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 •  General Resources in German Literature
 •  German Depts.
 •  Kassandra Project: Visionary German Women Around 1800
 •  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
 •  Hermann Hesse
 •  Franz Kafka
 •  E. T. A. Hoffmann
Literatures (Other Than English)
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General Resources in German Literature
Computerphilologie: Ein Elektronisches Forum für Literaturwissenscaftler und Literaturwissenschaftlerinnen ("devoted to the study of literary criticism and includes a collection of links, the contents of some relevant journals and an electronic journal on the use of the computer in the humanities"; in German) (Karl Eibl, Volker Deubel und Fotis
DGFK Begruessungsseite (WWW Site of the German Assoc. for Advancement of Culture--English version)
The German Internet Project (U North Carolina, Greensboro)
German Libraries
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Munich) (telnet: type "starte," then Return and Return) (Lynx users: to quit, use the appropriate exit command from inside the telnet session since "^]" from this site will suspend Lynx)
Bibliothekskataloge (German libraries online)
HBZ Deutsche Bibliotheken Online (German libraries online)
Universitaetsbibliothek Muenchen 
German Studies & Germany (The Rhetoric Server, UC Berkeley)
German Studies Web (WESSWEB, Assoc. of College and Research Libraries)
Handbook of German Literary Mag/Zines (in German) (Sabrina Ortmann und Enno E. Peter)
H-SOZ-U-KULT (Web site and archives of the discussion list for German humanities, social history, and cultural history; in German)
Knut's Pages /German WEB 
Literarisches Leben - Datenbank zu den deutschsprachigen Ländern 1945-2000 (database containing entries on post-war literary life in German-speaking countries)
Lixl-Purcell's German WWW Trails (Andrea Lixl-Purcell, U North Carolina, Greensboro)
Lixl-Purcell's German WWW Trails: Language & Culture (Andrea Lixl-Purcell, U North Carolina, Greensboro)
Munich Found Online ("Bavaria's leading english-language, monthly Magazine dedicated to providing its international audience with a discerning mix of culture, history, commentary, art, and politics")
19th-Century German Stories: Web Editions for Language Learning & Literary Study (German & English versions of stories) (Robert Godwin-Jones, Virginia Commonwealth U.)
Nützliche Informationen für Geisteswissenschaftler (German-language humanities page; includes resources in history, philosophy, political science, sociology, literature, German language and literature, philology, etc.) (Armin Fingerhut)
Society for Germanic Philology (Anna Grotans & Gregor Hens)
WWW Servers for Germanic Studies (Goethe Institute)
WWW Virtual Library: German Subject Catalogue 
19th-Century German Literature Online 
Der Standard: Cyber-Kultur im Internet (in German)
The German Internet Project: The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 (U. North Carolina, Greensboro)
Goethe Institute Home Page 
Goethe Institute: Publications (in German)
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Faust (Virginia Tech)
Faust (study guide) (Paul Brians, Washington State U.)
Hermann Hesse
Hermann Hesse Home Page (Gunther Gottschalk, U. California, Santa Barbara)
E. T. A. Hoffmann
"Councillor Krespel" (English translation) (19th-Century German Stories)
"Mlle de Scuderi" (English translation) (19th-Century German Stories)
"The Sandman" (English translation) (19th-Century German Stories)
"The Story of the Hard Nut" (English translation) (19th-Century German Stories)
Arno Holz, Phantasus (1898) (trans. David Dodd, U. Colorado, Colorado Springs)
Franz Kafka
The Castle: Joseph K's Franz Kafka Homepage
Homepage (C.M. Wisniewski)
Selected Resources:  
Kafka-Related Links 
Kafka Texts 
Kafka Timeline 
Franz Kafka Page (Katharena Eiermann)
Kassandra Project: Visionary German Women Around 1800
Karoline von Günderrode Pages 
Outbound Links to German Culture Resources 
Laurence Rickels Online (Peter Krapp)
The Nietzsche Page at USC 
Project CyberBuch Interactive (hyper/multimedia German language instruction; a UCSB project)
Rainer Maria Rilke (Sewanee University)
Ranier Maria Rilke Archive (Geocities anthology of poetry and quotes)
Robert Wohlleben's Home Page (a variety of resources; special emphasis on the contemporary German sonnet) (in German)
Rakefat Sela-Sheffy (Tel Aviv U.), "Strategies of Canonization: Manipulating the Idea of the Novel and the Intellectual Field in Eighteenth Century German Culture" (1994) 
German Depts.
Carleton U. German Web 
U. Chicago Germanic Studies Dept. 
UCLA Germanic Languages Dept. 
UC Santa Barbara Dept. of Germanic, Slavic, & Semitic Studies 
U. Kansas Germanic Languages and Literatures 
U. North Carolina at Greensboro: German and Russian Dept. 

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