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 •  Information About The Internet
 •  Internet Search Engines & Indexes
 •  Connecting To The Internet: Providers, Client Software, Utilities
 •  Net Nanny Software
 •  Net Tools For People With Disabilities
 •  Web Page Authoring
 •  Web Browsers (And Helper Applications)
 •  Computer Hardware Vendors
 •  Connecting To The Web (Slip, Ppp, Etc.)
 •  General Software Sites
Net Tools   Suggest a Link
Computer Hardware Vendors
Computer Discount Warehouse 
Computers & Processors
Apple Computers 
Compaq Computer 
Dell Computer 
Digital Equipment 
Micron Electronics 
Quantex Microsystems Inc. 
Silicon Graphics' Silicon Surf 
TILE.NET Computer Products Vendor List (generates broadly- or narrowly defined hyperlinked lists of vendors)
Seagate Technology 
Western Digital Corporation 
Hayes Microcomputer Products 
Metricom, Inc.: Ricochet (home page of the firm behind the new technology of radio modems)
U.S. Robotics 
Panasonic On-Line 
Connecting To The Internet: Providers, Client Software, Utilities (Compression, Uuencoders, Encryption, Etc.)
General (Including Application Suites)
The Internet Goodies (Internet-related software archive organized by operating system)
Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (TUCOWS) 
winapps2.zip (binary) (suite of clients for Windows and Trumpet WinSock)
RealAudio Homepage (client program for real-time, on-demand audio over the net)
Connecting To A Provider
Ask Mr. Modem (suggests settings for modems; choose your modem on a form) (IntelliNet ISP)
Connecting Win95 to the Internet (Mark Sunner)
PC Lube and Tune
Adding Internet Acces to PC's 
Ethernet (info about)
Installing Internet Support in OS/2 Warp 
Introduction to TCP/IP 
The Storm Before the COM (info about com ports)
Win95 Dial-Up Networking White Paper - Menu (Barry Barr)
XFinger (finger client for WinSock) (George Xie)
CuteFTP (FTP client for Windows 95 or 3.x; downloadable) (GlobalSCAPE, Inc.)
WS_FTP (Windows FTP client) (John Junod) | Pro Version (Commercial) 
Internet Phone (Talk In Real Time Over The Internet; Requires Direct Or Slip/Ppp Connection To Internet And Audio Capability)
Internet Phone (Windows) 
NetPhone (Mac) 
Internet Service Providers
Internet Cafe HomePage (Santa Barbara Internet Provider; offers Web service)
Internet Service Providers of the World (Barry Raveendran Greene / Internet Society)
Jay Barker's Online Connection (info and prices for national online services and Internet service providers)
Los Angeles and Orange County Internet Access Providers 
Net on the Road ("Our goal is to help travelers from all over the world to have access to the net while traveling . . . lists all the places of access [cybercafes, hotels, libraries, universities etc.] and the phone numbers of access for local and internationa
The IRC Connection (telnet access to IRC channels)
Isdn Phone Lines
Free Agent Newsreader (for Windows) 
WSPING32 for Windows (32-bit) 
WS-PING for Windows (16-bit) (Junod Softward)
WS-WATCH for Windows (32-bit) (network monitoring program; includes ping and traceroute) (Junod Software)
Trumpet Telnet: "ttel0-07.zip" (binary)
Utilities (Compression, Uuencode, Encryption, Etc.)
DOS Pkzip/Unzip: "pkz204g.exe" (binary)
The International PGP Home Page (non-U.S. distribution site for PGP encryption software) (Stale Schumacher)
PGP Distribution Authorization Form (gateway to PGP encryption software)
PGP miniFAQ 
War on the Internet: Phil Zimmerman (PGP) Legal Defense Fund 
alt.binaries.pictures Utility Archive (FAQ and pc/mac utilities for decoding pictures in the alt.binaries.pictures hierarchy)
DOS Bulk Uuencoder: "enuu21.zip" (binary)
Virus Checkers
CU-SeeMe Home Page (info and download site for the CU-SeeMe real-time video-conferencing software)
Connecting To The Web (Slip, Ppp, Etc.)
