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Religious Studies
Sikhism   Suggest a Link
Sikhism: history, beliefs, practises (comprehensive site on various aspects of Sikhism, including further exhaustive links with description)
Religion and Ethics: Sikhism (introduction to Sikh customs, worship history and beliefs) (BBC)
Introduction to Sikhism (basics of Sikhism, relationship to God, Sikh prayers, Sikh Gurus, Sikh history etc) (Gateway to Sikhism)
The Sri Guru Granth Sahib:The Living Guru of the Sikhs  (info on Sikh text, Guru Granth Sahib) (D.S.Maini) (SikhNet)
Sacred Scriptures of Sikhism: The Guru Granth Sahib (philosophy of Sikhism) (Hinduwebsite.com)
Reflections On Gurbani (explores various themes mentioned in the Gurbani) (gurbani.org)
Sikh Religion  (excellent online book on Sikhism chapter by chapter and with complete bibliography at the end) (Dancris Telecom)
Sikh Spiritual & Philosophical Network ("forum on community of sikh scholars, intellectuals with a blend of sikh youth & non-sikh members, sharing their understanding of philosophy of Sikhism") (sikhphilosophy.net)
Sikhism (Sikh history, articles on Sikhism, Sikh gurudwaras) (5Knet.com)
Quotations of an Era (Partap Singh Ji Jaspal)
Sikhism: Thy name is Love and Sacrifice (sikh notion of divine wisdom incluing articles on kirtan, sikh form of community worship) (Partap Singh Ji Jaspal)
Sikhism Home Page (Sandeep Singh Brar)

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