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 •  Connecting To A Provider
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Net Tools
Connecting To The Internet: Providers, Client Software, Utilities   Suggest a Link
(Compression, Uuencoders, Encryption, Etc.)
General (Including Application Suites)
The Internet Goodies (Internet-related software archive organized by operating system)
Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (TUCOWS) 
winapps2.zip (binary) (suite of clients for Windows and Trumpet WinSock)
RealAudio Homepage (client program for real-time, on-demand audio over the net)
Connecting To A Provider
Ask Mr. Modem (suggests settings for modems; choose your modem on a form) (IntelliNet ISP)
Connecting Win95 to the Internet (Mark Sunner)
PC Lube and Tune
Adding Internet Acces to PC's 
Ethernet (info about)
Installing Internet Support in OS/2 Warp 
Introduction to TCP/IP 
The Storm Before the COM (info about com ports)
Win95 Dial-Up Networking White Paper - Menu (Barry Barr)
XFinger (finger client for WinSock) (George Xie)
CuteFTP (FTP client for Windows 95 or 3.x; downloadable) (GlobalSCAPE, Inc.)
WS_FTP (Windows FTP client) (John Junod) | Pro Version (Commercial) 
Internet Phone (Talk In Real Time Over The Internet; Requires Direct Or Slip/Ppp Connection To Internet And Audio Capability)
Internet Phone (Windows) 
NetPhone (Mac) 
Internet Service Providers
Internet Cafe HomePage (Santa Barbara Internet Provider; offers Web service)
Internet Service Providers of the World (Barry Raveendran Greene / Internet Society)
Jay Barker's Online Connection (info and prices for national online services and Internet service providers)
Los Angeles and Orange County Internet Access Providers 
Net on the Road ("Our goal is to help travelers from all over the world to have access to the net while traveling . . . lists all the places of access [cybercafes, hotels, libraries, universities etc.] and the phone numbers of access for local and internationa
The IRC Connection (telnet access to IRC channels)
Isdn Phone Lines
Free Agent Newsreader (for Windows) 
WSPING32 for Windows (32-bit) 
WS-PING for Windows (16-bit) (Junod Softward)
WS-WATCH for Windows (32-bit) (network monitoring program; includes ping and traceroute) (Junod Software)
Trumpet Telnet: "ttel0-07.zip" (binary)
Utilities (Compression, Uuencode, Encryption, Etc.)
DOS Pkzip/Unzip: "pkz204g.exe" (binary)
The International PGP Home Page (non-U.S. distribution site for PGP encryption software) (Stale Schumacher)
PGP Distribution Authorization Form (gateway to PGP encryption software)
PGP miniFAQ 
War on the Internet: Phil Zimmerman (PGP) Legal Defense Fund 
alt.binaries.pictures Utility Archive (FAQ and pc/mac utilities for decoding pictures in the alt.binaries.pictures hierarchy)
DOS Bulk Uuencoder: "enuu21.zip" (binary)
Virus Checkers
CU-SeeMe Home Page (info and download site for the CU-SeeMe real-time video-conferencing software)

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