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 •  Zen Buddhism
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 •  Tibetian Buddhism
 •  Thai Buddhism
 •  Japanese Buddhism
Religious Studies
Buddhism   Suggest a Link
Zen Buddhism
Korean Buddhism
Teachings from Korea (info on Korean Buddhsim with images and comprehensive text)(Daniel Trent Dillon)
Tibetian Buddhism
Tibetian Buddhism  (historical introduction to the Five Principal Spiritual Traditions of Tibet including the Bön, Nyingma, Sakya and other traditions)(The Office of Tibet)
Thai Buddhism
Thai Buddhism: Observations, Reflections and Ideas  (Leslie Barclay)
A Challenge for Thai Buddhism  (analyses "current social and economic climate" in Thailand and presents a "potential crisis for Buddhism" there) (John Knox)(Bangkok Post)
Japanese Buddhism
The Buddha's Words on Kamma (detailed info on exposition of Kammma in Buddhism)(Khantipalo Bhikkhu)(Buddhist Publication Society)
The Wheel ( an excellent site with several essays on various aspects of Buddhism)(accesstoinsight.org)
Non-religion Buddhist Philosophy  (interesting info on logic of Buddhism, quotes and theory of Buddhist philosophy)(Sanuja Senanayake)
A Glossary of Pali and Buddhist terms (accesstoinsight.org)
About.com: Buddhism (Dick Dillon)
Alan Watts: Lectures and Essays (The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension)
The Art of Tibetan Sand Painting (sand painting event on the Web by Tibetan monks) (Houston Chronicle Interactive)
Asynchronous School of Buddhist Dialectics (Tibetan Buddhist texts) (William Magee, Craig Peterson)
Buddhism Depot (Po-Han Lin)
The Electronic Bohidharma (Web site of the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism, IRIZ, in Kyoto, Japan; includes texts and projects)
Friends of Buddhism 
IRIZ: The Zen KnowledgeBase Research Project 
Journal of Buddist Ethics (Penn State U)

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