PPP-Service for as.ucsb.edu Users 
Slip Info & Software
How to Set up SLIP and Get it to Work (a user shares his extensive experience)
How to Set Up a Winsock Connection (Xiaomu Niu)
Niu's Winsock Apps (Xiaomu Niu)
Set up SLIP clients(servers) on a PC (George Xie's rich info and links site)
Trumpet Software International (info on Trumpet WinSock)
UCSB Slip-Users List Archive by Thread 
winapps2.zip (binary) (suite of clients for Windows and Trumpet WinSock)
General Software Sites
Emory Law School Software Library 
The Father of Shareware Home Page 
Freeware Favorites 
Jumbo! (gigantic freeware and software archive)
Apple Company FTP Site (Apple software support; Apple system software, etc.)
The Macintosh Software Catalog (Nexor) (gigantic archive of Mac shareware)
The Ultimate Macintosh (metapage of Mac info and software archives) (Michael Yee)
The Well Connected Mac (Elliotte Rusty Harold)
IBM Software 
IBM Special Needs Solutions (Internet tools for people with disabilities) (IBM)
OS/2 (Another Home Page) 
OS/2 Home Page 
Otis Index - Software (90,000+ links to downloadable software via search form)
PC-Software-Related Links (Daniel Manne) (250+ links to software companies and products)
Shase Virtual Shareware Library (60,000+ shareware programs culled from major software archives; searchable by filename, file description, file date, and file size)
Symantec Corporation 
Thomson Software Resource Center 
Jeff's Unix Vault (UNIX info and resources)
Virtual Computer Library (excellent meta-page of computer info & resources)
Kermit 95 (32-bit communications program for Windows 95; unlike other version of Kermit software, this product must be purchased) (Columbia University)
CSUSM Windows Shareware Archive (Kevin Walden, Calif. State U., San marcos)
Microsoft Software Library (huge/slow page of software, patches, and info relevant to Microsoft products)
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps Page (the definitive clearinghouse of freeware and shareware for Windows 3.1 & Win95 applications) (Forrest Stroud)
VuePrint (image-viewer for Windows; 16-bit and 32-bit versions) (Hamrick Software)
Windows 95
Connecting Win95 To The Internet [Show]
Connecting Win95 to the Internet (Mark Sunner)
Dylan's Experimental GUI Windows 95 Starting Page 
Dylan's Windows 95 Home Page 
Frank Condron's Windows 95 Page 
Look in at Windows '95! (info and resources) (Mark Devino)
Microsoft Windows 95 Home Page (Microsoft)
Net Ex Unofficial Windows 95 Software Archive! (NetEx Internet Consulting)
Randy's Windows 95 Resource Center (Randy Burgess)
Win95 Dial-Up Networking White Paper - Menu (Barry Barr)
Win95 FAQ 
Win95 Stuff by Sam and The Skull 
Windows 95 Software (Thomas Rohde & Markus Herrmann)
Windows95 FAQ (Microsoft)
Windows 95 Page (Phil Jones)
Information About The Internet
General Information & Guides To The Internet
Aether Madness (Gary Wolf & Michael Stein) (HTML version of one of the most interesting books on computing and the Internet I've encountered; options for straight or strange "tours" of its many informational documents; documents include hyperlinks
An Overview of the Internet and the World-Wide Web (Xerox PARC) (script for videotape about the Internet)
ARTSEDGE Network Guide to the Internet Well-organized resource for development of arts and humanities curriculum using technology in K-12. Includes an extensive list of weblinks that can be used to support lessons on a wide range of topics. (JFK Center for the Performing Arts & NEH)
Ask Dr. Internet 
The Bitwitch Oracle (tech advice with a personality; use a form to ask questions about computing and the net)
c|net Online: The Computer Network (state-of-the-art site with features, news, and resources covering computers and cyberculture; full access requires multimedia plug-ins for your browser)
Economics of Internet 
Electronic Frontier Foundation's (Extended) Guide to the Internet (previously known as Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet)
f-e-mail: An Introduction to the Internet for Women (Victoria Vesna, UCSB)
Guides to the Internet 
The Information Economy: The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues (Hal R. Varian, U. California, Berkeley)
Internet Resources Metamap (clickable image map to net resources; requires graphical browser) (NCSA)
The Internet Language Dictionary (net lingo)
InterNIC InfoGuide 
Net-Happenings (searchable HTML archive of the Net-Happenings list; includes form for submitting announcement of net resources to the list) (Gleason Sackman/InterNIC)
Online Europe Listserv Archive (topic: issues regarding Internet development in Europe) (Steven Carlson)
The Scout Toolkit
Homepage (convenient gathering of net client software and Web metapages designed to aid beginners configure their Internet platform) (InterNIC)
Notable Browsers 
Search Tools 
Specialized Tools 
Staying Current 
The Smithsonian Internet Series 
TWIG - The Windows Internet Guide (weekly zine)
U. Kansas Internet Manual 
Understanding the Internet (online companion to a TV documentary on the Internet; 200+ references for beginners)
Zen and the Art of the Internet (Brendan Kehoe, 1st ed.)
