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General Resources in Romanticism   Suggest a Link
19th Century British and Irish Authors (listed chronologically by birth date with links to related web resources) (Mitsuharu Matsuoka, Nagoya U., Japan)
Acrostics of Self-Inscription by Women Poets of the Romantic Age (acrostic poems by Elizabeth Caselli, Frances O'Neill, and Susannah Harrison) (Stuart Curran, U. Penn)
The Bijou (gift book of Romantic poetry and prose published in 1828, London) (Laura Mandell, Miami U.)
The Bluestocking Archive ("an archive of texts by or relating to the eighteenth-century British Bluestocking Circle and the second generation Blues, including predecessor texts, and literature of sensibility as it is derived from the Bluestockings' concerns with aesthetics, and with women's aesthetic achievements") (Elizabeth Fay, U. Massachusetts, Boston)
The British Abolition Movement (site on the abolition of both slavery and the slave trade in Britain at the end of the eighteenth, beginning of the nineteenth centuries) (Mark Aronowitz, Miami U.)
British Newspaper Coverage of the French Revolution (a small archive of articles from the London Times and Morning Chronicle of 1792-93 designed to assist in study of Romanticism and the Revolution; also includes William Wordsworth's Salisbury Plain and an excerpt from Thomas Carlyle's French Revolution) (Alan Liu, U. California, Santa Barbara)
British Periodicals at Minnesota: The Early Nineteenth Century ("The following handlist reports many periodicals that began publication in Great Britain between 1801 and 1850, and also some that began their careers in the eighteenth century or earlier and continued to publish after 1800") (Michael Hancher, U. Minnesota)
British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions (Electronic Text Center, U. Virginia)
British Sensation Fiction (from Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection site) (Michael E. Grost)
British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832: An Electronic Collection of Texts from the Shields Library, U. California, Davis ("E-text editions of poetry by British and Irish women written [not necessarily published] between 1789 [the onset of the French Revolution] and 1832 [the passage of the Reform Act]") (Gen. Ed., Nancy Kushigian, UC Davis)
The Canon and the Web: Reconfiguring Romanticism in the Information Age (site for a special session at the Dec. 1996 Modern Language Assoc. convention) (Laura Mandell & Alan Liu)
Homepage of Canon and the Web 
Canon Dreaming (I) (links to "online course syllabi in the Romanticism field that either revise the canon or explore the history and theory of canon-making")
Color Printing in the 19th Century (exhibition at Hugh M. Morris Library U. Delaware Library; includes explanations of intaglio, relief, lithography, and nature printing and photomechanical processes)
Dictionary of Sensibility (project developed in Jerome J. McGann and Patricia Meyer Spacks's U. Virginia course on "The Novel of Sensibility"; includes extensive glosses on terms of the period, critical apparatus, and many illustrative excerpts from literary and other relevant texts)
English Culture, 1660-1830 (links relating to business, clubs, societies, periodicals customs, games, new plants, foods, and people of the period) (Cathy Decker)
The Image of France (key word indexing of the record of prints--engravings, lithographs, woodcuts, etc.--published in Paris in the Bibliographie de la France between the fall of 1811 and the end of 1830; searchable) (George D. Mckee, Binghamton U. / ARTFL)
Internet Library of Early Journals (digitized 20-year runs of six 18th and 19th-century British journals: Gentleman's Magazine, Annual Register, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Notes and Queries, The Builder, and Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; large, scanned images of each page from the original journals) (Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, & Oxford)
The Literary Link: Romanticism and the Nineteenth Century (links to web resources for English Romanticism, Painting and poetry of the Romantics, English Romantic Authors and their works, Nineteenth-century Literature, Nineteenth-Century Prose) (Janice Patten, San Jose State U.)
Literary Resources: Romantic (collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English Romantic literature, excluding most single electronic texts, and limited to collections of information useful to academics) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
London Landscapes: Panoramania! (Museum of London)
NASSR-L (discussion list of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism)
Homepage of NASSR (North American Society for the Study of Romanticism) (The North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR) provides a forum for the discussion of a wide variety of theoretical approaches to Romantic works of all genres, nations and disciplines.)
NASSR-L Archives 
NASSR-L Discussion Thread on Felicia Hemans, Aesthetics, Sentiment, and the Canon (July 1997) (Romantic Circles)
New Books in Nineteenth-Century Studies ("authors, titles, publishers, prices, ISBN numbers and publishers' descriptions for new and forthcoming critical works, anthologies, and critical editions of nineteenth-century British materials"; will also include reviews) (English Dept., USC)
The New Child: British Art & the Origins of Modern Childhood, 1730-1830 (1995 exhibition at the U. Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley; James Steward, Curator)
Regency Fashion Page (a view of culture c. 1790-1829 from the perspective of women's and men's clothing styles; extensive information, engravings, portraits, links, that also includes historical and cultural context on the Regency Style Year-By-Year (1790-1829) page) (Catherine Decker)
The Regency Portrait Page (Cathy Decker)
Homepage of the Regency Portrait Page 
Portraits of 1790 
Portraits of 1793 
Portraits of Women Writers, 1775-1820 (currently includes images of Elizabeth Inchbald, Charlotte Smith, Jane Porter)
Portraits of Royalty 
Princess Charlotte's Wedding Page (images of Princess Charlotte's wedding)
Romantic Anthologies Web Site (tables of contents, and sometimes prefaces and indexes, for a large number of anthologies that either were produced during the *eighteenth-century and the Romantic period, or that are about the Romantic period, produced during the twentieth century.) (Laura Mandell, Miami U.)
