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Web Page Authoring
Graphics Tools & Resources   Suggest a Link
3DSite (3D graphics, information, and resources)
Adding Media to Mosaic Documents (how to put still images, moving images, and audio onto a Web page) (Lisa R. Wood, U. Michigan)
Color Browser for Windows (faciliates choosing background colors for web pages) (Maximized Software)
The Color Specifier For Netscape 1.1 
FIGLET Service (creates ASCII-Art renderings of your text for text-based Web pages)
GifBuilder ("scriptable utility to create animated GIF files on the Macintosh"; animation is contained in a single GIF file) (Yves Piguet)
HYPE Web Authoring Tools for Netscape 1.1-Enhanced Pages (color specifier, background selector, backgrounds)
Image Sources (Downloadable Graphics For Your Web Page):
The Art Machine (Web and computer graphics, backgrounds, etc.)
ASCII in Abundance (ASCII-art archives and figlet servers)
The Background Sampler (background images for Netscape 1.1)
Barry's Clip Art Server (good collection; includes animated Gifs) (Barry Pase)
Dr. Stork Backgrounds (Dr. Stork Software)
Icon Browser (collection of icons for pages)
Icons for Use in WWW HTML Documents 
Image Systems Company (images, textures, clip art)
Julianne's Background Textures 
The KPT Backgrounds Archive 
Lauri McCanna's Free Art Site (graphics and graphics information)
Paul's Background Textures 
Realm Graphics (well-crafted icons, bullets, spheres, symbols, backgrounds, lines, etc.) (Ender's Realm)
Russ's Backgrounds (background image archive; includes extensive links to other background sites) (Russ Walsh)
Stuart Moulthrop's Background Sampler 
Web Stuff (backgrounds archive) (Jeff Oien)
Yahoo Image Surfer Category List 
Imaging Machine
Homepage (edit your images online, then download the finished image) (Visioneering). Selected Editing Functions:
Animate GIFs ("creates a single animated gif file from a series of TIFF, GIF, PNM, HDF, PS, and MIFF files")
Combine Images (allows you to combine two images)
Convert Images Page (takes your image and converts it to another image file type: GIF, JPEG, or TIFF)
Filters (simulates "the ability to pipe an image from one filter to another. Each successive run of the cgi script will generate a new image based on the previously processed image")
Identify Your Image ("displays the stats on your image ie file type, image size, and color table")
Transparent GIFs (takes your GIF and converts it to a transparent GIF)
The <IMG ALIGN> Extension (helpful demonstrations of the Netscape inline image alignment tags; answers such questions familiar to all Netscape authors as "what exactly is the difference between 'absbottom' and 'baseline'?") (Nogradi Balint)
Invented Worlds Color Background Browser (interactive color background selector for Netscape 1.1+ pages)
Lonster's RGB to HEX translator (Lon Koenig)
Mapedit 1.1.2 (ftp directory for WYSIWYG imagemap editor for Windows and X11)
Map THIS! (freeware image-map editor for Windows; requires Win32s or 32-bit Windows) (Todd C. Wilson)
Mock's Place ("I'll be hanging some work here, writing an article or two and generally communing on all things web/mac/photoshop/3D/art/graphic) (Steve Mockensturm)
Paper Mill (Windows utility "for creating seamless textures for use in web pages, as desktop wallpapers," etc.) (The Art Machine)
PBDS Color Lab (form that allows user to create color schemes for Web pages) (Stuart Moulthrop, Nancy Kaplan/U. Baltimore)
Poynton's Colour FAQ (technical primer in color theory and practice) (Charles A. Poynton)
RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart (helps determine color codes to use with the new Netscape 1.1 color-setting tags) (Doug Jacobson)
transgif (tool to change GIF's into transparent Gif's)
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources (Adam Bernstein)
VideoCraft GIF Animator ("Makes incredible GIF animations from still images or AVI files. Creates animated special effects such as morphing, warping, stylizing, and distortions"; for Windows 3.x, 95, NT) (andatech.com)
WebScript ("WebScript images are dynamically generated images containing text in various fonts, sizes, styles, and effects"; useful for dynamic data-elements such as counters and forms on web pages)
WWW Viewer Test Page (Scott Nelson) (use this interactive page to test how your browser views various file formats, ranging from plain text to audio, video, etc.; trying a file format leads to a subpage with links to the viewer or helper programs your browser is missing

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