Internet Connectivity & Usage Statistics
100hot Websites (weekly ranked list of most frequently visited sites on the Web, excluding many academic sites) (Web21 Inc.)
Comprehensive List of WWW Hosts (searchable) (Matthew Gray, net.Genesis)
European Host Count Statistics 
Growth of the World Wide Web (Matthew Gray, net.Genesis)
Internet Domain Survey (Network Wizards)
Internet Society (includes connectivity maps, tables, charts)
IRTF Survey Working Group (statistics and other info from coalition aiming to create accurate ways to measure Internet usage)
ISO Country Codes 
NSFNET Backbone Statistics 
Internet Courses
Internet Course Home Page (Oberlin Online Course)
Polley McClure (U. Virginia), The Information Superhighway 
The Pheminist Cyber RoadShow (Internet workshops for women) (Elisabeth Binder, Birgit Schröder)
Internet Organizations
Benton Foundation ("promotes public interest values and noncommercial services for the National Information Infrastructure through research and policy analysis, outreach to nonprofits and foundations, and print, video, and online publishing") (new URL)
Coalition for Networked Information 
IETF - HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Working Group 
Info Highway Parental Empowerment Group (text info of the new Microsoft/Netscape/Progressive Networks collaboration to create "a stable and reliable technical solution" to the Internet smut issue)
Internet Society (includes connectivity maps, tables, charts)
Internet Resource Compilations, Maps, Summaries, & Gateways
Hytelnet (Web gateway to Hytelnet database of telnet sites, especially library catalogues around the world)
Internet Tools Summary (John December)
Internet Architecture Today (Merit Network, Inc.)
Internet Society (includes connectivity maps, tables, charts)
Listservs, Introduction to (from UPenn listserv index)
Mailing List WWW Gateway (Netscape) (currently a small database of listservs and majordomos; allows users to search for groups and issue subscription and other commands)
Majordomo List Owner's Guide (E. Elizabeth Bartley)
Moos, Mushes, and Muds (Info About)
MUD Glossary (Aether Madness)
Network Service Provider Interconnections (map of the U.S. Internet) (CERFnet)
TILE.NET Main Page (database of FTP servers, Usenet newsgroups, and listservs) (SparkNET Corp.)
Virtual Computer Library: Academic Computing (academic computing centers & newsletters)
Rfcs And Other Technical Guides To The Internet
Internet RFCs (Web) 
Internet RFCs (Gopher) 
Usenet FAQs (hypertext) 
Internet Search Engines & Indexes (On General Humanities Resources Page)
Net Nanny Software (For Restricting Access To Kid-Unfriendly Sites)
Cyber Patrol (Windows and Mac) (MicroSystems Software)
The Internet Filter for Windows (free and commercial versions) (J. D. Koftinoff)
Net Tools For People With Disabilities
Adaptive Technology Resource Center at the University of Toronto 
Apple Computer Disability Solutions Page 
Archimedes Project: Providing Leverage for Individuals with Disabilities through Information Technology (Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford U.)
