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Religious Studies
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General Resources
Catholic U. America Interdisciplinary Program in Law and Religion 
Center for Law and Religion (Brigham Young U.)
Church-State Relations (links to state, federal and international legislation on church-state matters; includes U.S. Supreme Court cases)(Baylor U.)
J.M.Dawson Institute of Church and State Studies (Baylor U.)
Direito e Religiao (Law and Religion) (in Spanish with options for English and other languages;links to international sites)(Polytechnic Institute of Beja)
Religion and Law Research Consortium  "....RLRC is comprised of academic and government institutions dedicated to the study of law and religion, relationships of state and religion, and freedom of religion or belief")(hosted by Brigham Young U.International Center for Law and Religion Studies)
Canon Law (constitutions of the Catholic Church, medieval to modern)
Codex Iuris Canonici 1917 (in Latin)(Theological College of Szeged (Szegedi Hittudományi Foiskola, Sz.H.F)Hungary)
Code of Canon Law (in English)(Intratext digital library)
History of Canon Law (course site with hyperlinks to lectures, essays, and primary sources)(Kenneth Pennington, Catholic U. of America)

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