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 •  MLA (Modern Language Assoc. of America)
 •  Non-English Language Literature Journals
Literatures (Other Than English)
General Resources in Literature (Other Than English)   Suggest a Link
AATSEEL: American Assoc. of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages 
ACLAnet (telnet site of American Comparative Literature Assoc.; includes bulletin board, discussion groups, library of articles and program descriptions) (login as "aclanet")
AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation (translates entered texts or webpages)
The Amazing Cognate Poems Homepage (unique poetry written to illustrate a method for learning "a vast vocabulary in a foreign language by using the vocabulary you already know in your own language"; for English and romance languages) (Ellis Toussier-Ades Bigio-Antebi)
Anglistik, Romanistik, Klassische Philologie (German-language metapage of resources for English, Romance-language, and classical language and literary studies) (Armin Fingerhut)
Bibliomaniac List: Linkliste für Literatur & Bücher (in German) (Markus Kolbeck)
CLCWeb -- Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal (peer-reviewed)
Comparative Literature Depts. (included in English & Comparative Literature Depts. )
Computer-Assisted Language Learning (Jim Duber / Chorus)
Computerphilologie: Ein Elektronisches Forum für Literaturwissenscaftler und Literaturwissenschaftlerinnen ("devoted to the study of literary criticism and includes a collection of links, the contents of some relevant journals and an electronic journal on the use of the computer in the humanities"; in German) (Karl Eibl, Volker Deubel und Fotis
Dartmouth College Language Resource Center 
Itamar Even-Zohar (Tel Aviv U.), The Role of Literature in the Making of the Nations of Europe (1993) 
FICINO ("international electronic seminar and bulletin board for the circulation and exchange of information about the Renaissance and Reformation and the decades which precede and follow") (Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)
Foreign Language Resources on the Web (Project Runeberg outbound links)
Humanities Faculty and Research Positions : Foreign Languages & Literatures (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Language-Related Newsgroups (Yamada Language Center, U Oregon)
Le letterature del mondo (literature metapage; in Italian) (MC-link)
Listservs on Other Literatures (Classics, European, etc.) (from UPenn listserv index)
MLA (Modern Language Assoc. of America)
Homepage of MLA 
MLA Annual Conventions 
MLA Committee & Commissions 
MLA Job Information Services 
MLA Prizes and Awards 
MLA Publications 
MLA Radio Show 
Nobel Laureates for Literature (The Nobel Prize Internet Archive)
On-Line Literary Resources: Other National Literatures (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
Online Text Collections of Western European Literature (Jim Campbell, U. Virginia)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Literature (U. Waterloo)
Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities (rich, sophisticated introduction to "the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45"
Romance Languages Resource Page (Sarah Hurlburt, U. Chicago)
Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses: Modern Languages (Joan Korenman, U. Maryland)
SYSTRAN Software HTML Translation Page (translates text on Web pages between English and major European languages)
Homepage of Tile.Net (interactive database of FTP servers, Usenet newsgroups, and listservs)
FTP (generates broadly- or narrowly-defined hyperlinked lists of FTP servers)
Listservs (generates broadly- or narrowly-defined hyperlinked lists of Listserv groups)
Newsgroups (generates broadly- or narrowly-defined hyperlinked lists of Usenet newsgroups)
TrADE-Net: Literature Links (Enrico Talin)
The Universe . . . Which Others Call the Library (brief bios, bibliographies, and excerpts of selected authors, primarily European, from the 19th and 20th centuries)
VCU Trail Guide to International Sites and Language Resources 
WESSWEB: Western European Specialists Section (Assoc. of College and Research Libraries)
Yamada Language Guides (Yamada Language Center, U Oregon) (extensive archive of foreign language resources)
Yamada Language Center Font Archive (fonts for displaying foreign languages)
Non-English Language Literature Journals
Prosopopeia (comparative literature journal published by graduate students of the U. Bergen, Norway, Comp. Lit. Dept.; in Norwegian) (Jill Walker)
Tympanum (comparative literary studies) (U. Southern California)
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies (Modern Humanities Research Assoc.)

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