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Religious Studies
Atheism & Agnosticism   Suggest a Link
B.A. Robinson Ontario (Consultants on Religious Tolerance) Agnosticism (definition of agnosticism, details about different kinds like "empirical Agnostics" , "Agnostic Humanists", also has excellent links)
The Essence Of Agnosticism (brief description of the concept of agnostics) (William A. Schultz)
Is God A Criminal? (an interesting article on the relation between God and morality)(Bill Schultz)
At the Intersection of "Metaphysical Naturalism" and "Intelligent Design" (interesting article on "The Extra-Dimensional Reality" of the fourth dimension) (Bill Schultz)
Society of Open Minded Atheists and Agnostics (SOMA)
The Celebrity Atheist List, With Some Agnostics and Other Non-Theists ("an offbeat collection of notable individuals who have been public about their lack of belief in deities"; includes short quotes and intros to each figure) (Reed Esau)
Wes Chapman (Illinois Wesleyan U.), "In the Beginning Were Stories" (1996) (prepared for the Bertrand Russell "Why I am Not a Christian" lecture series)
Faith Quest: Navigating Through the Desert of Doubt (resources "that I hope will be of some assistance to my fellow sojourners in their attempt to break out of the maddening silence of God's seeming absence"; includes online philosophical works by Marilyn Adams, Nicholas Rescher, Alvin Plan
Religious Atheisms: A Guide for the Complete Atheist (tpkunesh)
The Secular Web (extensive archive of essays, literature, and other resources on freethinking and atheism; previously called The Freethought Web) (Internet Infidels)

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