fathers, drawn from the 38-volume Edinborough collection")
On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life (Pope John Paul II)
The Vatican Web Site: The Holy See 
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Harry Plantinga, Wheaton C.)
Christian Depot (Po-Han Lin)
Church and Religion Links (Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles/Dan Crossland)
Church Burnings Information Page (Ron Starbuck / Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas)
Churches Ad Hoc: A Photo Essay by Herman Krieger (1996) 
Computers For Christ (Carl W. Kalbfleisch)
Confraternitas: The Bulletin of the Society for Confraternity Studies 
The Cyber Hymnal (hymn lyrics, sound files, background information, pictures of lyricists and composers, etc.) (Richard Adams)
Dead Sea Scrolls 
Deism, English (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Deism, French (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Ecole Chronology Project (innovative, forms-based timeline of early church history organized both temporally and geographically: choose a temporal era to generate a page of available geographical coverage for that era, then choose a geographical locale to generate a list of
Ecole: Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia (sophisticated, in-progress hypertext encylcopedia of early church history) (Anthony Beavers, U. Evansville, with contributions from many hands)
Emanuel Swedenborg
Heaven and its Wonders and Hell (Primenet)
The Heavenly City: A Spiritual Guidebook (trans. Lee Woofenden) (mvdComm BBS)
The Heavenly City: A Spiritual Guidebook 
The New Earth Swedenborg BBS (M.V. David)
English Literature & Religion ("large bibliographical database about religious aspects and backgrounds of English literature, from the Middle Ages to the present century") (William S. Peterson, U. Maryland, College park)
Faith Quest: Navigating Through the Desert of Doubt (resources "that I hope will be of some assistance to my fellow sojourners in their attempt to break out of the maddening silence of God's seeming absence"; includes online philosophical works by Marilyn Adams, Nicholas Rescher, Alvin Plan
Gregorian Chant Home Page 
Gregory of Nyssa Page (translated texts and introductions to work of Bishop of Nyssa, ca. 335-394 AD) (David A. Salomon & Brother Casimir McCambley)
Guide to Early Church Documents (extensive HTML archive) (John Brubaker & Gary Bogart / Institute for Christian Leadership)
St. Ignatius of Loyola, The Spiritual Exercises (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Independent Bible Study (Bible-study guide based on a 1992 book originally in Portuguese by Bost & Pestana [1992], missionaries in Brazil)
William James, The Will to Believe (James Fieser, U. Tenessee at Martin)
John Henry Newman Page (Caltech Newman Center)
Thomas Kempis, The Imitation of Christ (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
The Latin Liturgy Assoc. 
Martin Luther: Selected Works (Project Wittenberg, Rev. Bob Smith)
Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites and Related Peoples: An Information Database from Excavations (Jon R. Abercrombie, U. Penn)
NetSERF: Medieval Religion (History Dept., Catholic U. of America)
The Order of Saint Benedict
The Rule of Benedict: An Index to Texts On-Line and Gateway to its Bibliographic Index 
Origen (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Orthodox Pages
Links to Orthodox Pages (Seraphim Rose Books)
The Orthodox Christian Page in America 
Seraphim Rose Books (bookstore with Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Western and American Orthodox literature, icons, and related items)
TheoLogic Systems: Orthodox WorldLinks 
Treasures of Mount Athos (exhibition relating to the monastic state of Mount Athos and the Byzantine Orthodox world) (Hellenic Ministry of Culture
The Oxford Movement and Its Leaders ("on-going bibliographic project conducted by Lawrence N. Crumb of the U. Oregon Library")
Project Wittenberg
Homepage ("classic and historic texts written by Lutherans") (Rev. Bob Smith, Concordia Theological Seminary)
The Book of Concord: The Lutheran Confessions of 1529-1580 
Paul Gerhardt 
Philip Melanchthon 
Selected Works of Martin Luther 
Religion, Society & Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador (Hans Rollmann, Memorial U. of Newfoundland)
Restoration Movement Homepage ("text and picture repository for restitutionist groups, notably: Disciples of Christi, Churches of Christ, Christian Churches, Winebrennerians") (Hans Rollmann, Memorial U. of Newfoundland)
Russian Icons (12th through 18th centuries) (George Mitrevski / American Assoc. of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages)
Seventh-Day Adventist Periodical Index (Andrews U., Michigan)
SisterSite ("a clearing house for information on women's religious congregations, the history of religious life, and the contemporary concerns of women in church and society. While its content and focus is primarily Catholic, it also hopes to serve the needs of those in other religious traditions") (Sister-L)
St. Augustine
Home Pages
Augustine Page (James J. O'Donnell, U Penn)
Augustine (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
St. Augustine (Tom Stone, EpistemeLinks.com)
Secondary Literature
fr. Edmund Hill, OP, "Augustine, A Male Chauvinist?" (1994) 
Augustine's Confessions: A Bibliography (plain-text)
Confessions (Latin text) (James J. O'Donnell, U. Penn)
Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love ("The Enchiridion: On Faith, Hope, and Love, by Saint Augustine (from Augustine: Confessions & Enchiridion, Newly Translated and Edited by Albert C. Outler, Ph.D., D.D., 1954, Digitalized by Harry Plantinga")
St. John Of The Cross (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Ascent of Mount Carmel (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Dark Night of the Soul (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
A Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
St. Peter's Online: A Guide to Parish Information and Internet Resources (St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Arlington, Virginia)
A Treasury of Latin Prayers (Michael W. Martin)
Truth: An International, Inter-Disciplinary Journal of Christian Thought 
John Wesley
General Resources
John Wesley: Holiness of Heart and Life (Charles Yrigoyen, Jr.)