Assistive Technology On-Line 
Assistive Technology-Disabilities Page (info and links on assistive technology for people with disabilities) (Roger Rachow & Renee Pogemiller / Loess Hills Area Education Agency-13
Blazie Engineering 
The Capper Foundation 
Clearinghouse on Computer Accommodation 
The Communication Aids for Language and Learning Centre 
DO-IT at the University of Washington 
Dragon Systems 
EASI -- Access to Information for Persons With Disabilities 
Equal Access to Software and Information 
Gus Communications,Inc 
IBM Special Needs Solutions (Internet tools for people with disabilities) (IBM)
Raised Dot Computing 
Rehabilitation Technology Group at Vienna University 
Special Education (SPED) On-Line (assistive technology for people with disabilities) (U. Kansas)
Trace Research and Development Center at the U. of Wisconsin, Madison 
U. of Missouri Adaptive Computing Technology Center 
Virtual Assistive Technology Center (Mac software for people with disabilities) (G. Denise Lance)
Web Browsers (And Helper Applications)
AIR Mosaic Express (Spry) 
Amiga Mosaic 
InternetWorks for Windows (Navisoft)
Major Browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer (this is the Microsoft home page, which has links to downloads of the Explorer Web browser for various Windows and Mac)
Ncsa Mosaic [Show]
Netscape [Show]
Netmanage WebSurfer 
Video On Line Browser (VOLB) (WWW browser in Arabic)
WEB BROWSER: UdiWWW (for Windows) (HTML 3.0 browser; Netscape-HTML aware) (Bernd Richter)
WorldView #-D Browser for Windows (InterVista, Inc.)
WWW for VMS 
General Browser Resources
BrowserWatch (keep up to date on WWW browsers and plug-ins) (Dave Garaffa / Internet.com)
Falken's Maze (links to Web authoring, browsing, and server tools)
Stanford Yahoo: Web Authoring/Browsing Tools Page 
Web Watch (MecklerWeb collection of browsers, HTML publishing tools, etc.)
Helper Applications & Utilities
Mpeg Viewers
Mpeg Player/MI (documentation) (Geometry Center)
Mpeg viewer: "mpegw32h.zip" (binary)
QuickTime VR (download Apple's QuickTime VR plug-in; for Mac and Windows)
QuickTime (download plug-in to play QuickTime movies) (Apple)
Multimedia Viewers
Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe)
DL-View: "dl-view.zip" (binary)
LiveView 3.1: "lview31.zip" (binary)
Shockwave (download the plug-in for Netscape 2.0 that allows playback of multimedia developed in Macromedia's Director program) (Macromedia)
WWW Viewer Test Page (Scott Nelson) (use this interactive page to test how your browser views various file formats, ranging from plain text to audio, video, etc.; trying a file format leads to a subpage with links to the viewer or helper programs your browser is missing
Sgml-To-Web Viewers/Browsers
SoftQuad's Panorama (a "helper" application to the "Final Beta" version of NCSA Mosaic for Windows, which in turn requires the latest release of the Win32s extension to Windows 3.1 or 3.11. Order of installation: Win32s, then Mos Panorama Pro 
Vrml Clients
WebFX VRML Plugin for Netscape 2.0 [Show]
Win32S (32-Bit Windows Extender Needed To Enable 32-Bit Windows Browsers)
Web Page Authoring
Authoring Info
Adding Media to Mosaic Documents (how to put still images, moving images, and audio onto a Web page) (Lisa R. Wood, U. Michigan)
Advanced HTML, Tables and Forms 
The Art of HTML (extensive metapage of information and resources for Web authoring) (Krish Menon)
Authoring Style 
Comprehensive List of Web Sites (by country) 
Creating Clickable Maps (U Texas, Austin)
Creating Forms (U Texas, Austin)
John December, "Web Development" (hypertext essay on the methodology of web-site development)
DEMO: 3D User-Controlled Interface , Paul D. Bourke
The Fifteen Web Info Usenet Groups (comp.infosystems.www.*) [Show]
Html 2.0 [Show]
Html 3.0 [Show]
The HTML Authoring Mailing List 
HTML Writers Guild Homepage 
Intro to HyperText Transfer Protocol 
Intro to the Common Gateway Interface CGI) 
Intro to Web Searchable Databases 
Making an MPEG Movie (U Texas, Austin)
Netscape Html [Show]
Overview of HTTP (WWW Consortium)
Philosophy and the World Wide Web (advice on setting up a home page, a server, etc.)
