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 •  Internet Courses
 •  Internet Resource Compilations, Maps, Summaries, & Gateways
 •  Rfcs And Other Technical Guides To The Internet
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Net Tools
Information About The Internet   Suggest a Link
General Information & Guides To The Internet
Aether Madness (Gary Wolf & Michael Stein) (HTML version of one of the most interesting books on computing and the Internet I've encountered; options for straight or strange "tours" of its many informational documents; documents include hyperlinks
An Overview of the Internet and the World-Wide Web (Xerox PARC) (script for videotape about the Internet)
ARTSEDGE Network Guide to the Internet Well-organized resource for development of arts and humanities curriculum using technology in K-12. Includes an extensive list of weblinks that can be used to support lessons on a wide range of topics. (JFK Center for the Performing Arts & NEH)
Ask Dr. Internet 
The Bitwitch Oracle (tech advice with a personality; use a form to ask questions about computing and the net)
c|net Online: The Computer Network (state-of-the-art site with features, news, and resources covering computers and cyberculture; full access requires multimedia plug-ins for your browser)
Economics of Internet 
Electronic Frontier Foundation's (Extended) Guide to the Internet (previously known as Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet)
f-e-mail: An Introduction to the Internet for Women (Victoria Vesna, UCSB)
Guides to the Internet 
The Information Economy: The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues (Hal R. Varian, U. California, Berkeley)
Internet Resources Metamap (clickable image map to net resources; requires graphical browser) (NCSA)
The Internet Language Dictionary (net lingo)
InterNIC InfoGuide 
Net-Happenings (searchable HTML archive of the Net-Happenings list; includes form for submitting announcement of net resources to the list) (Gleason Sackman/InterNIC)
Online Europe Listserv Archive (topic: issues regarding Internet development in Europe) (Steven Carlson)
The Scout Toolkit
Homepage (convenient gathering of net client software and Web metapages designed to aid beginners configure their Internet platform) (InterNIC)
Notable Browsers 
Search Tools 
Specialized Tools 
Staying Current 
The Smithsonian Internet Series 
TWIG - The Windows Internet Guide (weekly zine)
U. Kansas Internet Manual 
Understanding the Internet (online companion to a TV documentary on the Internet; 200+ references for beginners)
Zen and the Art of the Internet (Brendan Kehoe, 1st ed.)
Internet Connectivity & Usage Statistics
100hot Websites (weekly ranked list of most frequently visited sites on the Web, excluding many academic sites) (Web21 Inc.)
Comprehensive List of WWW Hosts (searchable) (Matthew Gray, net.Genesis)
European Host Count Statistics 
Growth of the World Wide Web (Matthew Gray, net.Genesis)
Internet Domain Survey (Network Wizards)
Internet Society (includes connectivity maps, tables, charts)
IRTF Survey Working Group (statistics and other info from coalition aiming to create accurate ways to measure Internet usage)
ISO Country Codes 
NSFNET Backbone Statistics 
Internet Courses
Internet Course Home Page (Oberlin Online Course)
Polley McClure (U. Virginia), The Information Superhighway 
The Pheminist Cyber RoadShow (Internet workshops for women) (Elisabeth Binder, Birgit Schröder)
Internet Organizations
Benton Foundation ("promotes public interest values and noncommercial services for the National Information Infrastructure through research and policy analysis, outreach to nonprofits and foundations, and print, video, and online publishing") (new URL)
Coalition for Networked Information 
IETF - HyperText Markup Language (HTML) Working Group 
Info Highway Parental Empowerment Group (text info of the new Microsoft/Netscape/Progressive Networks collaboration to create "a stable and reliable technical solution" to the Internet smut issue)
Internet Society (includes connectivity maps, tables, charts)
Internet Resource Compilations, Maps, Summaries, & Gateways
Hytelnet (Web gateway to Hytelnet database of telnet sites, especially library catalogues around the world)
Internet Tools Summary (John December)
Internet Architecture Today (Merit Network, Inc.)
Internet Society (includes connectivity maps, tables, charts)
Listservs, Introduction to (from UPenn listserv index)
Mailing List WWW Gateway (Netscape) (currently a small database of listservs and majordomos; allows users to search for groups and issue subscription and other commands)
Majordomo List Owner's Guide (E. Elizabeth Bartley)
Moos, Mushes, and Muds (Info About)
MUD Glossary (Aether Madness)
Network Service Provider Interconnections (map of the U.S. Internet) (CERFnet)
TILE.NET Main Page (database of FTP servers, Usenet newsgroups, and listservs) (SparkNET Corp.)
Virtual Computer Library: Academic Computing (academic computing centers & newsletters)
Rfcs And Other Technical Guides To The Internet
Internet RFCs (Web) 
Internet RFCs (Gopher) 
Usenet FAQs (hypertext) 

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