William Tyndale: Translator and Reformer (Tyndale Society)
Vedanta Philosophy
About Vedanta Philosophy (meaning of word Vedanta and brief description of Geeta)(Jim Gilman)
Vedanta (discussion of main ideas of Vedanta, subscritpion to free newsletter)(Joan Sotkin)
List of Vedanta centers in the US (Joan Sotkin)
Vedanta's Theism, Sankhya's Materialism and Lokayata's Rationalism (explores that Vedanta school was theistic, Lokayata school was materialistic and atheistic: Sankhya school was compromise between the other two schools) (Sudheer Birodkar)
The Advaita Vedanta (explores the "philosophy of advaita, literally non-dualism", shlokas and other aspects of Vedanta)(S. Vidyasankar)
 (info on Vaishnavism- philosophy, scripture, links to Ramanuja's summary of Upanishadic Philosophy, Vedanta Sutras, books) (Mani Varadarajan)
All About Vaishnavism (info on various aspects of Vaishnavism including link between Vaishnavism and Dvaita Philosophy)(vaishnava.com)
Dualistic Vaishnavism: Cyber Madhva Sangha ("translation and text preservation project dedicated to the spiritual tradition of Tattvavaada and Dvaita." informative site on various popular tradition of Karnataka) (dvaita.net)
The Philosophy of Love: Sri Vaishnavism (essay on Vaishnavism) (Yatindradasa)
Vaishnavism and Artha Panchak  (excellent article on philosophy of Vaishnavism) (Zed Infocom Pvt Ltd)
Hindu Mythology
Encyclopedia of Hindu terms (an encyclopedia of Hindu words from mythology and philosophy)
Hindu Philosophy (comprehensive article on Hindu Philosophy) (Sanderson Beck)
Hindu Philosophy (basic info on history of Hindu philosophy) (The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition)
Hinduism and Quantum Physics (interesting set of articles on Hinduism and quantum physics, Hologram, time and space) (http://www.hinduism.co.za/)
Hinduism (interesting set of articles on every aspect of Hinduism) (indianest.com)
Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition (detailed info on Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, an offshoot of Hinduism in the 16th century. Includes concept, philosophy, essays about it) (Gaudiya Vaishnava Foundation)
Hinduism Philosophy (comprehensive site on Hinduism with info on concepts of Maya, Dharma, Vedanta and Tantric among others) (sanatansociety.org)
Spiritual Pearls (stories and articles based on Vedanta)(saintly.com)
The Vedas (interesting article on Aryan society and Vedic philosophy) (The Asylum of Sarabhanga)
Hindu Tantrik Home Page 
Diana L. Eck (Harvard U.), "Hindu Myth, Image, and Pilgrimage" 
Islam City (organization; promotes Islam and provides resources and topical material)
Islamic Computing Guide (text) 
Islamic Computing Resources (text) 
Islamic Internet Directory (text) 
Islamic Literature & Study Plan (text)
Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage (MSA @ SUNY/Buffalo)
Islamic Gateway: Website of the Global Islamic Movement (Muslim Parliament of Great Britain)
Islamic Language and Art Resources (Muslim Student Assoc., SUNY Buffalo)
Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion (academic site designed as "a scholarly overview of Islam and related subjects" (Alan Godlas, U. Georgia)
The Koran (search gateway to U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative text)
Abdullah Yusufali, The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an (hypertext version)
ALEPH: Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America 
Conversion To Judaism Page (Lawrence J. Epstein)
The Dead Sea Scrolls 
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California (weekly newspaper) (Marc Klein)
Jewishnet (Dov Winer, Hebrew U., Israel) (telnet)
Jewish on the WELL (Ari Davidow)
Jewish Resources (Benjamin Cohen)
Judaism and Jewish Resources (Andrew Tannenbaum)
Online Synagogue at MediaMOO with MOORabbi David Simon (connect as "guest"; then type "@go synagogue")
Postmodern Jewish Philosophy 
Project Genesis: The Jewish Learning Network 
Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities
