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General Academic Press Resources
Assoc. of American U. Presses Combined Online Catalog/Bookstore The AAUP Catalog closed its doors on April 2, 2001. This page now lists the home pages for the AAUP member presses and other presses that were included in the catalog.
Cambridge U. Press: Outbound Links (to publisher- and press-related pages)
Ann Okerson (Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing of the Assoc. of Research Libraries), "Back to Academia? The Case for American Universities to Publish Their Own Research" (1991) 
Sociology Publishers & Bookstores (SocioSite / Albert Benschop)
TAA (Text and Academic Authors Assoc.) (assoc. of authors involved in developing educational materials for publication) (Patrick Mckeown, U. Georgia)
University Presses in Dial-A-Book's "Chapter One" Browser ("tables of contents and first chapters of selected books published by leading university presses, listed by title, subject, and publisher"; the full-text first chapters make this a remarkable resource)
Blackwell's Online Bookshop 
Cambridge U. Press - U.S. 
Cambridge U. Press - UK 
Columbia U. Press 
Duke U. Press 
Harvard U. Press
Homepage of Harvard University Press 
Loeb Classical Library (publisher's abstracts and ordering info)
Indiana U. Press 
Johns Hopkins U. Press 
MIT Press 
NYU Press 
Oxford U. Press 
Peabody Museum, Harvard U.: Publications 
Princeton U. Press 
Routledge OnLine 
Rutgers U. Press 
The Scandinavian Univ. Press 
Scholars Press WWW Site (TELA) 
Stanford U. Press 
SUNY Press 
U. Arizona Press 
U. British Columbia Press 
U. California Press 
U. Chicago Press 
U. Delaware Press 
U. Illinois Press 
U. Massachusetts Press 
U. Michigan Press 
U. Minnesota Press 
U. Missouri Press 
U. Nebraska Press 
U. Penn Museum of Archaelogy and Anthropology Publications (books and cd-roms relating to archaelogy and anthropology; the museum also distributes the publications of the Peabody Museum at Harvard)
U. Press of New England 
U. Texas Press 
U. Toronto Press 
U. Wisconsin Press 
Yale U. Press 

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