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ABU Bibliothèqe: Association des Bibliophiles Universelle 
ARTFL (Univ. of Chicago Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language) 
Association des Bibliophiles Universels 
Athena (extensive metapage of French and Swiss literary, arts, and scientific works) (Pierre Perroud)
Checklist of Editions of Major French Authors in Oxford (Voltaire Foundation, Oxford U.)
Chez Babbs, Salon Litteraire (Eluard, Baudelaire, Queneeau, Le Bernin, Rimbaud, Hugo, etc.)
Chroniques de Cybérie (French-language newsletter listing French-language sites in Canada and Europe) (Jean-Pierre Cloutier)
Dave's French Literature Links (created with David A. Gatwood's makehtml program from links by Bob Peckham ["TennesseeBob"])
Ecila: Internet Search Engine for French Resources ("searches the keywords you specify in a database of documents, all of which are located in France . . . returns a list of URLs found and a short summary of the content of each page")
The French Collection at UVA 
French-Language Newsgroups by Subjects 
French Libraries (gopher)
Hapax: French Resources on the Web 
La littérature et l'internet 
La République des Lettres (in French; includes online texts for articles since 1994)
Le Français Vivant (French language and literature resources) (Michel Billard Sirakawa, U Orleans)
Le gopher LITTERATURES de l'Universite de Montreal 
Les Nouvelles Ruines Circulaires (literature and theory metapage)
Letteratura francese (metapage in Italian) (Le Letterature del Mondo) (MC-link)
L'Explorateur Culturel (francophone culture and cyberculture metapage) (Ambassade de France, Ottawa)
République Internationale des Lettres 
Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links 
Théâtrales (French-language page of hypertext resources in theater studies) (Andre G. Bourassa)
University of Virginia's On-line Collection of French Texts 
Un peu de poésie française et quelques extraits de textes...4/4/95 
Voltaire Foundation (Oxford U.)

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