Homepage (rich, sophisticated introduction to "the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45"
Informatics and Technology 
Literary Criticism and Theory 
Selected Specific Exhibits From The Sourcebook:
Art Spiegelman's Maus 
George Steiner's Language and Silence 
Jean Francois Lyotard's The Differend: Phrases in Dispute 
Spielberg's Schindler's List 
soc.culture.jewish Newsgroup 
The Torah from Dixie Plantation (newsletter discussing the weekly Torah portion from the perspective of the Atlanta Jewish community) (Benjamin Cohen)
Law & Religion
General Resources
Catholic U. America Interdisciplinary Program in Law and Religion 
Center for Law and Religion (Brigham Young U.)
Church-State Relations (links to state, federal and international legislation on church-state matters; includes U.S. Supreme Court cases)(Baylor U.)
J.M.Dawson Institute of Church and State Studies (Baylor U.)
Direito e Religiao (Law and Religion) (in Spanish with options for English and other languages;links to international sites)(Polytechnic Institute of Beja)
Religion and Law Research Consortium  "....RLRC is comprised of academic and government institutions dedicated to the study of law and religion, relationships of state and religion, and freedom of religion or belief")(hosted by Brigham Young U.International Center for Law and Religion Studies)
Canon Law (constitutions of the Catholic Church, medieval to modern)
Codex Iuris Canonici 1917 (in Latin)(Theological College of Szeged (Szegedi Hittudományi Foiskola, Sz.H.F)Hungary)
Code of Canon Law (in English)(Intratext digital library)
History of Canon Law (course site with hyperlinks to lectures, essays, and primary sources)(Kenneth Pennington, Catholic U. of America)
Natural Theology
William Paley
Natural Theology; or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity (12th ed., 1809) (U. Michigan Humanities Text Initiative)
Paley's Formulation of the Teleological Argument (excerpts from Natural Theology, 1802) (Gary Varner, Texas A&M U.)
Sikhism: history, beliefs, practises (comprehensive site on various aspects of Sikhism, including further exhaustive links with description)
Religion and Ethics: Sikhism (introduction to Sikh customs, worship history and beliefs) (BBC)
Introduction to Sikhism (basics of Sikhism, relationship to God, Sikh prayers, Sikh Gurus, Sikh history etc) (Gateway to Sikhism)
The Sri Guru Granth Sahib:The Living Guru of the Sikhs  (info on Sikh text, Guru Granth Sahib) (D.S.Maini) (SikhNet)
Sacred Scriptures of Sikhism: The Guru Granth Sahib (philosophy of Sikhism) (Hinduwebsite.com)
Reflections On Gurbani (explores various themes mentioned in the Gurbani) (gurbani.org)
Sikh Religion  (excellent online book on Sikhism chapter by chapter and with complete bibliography at the end) (Dancris Telecom)
Sikh Spiritual & Philosophical Network ("forum on community of sikh scholars, intellectuals with a blend of sikh youth & non-sikh members, sharing their understanding of philosophy of Sikhism") (sikhphilosophy.net)
Sikhism (Sikh history, articles on Sikhism, Sikh gurudwaras) (5Knet.com)
Quotations of an Era (Partap Singh Ji Jaspal)
Sikhism: Thy name is Love and Sacrifice (sikh notion of divine wisdom incluing articles on kirtan, sikh form of community worship) (Partap Singh Ji Jaspal)
Sikhism Home Page (Sandeep Singh Brar)
Daoism Depot (Po-Han Lin)
Atheism & Agnosticism
B.A. Robinson Ontario (Consultants on Religious Tolerance) Agnosticism (definition of agnosticism, details about different kinds like "empirical Agnostics" , "Agnostic Humanists", also has excellent links)
The Essence Of Agnosticism (brief description of the concept of agnostics) (William A. Schultz)
Is God A Criminal? (an interesting article on the relation between God and morality)(Bill Schultz)
At the Intersection of "Metaphysical Naturalism" and "Intelligent Design" (interesting article on "The Extra-Dimensional Reality" of the fourth dimension) (Bill Schultz)
Society of Open Minded Atheists and Agnostics (SOMA)