Technical Reports from the UVA Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) 
UVA Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) Guide to On-Line Academic Publishing on WWW 
W3 Consortium History of WWW 
Webcraft (theory and practice of Web page design) (Alan Eyzaguirre)
Web Developer's Virtual Library 
WebNotes Internet Conferencing and Forums Service (read and post without charge to a Web server organized by discussion forums)
WEBsurf (zine with resources and technical tips for people "obsessed" with the Web) (
The Web Word (journal)
Yale C/AIM Web Style Manual 
For Beginners
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML (Kevin Werbach)
Beginner's Guide to URLs 
A Beginner's Guide to HTML (NCSA)
COURSE: Introduction to HTML , Kevin Lowey, U. of Saskatchewan
Crash Course on Writing Documents for the Web (Eamonn Sullivan)
Honolulu Community College Introduction to WWW (excellent intro)
How To Publish On The Internet (excerpts and updates to print book by Andrew Fry and David Paul)
How to Write HTML files 
HTML Quick Reference (SoftQuad)
HTML Tutorial (Wm. Dennis Horn)
Introduction to HTML (Eric A. Meyer, Case Western Reserve U)
Learning HTML (metapage of resources for learning to author Web pages) (Daniel LaLiberte)
Macmillan's HTML Workshop 
Mostly Complete HTML dictionary 
NCSA Home Page 
Web Mastery (rich metapage of links to info and essays on web authoring) (UIUC)
Form Authoring (Cgi & Perl Scripts, Etc.)
Carlos' FORMS Tutorial 1 (Carlos A. Pero)
CGI Archive (info.cern.ch) 
C Library for CGI (routines for writing CGI programs in C) (Eugene Kim)
Creating Forms (U Texas, Austin)
Index of Perl/HTML Archives (Meng Weng Wong, U Penn
Perl Scripts Archive 
perlWWW (Earl Hood) (index of Web-related Perl programs)
W3.COM, Inc. (betaware Web authoring programs: WebScan, WebSpin, WebForm)
Web Developer's Virtual Library: CGI 
WebForm (generates responses to forms without any required programming knowledge) (W3.Com)
WebLog (allows users to leave their name, e-mail address, and time of visit)
General Web Authoring Tools
The Art of HTML (extensive metapage of information and resources for Web authoring) (Krish Menon)
Earl Hood's (OAC) Home Page (excellent collection of HTML, SGML, Unix, and other tools)
Falken's Maze (links to Web authoring, browsing, and server tools)
Home Page Construction Set (well-organized page of tips and resources for web page authors) (Eric Sasaki)
HomePage Publisher (create your own home page and put it on the Web; uses forms to create page)
HyperNews (metapage of HTML-related info and resources) (Daniel LaLiberte)
Internet Tools Summary (John December)
Jon's WWW Development Page (Jon Wiederspan)
Stanford Yahoo: Web Authoring/Browsing Tools Page 
Web Masters' Page (excellent page of info, resources, and stats relevant to web authoring) (Bob Allison)
WebPAL - Web Publishing Assistance Links (extensive metapage of web-authoring and page-management tools) (Mike Usrey)
Webtools Resources (Clickable Software)
Nick Category This is a test category
Durkheim Timeline 
Nick Category This is a test category
Durkheim Timeline 
Nick Category This is a test category [Show]
Nick - Info Item Test This is my info item. Yah.
Nick - Info Item Test This is my info item. Yah.
Graphics Tools & Resources
3DSite (3D graphics, information, and resources)
Adding Media to Mosaic Documents (how to put still images, moving images, and audio onto a Web page) (Lisa R. Wood, U. Michigan)
Color Browser for Windows (faciliates choosing background colors for web pages) (Maximized Software)
The Color Specifier For Netscape 1.1 
FIGLET Service (creates ASCII-Art renderings of your text for text-based Web pages)
GifBuilder ("scriptable utility to create animated GIF files on the Macintosh"; animation is contained in a single GIF file) (Yves Piguet)
HYPE Web Authoring Tools for Netscape 1.1-Enhanced Pages (color specifier, background selector, backgrounds)
Image Sources (Downloadable Graphics For Your Web Page):
The Art Machine (Web and computer graphics, backgrounds, etc.)
