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Graphics Tools & Resources
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(Downloadable Graphics For Your Web Page):
The Art Machine (Web and computer graphics, backgrounds, etc.)
ASCII in Abundance (ASCII-art archives and figlet servers)
The Background Sampler (background images for Netscape 1.1)
Barry's Clip Art Server (good collection; includes animated Gifs) (Barry Pase)
Dr. Stork Backgrounds (Dr. Stork Software)
Icon Browser (collection of icons for pages)
Icons for Use in WWW HTML Documents 
Image Systems Company (images, textures, clip art)
Julianne's Background Textures 
The KPT Backgrounds Archive 
Lauri McCanna's Free Art Site (graphics and graphics information)
Paul's Background Textures 
Realm Graphics (well-crafted icons, bullets, spheres, symbols, backgrounds, lines, etc.) (Ender's Realm)
Russ's Backgrounds (background image archive; includes extensive links to other background sites) (Russ Walsh)
Stuart Moulthrop's Background Sampler 
Web Stuff (backgrounds archive) (Jeff Oien)
Yahoo Image Surfer Category List 

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