The Celebrity Atheist List, With Some Agnostics and Other Non-Theists ("an offbeat collection of notable individuals who have been public about their lack of belief in deities"; includes short quotes and intros to each figure) (Reed Esau)
Wes Chapman (Illinois Wesleyan U.), "In the Beginning Were Stories" (1996) (prepared for the Bertrand Russell "Why I am Not a Christian" lecture series)
Faith Quest: Navigating Through the Desert of Doubt (resources "that I hope will be of some assistance to my fellow sojourners in their attempt to break out of the maddening silence of God's seeming absence"; includes online philosophical works by Marilyn Adams, Nicholas Rescher, Alvin Plan
Religious Atheisms: A Guide for the Complete Atheist (tpkunesh)
The Secular Web (extensive archive of essays, literature, and other resources on freethinking and atheism; previously called The Freethought Web) (Internet Infidels)
Alan Watts: Lectures and Essays (The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension)
Yu Chien (Lancaster U.), Three Types of Chinese Deities -- Stone, Tree, and Land (doctorate thesis)
Danaan Press: The Voice of the Pagan Renaissance 
I Am A Sorcerer / You Soy Hechicero (web site based on a video exploring Afro-Cuban religion in New Jersey; includes pictures, stories, opinion in English and Spanish) (Ron Stanford and Iván Drufovka)
Pantheism: A Religion For All (Mike Trobee)
Scientific Pantheism: An Empirical Religion for the Third Millennium ("In this generation religion must come of age. Religion must be reborn into the space age and into the environmental age") (Paul Harrison)
Vodoun Culture (in English and French) (Flavodoun)
Zarathustra (info and resources relating to Zoroastrianism) (Shahriar Shahriari)
Science & Religion
American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science: Program of Dialogue Between Science and Religion 
Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences (Berkeley, Calif.) 
Arthur J. D'Adamo, Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism 
Billie Grassie (Temple U. / U. Penn.), Science and the Sacred (course)
Institute for Theological Encounter with Science & Technology 
IRAS: Institute of Religion in an Age of Science, Inc. 
John Templeton Foundation (funding and projects to explore "spiritual and moral progress through the use of scientific methods")
Science & Spirit Resources 
Religious Studies Courses
John R. Abercrombie (U Penn), "Intro to Biblical Archaeology" 
Terry L. Matthews (Wake Forest U.)
Religion in the South 
Religious Life in the United States 
Gerald L. Smith (Sewanee U.)
"Comparative Religion" (paperless, online course syllabus and resources) (Rayid Ghani)
"Introduction to Religion" (paperless, online course syllabus and resources; requires graphical browswer)
"New Religions" 
"Religion and Ecology" 
"Religion and Modernity" 
Southern Religion 
Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses: Religion (Joan Korenman, U. Maryland)
Religious Studies Depts.
Departments of Religion (Mike Madin, U. Washington)
DePaul U., Chicago, Religious Studies Dept. 
Graduate Theological Union ("The consortium consists of nine schools of theology representing the Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions, centers of Jewish, Buddhist, and Orthodox studies, and six research centers and affiliates. The GTU works collaboratively with the University of California, Berkeley, and is the home of the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library, one of the most comprehensive theological libraries in the country.")
Midlands Bible College, Wolverhampton, England 
Montclair State U., New Jersey: Philosophy and Religion Dept. 
Religious Studies Programs Worldwide (Religious Studies Dept., U. California, Santa Barbara)
Rutgers U. Dept. of Religion 
U. California, Santa Barbara, Religious Studies Dept. 
U. Chicago Dept. of New Testament and Early Christian Literature 
UCLA Center for the Study of Religion 
U. Queensland Studies in Religion Dept. 

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