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General Software Sites   Suggest a Link
Emory Law School Software Library 
The Father of Shareware Home Page 
Freeware Favorites 
Jumbo! (gigantic freeware and software archive)
Apple Company FTP Site (Apple software support; Apple system software, etc.)
The Macintosh Software Catalog (Nexor) (gigantic archive of Mac shareware)
The Ultimate Macintosh (metapage of Mac info and software archives) (Michael Yee)
The Well Connected Mac (Elliotte Rusty Harold)
IBM Software 
IBM Special Needs Solutions (Internet tools for people with disabilities) (IBM)
OS/2 (Another Home Page) 
OS/2 Home Page 
Otis Index - Software (90,000+ links to downloadable software via search form)
PC-Software-Related Links (Daniel Manne) (250+ links to software companies and products)
Shase Virtual Shareware Library (60,000+ shareware programs culled from major software archives; searchable by filename, file description, file date, and file size)
Symantec Corporation 
Thomson Software Resource Center 
Jeff's Unix Vault (UNIX info and resources)
Virtual Computer Library (excellent meta-page of computer info & resources)
Kermit 95 (32-bit communications program for Windows 95; unlike other version of Kermit software, this product must be purchased) (Columbia University)
CSUSM Windows Shareware Archive (Kevin Walden, Calif. State U., San marcos)
Microsoft Software Library (huge/slow page of software, patches, and info relevant to Microsoft products)
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps Page (the definitive clearinghouse of freeware and shareware for Windows 3.1 & Win95 applications) (Forrest Stroud)
VuePrint (image-viewer for Windows; 16-bit and 32-bit versions) (Hamrick Software)
Windows 95
Connecting Win95 To The Internet
Connecting Win95 to the InterNet 
Windows 95 TCP/IP Setup FAQ 
The Windows95 TCP/IP Setup FAQ 
Connecting Win95 to the Internet (Mark Sunner)
Dylan's Experimental GUI Windows 95 Starting Page 
Dylan's Windows 95 Home Page 
Frank Condron's Windows 95 Page 
Look in at Windows '95! (info and resources) (Mark Devino)
Microsoft Windows 95 Home Page (Microsoft)
Net Ex Unofficial Windows 95 Software Archive! (NetEx Internet Consulting)
Randy's Windows 95 Resource Center (Randy Burgess)
Win95 Dial-Up Networking White Paper - Menu (Barry Barr)
Win95 FAQ 
Win95 Stuff by Sam and The Skull 
Windows 95 Software (Thomas Rohde & Markus Herrmann)
Windows95 FAQ (Microsoft)
Windows 95 Page (Phil Jones)

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