ASCII in Abundance (ASCII-art archives and figlet servers)
The Background Sampler (background images for Netscape 1.1)
Barry's Clip Art Server (good collection; includes animated Gifs) (Barry Pase)
Dr. Stork Backgrounds (Dr. Stork Software)
Icon Browser (collection of icons for pages)
Icons for Use in WWW HTML Documents 
Image Systems Company (images, textures, clip art)
Julianne's Background Textures 
The KPT Backgrounds Archive 
Lauri McCanna's Free Art Site (graphics and graphics information)
Paul's Background Textures 
Realm Graphics (well-crafted icons, bullets, spheres, symbols, backgrounds, lines, etc.) (Ender's Realm)
Russ's Backgrounds (background image archive; includes extensive links to other background sites) (Russ Walsh)
Stuart Moulthrop's Background Sampler 
Web Stuff (backgrounds archive) (Jeff Oien)
Yahoo Image Surfer Category List 
Imaging Machine
Homepage (edit your images online, then download the finished image) (Visioneering). Selected Editing Functions:
Animate GIFs ("creates a single animated gif file from a series of TIFF, GIF, PNM, HDF, PS, and MIFF files")
Combine Images (allows you to combine two images)
Convert Images Page (takes your image and converts it to another image file type: GIF, JPEG, or TIFF)
Filters (simulates "the ability to pipe an image from one filter to another. Each successive run of the cgi script will generate a new image based on the previously processed image")
Identify Your Image ("displays the stats on your image ie file type, image size, and color table")
Transparent GIFs (takes your GIF and converts it to a transparent GIF)
The <IMG ALIGN> Extension (helpful demonstrations of the Netscape inline image alignment tags; answers such questions familiar to all Netscape authors as "what exactly is the difference between 'absbottom' and 'baseline'?") (Nogradi Balint)
Invented Worlds Color Background Browser (interactive color background selector for Netscape 1.1+ pages)
Lonster's RGB to HEX translator (Lon Koenig)
Mapedit 1.1.2 (ftp directory for WYSIWYG imagemap editor for Windows and X11)
Map THIS! (freeware image-map editor for Windows; requires Win32s or 32-bit Windows) (Todd C. Wilson)
Mock's Place ("I'll be hanging some work here, writing an article or two and generally communing on all things web/mac/photoshop/3D/art/graphic) (Steve Mockensturm)
Paper Mill (Windows utility "for creating seamless textures for use in web pages, as desktop wallpapers," etc.) (The Art Machine)
PBDS Color Lab (form that allows user to create color schemes for Web pages) (Stuart Moulthrop, Nancy Kaplan/U. Baltimore)
Poynton's Colour FAQ (technical primer in color theory and practice) (Charles A. Poynton)
RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart (helps determine color codes to use with the new Netscape 1.1 color-setting tags) (Doug Jacobson)
transgif (tool to change GIF's into transparent Gif's)
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources (Adam Bernstein)
VideoCraft GIF Animator ("Makes incredible GIF animations from still images or AVI files. Creates animated special effects such as morphing, warping, stylizing, and distortions"; for Windows 3.x, 95, NT) (andatech.com)
WebScript ("WebScript images are dynamically generated images containing text in various fonts, sizes, styles, and effects"; useful for dynamic data-elements such as counters and forms on web pages)
WWW Viewer Test Page (Scott Nelson) (use this interactive page to test how your browser views various file formats, ranging from plain text to audio, video, etc.; trying a file format leads to a subpage with links to the viewer or helper programs your browser is missing
Html Editors
Gabriel's HTML Editor List 
Hypertext Authoring Environments: A Critical Review (from EJournal) (text file)
KP's Collection of HTML Editors (links to downloadable HTML editors for various platforms)
Linux/UNIX/X Windows Editors (N. Laviolette)
Mac Editors (N. Laviolette)
Web Design: HTML Editors 
Windows HTML Editing Tools (NCSA)
BBEdit (for Mac) (Bare Bones Software, Inc.)
BIPED (Bi-protocol Page Editor) (unique HTML editor: a Perl-script CGI package that puts both the source code and rendered-view of a HTML page on a single screen; requires that the user have Netscape 1.1+) (Doug Dunlop)
HotMetal (SoftQuad, Inc.)