Romantic Canons: A Bibliography (and an Argument) ("contains an annotated list of critical and theoretical works about the activity of canonizing as it arose during the Romantic Era"; argues in annotations to the bibliography that canonicity as a concept is definitively 'Romantic' ") (Laura Mandell, Miami U.)
The Romantic Chronology (hypertext chronology of literary, social, and historical events in Britain and France from 1785-1851; includes links to online resources for authors, works, and topics) (Laura Mandell - Miami U.; Alan Liu, Rita Raley, Carl Stahmer, Vince Willoughby, U. Calif. Santa Barbara)
Romantic Circles ("a refereed scholarly Website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture") (General Editors: Neil Fraistat & Steven E. Jones)
Homepage of Romantic Circles 
Bibliographies ("offers the Tables of Contents to recent editions of selected Romantics journals, and . . . offers an annual listing of books that are likely to be of interest to students of Romanticism") (ed. Kyle Grimes)
Electronic Editions ("a searchable archive of texts of the Romantic era, enhanced by technology made possible in an online environment")
Features & Events 
Pedagogies ("offers resources for teachers and professors of Romantic Studies to help them design and use online materials for teaching") (ed. Ron Broglio, Laura Mandell, Tilar Mazzeo)
Romantic Circles Reviews (ed. Jeffrey N. Cox & Charles Snodgrass; assoc. ed. Jeffrey J. Ritchie)
Romantic Praxis Series (uses "computer technologies to investigate critically the languages, cultures, histories, and theories of Romanticism") (ed. Orrin N.C. Wang)
Scholarly Resources 
Romantic Circles High School (NEH-funded outreach project that uses innovative MOO technology to create an "online educational network built by and for a national community of teachers and students")
Romantic Circles MOO: Villa Diodati (takes its name from the house in the Swiss village of Cologny that Lord Byron rented in the summer of 1816; an integrated web-MOOspace that combines the live-time interactivity of MOOing and chatting with the graphical and text possibilities of the World Wide Web)
Anthologies Page (provides "comprehensive list of all the major anthologies currently available for the study of Romantic literature, tables of content for those anthologies, supplementary anthologies that assist the study of Romantic literature, and errata for various anthologies") (Harriet Linkin, Laura Mandell, Rita Raley)
Homepage of the Anthologies Page 
Major Anthologies of the Romantic Period 
Twentieth-Century Anthologies 
Recent Single Author Editions 
Related Web Sites and Discussions 
Discussion of Anthologies\Canon Reform 
Romantic Era Sonnets (Sonnet Central)
Romanticism On the Net (international refereed electronic journal edited by Michael Eberle-Sinatra)
Homepage of Romanticism on the Net 
Search RON 
RON Articles 
RON Reviews 
RON Conferences 
RON Journals Relating to Romanticism 
RON List of Sites Relevant to Romanticism 
Romanticism: The CD-ROM (A Hypertext Anthology (ed., David S. Miall, U. Alberta, and Duncan Wu, U. Glasgow) (sample files and images for CD-ROM from Blackwell's Publishers containing the full text of Duncan Wu's Romanticism: An Anthology; also included are materials beyond the printed anthology--including more works by authors, canonical versions of works represented in their earliest printed form in the printed anthology, materials for the study of gothic fiction, a chronology of the period, a biographical dictionary, political documents, and an image archive)
Romanticism URL List (select list of online resources in the field with brief annotations; originally printed in the Update Newsletter, "a newsletter about how to get noncanonical romantic texts and how to teach them in the classroom") (Laura Mandell, Miami U.)
"Romanticism" in Crisis: A Panel Discussion on Period and Profession (position papers "on changing definitions of British Romanticism . . . [and] the future of British Romanticism as a hiring field' from the 1997 conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism; the debate particularly concerns the recent anxiety in the professional Romantics field that "downsizing" in the academy is subordinating the field to such larger period definitions as the "long 18th century" and "long 19th century") (Romantic Circles)
Romantic Links, Electronic Texts and Home Pages (Michael Gamer, U. Penn.)
Romantic Natural History, 1750-1850 ("designed to survey and organize texts, images, and scholarship that link romanticism and natural history in the century before Darwin") (under construction) (Ashton Nichols, with Jennifer Lindbeck / Dickinson C.)
The Romantics Page at U. New Mexico ("course syllabi, information, bibliographies, faculty and other web sites related to British and American Romanticism") (Gary Harrison, U. New Mexico)
Romantische Anthropologie (in German) (Manfred Engel, Fernuniversität Hagen)
Stanford Seminar on Enlightenment and Revolution (faculty/student research group, lectures, conferences) (Michael Marrinan)
The Textual Tesseract Project (a critical and theoretical discussion of hypertext built around an intensively inter- and intra-linked collection of British Romantic poems; the collection serves as a "model" of hypertext designed to facilitate understanding how hypertext works in relation to networks of words and connotations in a standing corpus of literary works) (Arcadia Falcone, UC Berkeley),
Women Romantic-Era Writers (links to electronic texts, annuals, anthologies, and gift books, contemporary responses, and other web resources for women writers of the Romantic period) (Adriana Craciun, Birkbeck, University of London)
Works by Women and Anonymous Writers from 1770-1830 in the Rare Book Collection of Van Pelt Library, U. Pennsylvania (bibliography) (Judith Pascoe, U. Iowa)

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