HTML.edit for Mac 
HTML Hyper Edit 
Liquid Fx (HTML editor for Windows 95 with features including image map hotspots, frames designer, forms designer, Java animator and scroller, previewer)
Live Markup WYSIWYG HTML Publisher and Editor for Windows 
NetObjects Fusion (high-end Website builder for Windows 95 and Mac that creates and maintains whole suites of pages at a time; includes WYSIWYG HTML tools and wizards/templates for generating many types of sites complete with custom-labeled buttons and icons; downl
Simple HTML Editor 
SpHyDir (for OS/2 Warp) (PC Lube and Tune)
W3.COM, Inc. (betaware Web authoring programs: WebScan, WebSpin, WebForm)
WebAuthor from Quarterdeck (for Word 6.0)
Webber (for Windows) (Cerebral Systems Development Corp.)
WebDoor (Web authoring tools for Mac)
Web Ed for Windows (Kevin Read)
WEB Wizard for Windows (software that "interviews" the uninitiated but aspiring Web author to create basic HTML pages) (David Geller)
Html Filters (Word Processor To Html Converters, Html Rule-Checkers, Etc.)
Nick - Info Item Test This is my info item. Yah.
Filters (info.cern.ch) 
Nick Category This is a test category [Show]
Special Editors or Converters/Filters (N. Laviolette)
Template Editors (N. Laviolette)
htmlchek (tool for checking HTML syntax)
HTMLCon 1.7: "htmcon.zip" (binary) (converts HTML files to ASCII by intelligently stripping tags
Hypermail (UNIX e-mail to HTML filter)
Microsoft Internet Assistant (HTML module add-on for Microsoft Word)
Webber/DataPort (for Windows) (software to generate HTML from databases) (Cerebral Systems Development Corp.)
Gamelan: A Directory and Registry of Java Resources (EarthWeb)
JARS: Java Applet Rating Service (Web Creations, Inc.)
Java Applet Programming Contest - Results (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
The Java Boutique (demos of Java applets) (Jason Gurney)
Java Online Bibliography (info on HotJava) (John December)
Presenting Java: Demos (John December)
Page Announcement Sites & Info (How To Publicize Your Pages)
ENTITY: Global Site Submission (iStudio)
FAQ: How To Announce Your New Web Site ("html version of the FAQ posted regularly to the newsgroup comp.infosystems.www.announce"; excellent how-to resource with many links)
The PostMaster ("announce your URL everywhere!") (NetCreations)
Starting Point 
SubmitAll (one-stop submission of URLs to search-engines and announcement sites on the Web) (Home Team)
WebPromote - Internet Marketing, Promotion, & Announcement Services (services include announcing a site for a fee) (Superhighway Consulting, Inc.)
WEBula (Web page announcement service) (Dave Maher)
What's New Too! 
Page Management Tools
Daniel's Web (scripts for managing HTML pages, tracking hits, etc.)
Earl Hood's (OAC) Home Page (excellent collection of HTML, SGML, Unix, and other tools)
Wishing WebSex Plug-In Clusters (commercial package of web site monitoring, statistics, and other utility plug-ins)
Agents, Offline Browsers, Page Monitors
Folio Web Retriever (downloads web sites into a local "infobase" offering additional advantages, including compression, a search engine, ability to highlight text, add links, user notes; for Windows) (Folio Corp.)
The URL-Minder (robot that e-mails you when a page you want to track has changed)
WebCompass 2.0 (Internet search agent for Windows; downloadable beta) (Quarterdeck)
WebPager 1.0 (free monitoring service for mission-critical web pages: give this Web site your URLs and it will send a message to your pager if your URLs ever get knocked offline) (Televisions Inc.)
Web Reception Monitoring Service ("This network of monitoring stations will routinely scan a list of registered URL's, access each one, and record the elapsed time to receive each page . . . resulting statistics are mailed each week to the appropriate Webmaster.") (Timeda
Automatic Page & Link Generators
ForeFront: GrabNet (unique software that grabs pictures and text from the Web to create "visual URLs" in which the URL is associated with selected graphics and text; for Windows and Mac; downloadable 10-day free trial demo) (ForeFront)
HTMLRef: "htmlref.zip" (binary) (runs in DOS environment to scan any .html or .htm file, gather URL's, and output the URL's to a browser-readable HTML file) (download this link)
htmltoc (Earl Hood) (Perl program for creating a table of contents using the H1-H6 tages in a set of HTML pages; creates links from the table of contents to the appropriate sections of the original pages)
Hypermail (Kevin Hughes) (C-language program to convert UNIX e-mail messages into cross-referenced HTML pages)
makehomeidx (indexes home pages on a Unix system; also allows users to mount personal home pages without calling upon the sysadmin)
MHonArc (Earl Hood) (Perl program to convert e-mail messages into HTML pages; also builds an index of the messages)
WebWhacker (for Windows or Mac) ("tool designed to reduce the user's dependency on an Internet connection. WebWhacker downloads, or "Whacks", single Web pages, groups of pages, or entire Web sites, including text (HTML) and images, and stores them on the local deskt
EasyCounter (shell scripts that put a counter on your web page without cgi-bin access by reading the access log and rewriting the page on your server; requires that you have permission to read the access_log on your web server) (Sandra Steingart)
HTML Access Counter 4.0 (non-graphical counter for Web pages that will count hits from browsers that do not "get" inline graphics and are thus invisible to most graphical counters; requires permission to install on cgi-bin directory on your server) (George Burgya
Statbot , Dave Tubbs (hit counter)
Html Validators
Weblint Home Page (info and links for Neil Bowers's Weblint HTML validation perl-script program)
Link Checkers
Anchor Checker (Unix) (program for verifying that links on a page are alive) (George Xie)
Linkbot (site management and link verification software for Windows 3.1.x, 95, NT) (Tetranet Software)
LINKCHECKER: CyberSpyder (Thomas. A. Aman)
MOMspider (spider to check for dead links over whole Web tree)
Surflogic LLC, Home of Surfbot 
Verify Web Links (link-verifier bot; currently verifies only http: links but development plans include ftp: and gopher: links) (Webtest Tool Suite)
WebWatch (local-machine-based spider that checks links and generates a report page in HTML)
Webxref (Perl program that checks a set of local pages for bad links and missing files) (Rick Jansen)
CGI Spell (online spell-checker for Web documents; feed it your URL and it will spell check English-language pages; future support for Croatian and German) (Vjekoslav Nesek)
ForeFront: GrabNet (unique software that grabs pictures and text from the Web to create "visual URLs" in which the URL is associated with selected graphics and text; for Windows and Mac; downloadable 10-day free trial demo) (ForeFront)
HistoryTree ("Netscape add-in that records your web explorations in a tree, not just a list. This lets you visualize what you've seen and instantly jump back to other trains of thought") (SmartBrowser)
Hyper-G ("large-scale, distributed, hypermedia information system that runs over the internet. It interoperates with other network tools like gopher, WWW, WAIS and telnet logins"; "provides real hypermedia, supporting tools for structuring, m
Lynx-Me (graphical Web page developers can feed their URL to this site to be shown what their page looks like in Lynx)
NetCal! ("the Internet and Web's interactive calendar") (iTRIBE)
Pobox.com (pay-service offering lifetime e-mail address and permanent URL through URL redirection; small annual fee)
The Webhound WWW Interface ("personalized WWW agent that periodically (or on demand) recommends new WWW documents to you based on what WWW documents you have expressed a liking for in the past") (MIT Media Laboratory)
WebWhacker (for Windows or Mac) ("tool designed to reduce the user's dependency on an Internet connection. WebWhacker downloads, or "Whacks", single Web pages, groups of pages, or entire Web sites, including text (HTML) and images, and stores them on the local deskt
Search Engine Programs
Excite for Web Servers 1.0 (downloadable web search engine) (Architext Software)
Glimpse (indexing and query engine for Web pages; this is the engine behind Harvest text-search packages)
GlimpseHTTP (search engine program for text databases on the Web) (Columbia U.)
Vrml (Virtual Reality Markup Language) Resources & Examples
IMF's VRML Hotlist 
Lightscape Technologies Home Page 
UCLA VRML Studies 
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Forum 
Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) Forum 
Virtual Vegas VRML Page 
VRML from HELL (Kevin Hughes)
VRML Library - QVLIB 
VRML Visions 

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