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General Publishers & Booksellers Resources
AcqWeb (extensive portal site related to book acquisition and library collection development: directories of publishers, in-print and price listings, bibliographic utilities, news, reference and catalog resources, etc.)
Best Big On-Line Bookstores (annotated evaluation of "the size, discount structure, and overall quality" of the largest online bookstores; also includes briefer descriptions of smaller online operations and links for antiquarian booksellers, foreign titles, reviews,
Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature (links to rare and antiquarian books resources) (Piet Wesselman)
Book Publishers and Retailers On-line (Carnegie Mellon U)
Books A to Z ("a universal resource site for the production, publication, marketing, and finding of books"; includes info on publication services along with outbound links to academic Web sites; has "on-line publishing services which will digitall
Copyright Clearance Center Online ("not-for-profit organization created at the suggestion of Congress to help organizations like yours comply with U.S. copyright law. Through its collective licensing programs, CCC provides authorized users with a lawful means for making photoco
The Crisis in Scholarly Publishing (Scholarly Societies Project, U. Waterloo)
Internet Road Map to Books (indexes of online publishers, booksellers, book fairs, resources for writers, etc.) (Fortuity Consulting)
Journal of Electronic Publishing (U. Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Publishers' Catalogues Home Page 
Sociology Publishers & Bookstores (SocioSite / Albert Benschop)
TitleNet Author Cross-publisher search 
TitleNet Keyword Cross-publisher search 
TitleNet Title Cross-publisher search 
WWW Virtual Library: Publishers 
WWW Virtual Library: Literature/Publisher's Row 
Academic Presses
General Academic Press Resources
Assoc. of American U. Presses Combined Online Catalog/Bookstore The AAUP Catalog closed its doors on April 2, 2001. This page now lists the home pages for the AAUP member presses and other presses that were included in the catalog.
Cambridge U. Press: Outbound Links (to publisher- and press-related pages)
Ann Okerson (Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing of the Assoc. of Research Libraries), "Back to Academia? The Case for American Universities to Publish Their Own Research" (1991) 
Sociology Publishers & Bookstores (SocioSite / Albert Benschop)
TAA (Text and Academic Authors Assoc.) (assoc. of authors involved in developing educational materials for publication) (Patrick Mckeown, U. Georgia)
University Presses in Dial-A-Book's "Chapter One" Browser ("tables of contents and first chapters of selected books published by leading university presses, listed by title, subject, and publisher"; the full-text first chapters make this a remarkable resource)
Blackwell's Online Bookshop 
Cambridge U. Press - U.S. 
Cambridge U. Press - UK 
Columbia U. Press 
Duke U. Press 
Harvard U. Press
Homepage of Harvard University Press 
Loeb Classical Library (publisher's abstracts and ordering info)
Indiana U. Press 
Johns Hopkins U. Press 
MIT Press 
NYU Press 
Oxford U. Press 
Peabody Museum, Harvard U.: Publications 
Princeton U. Press 
Routledge OnLine 
Rutgers U. Press 
The Scandinavian Univ. Press 
Scholars Press WWW Site (TELA) 
Stanford U. Press 
SUNY Press 
U. Arizona Press 
U. British Columbia Press 
U. California Press 
U. Chicago Press 
U. Delaware Press 
U. Illinois Press 
U. Massachusetts Press 
U. Michigan Press 
U. Minnesota Press 
U. Missouri Press 
U. Nebraska Press 
U. Penn Museum of Archaelogy and Anthropology Publications (books and cd-roms relating to archaelogy and anthropology; the museum also distributes the publications of the Peabody Museum at Harvard)
U. Press of New England 
U. Texas Press 
U. Toronto Press 
U. Wisconsin Press 
Yale U. Press 
Small Presses
Alter Ego Editions (Canadian publisher)
Audenreed Press (Brunswick, Maine) 
Ayer Company Publishers 
Book Hunter Press (info on the Press's Used Book Lover's Guides to rare and antiquarian bookstores in the U.S.)
Coach House Books (Toronto) (small press that also prints both books and online texts)
Danaan Press: The Voice of the Pagan Renaissance 
EPC Small Press Alcove ("alphabetical list of poetry and poetics presses") (Diane M. Ward / Electronic Poetry Center)
Gareth Stevens Publishing (children's books)
Hard Press (non-profit publisher that promotes "both established and emerging literary, visual, musical, and theatrical artists by publishing their works in a variety of media")
Indian Books Centre / Sri Satguru Publishers ("publishers and exporters of Books and Serials from India")
Los Andes Publishing Inc. (Spanish-language books and software for children and young adults)
Small Presses (Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo)
Small Press Express (collection of links to small presses) (Audenreed Press)
Small Press Publishers (gopher)
Trade & Commercial Presses (Including Academic-Related)
Allyn & Bacon ("publisher of college textbooks and professional reference materials, part of Simon & Schuster/VIACOM"; specializing in education, social science, and the humanities")
Books A to Z: Publishers (Stephen Herold/Katherine Pollard)
Boston Book Company 
Chapman & Hall 
Gale Research 
Harcourt Brace & Co. 
Heinemann (UK) - New Windmills Authors 
Heinle & Heinle 
McGraw-Hill Education 
Penguin Classics 
Prentice-Hall Publishing 
Random House 
St. James Press 
Wadsworth Publishing 
Zone Press (gopher)
Electronic Publishers
Boson Books (publisher of electronic books) (C&M Online Media Inc.)
Coach House Books (Toronto) (small press that also prints both books and online texts)
Digibis Publicaciones Digitales (Spanish publisher of digital works; "una empresa que está dedicada a la prestación de servicios de edición digital en diferentes soportes [cd-rom, dvd-rom e internet] , demandados por una gran número de instituciones culturales, [Universidades
E-Literate Enterprises ("a new electronic self-publishing presence on the Internet. The cornerstone of our company philosophy is that we believe the interests of writers [and their readers] are no longer being served by the Corporate Publishing Industrial Complex&q
EText.nt: Custom Electronic Text Publisher (produces custom electronic books or course-packets to order)
Hard Shell Word Factory (e-publisher of popular and genre fiction)
Lightning Print, Inc. ("provides 'on-demand' printing and distribution services to the book industry. LPI books are stored electronically and printed, one at a time, as ordered by booksellers and librarians through book wholesalers"; see the story in the New
Octavo Editions (commercial publisher of high-quality digital editions of historically important works in the humanities and sciences--e.g., texts by Andreas Vesalius, John Milton, Benjamin Franklin; "Octavo Editions are photographed at very high resolution,
Star Thrower Publishing ("offers challenging literary texts directed toward the enthusiastic explorer/reader of the burgeoning electronic milieu"; fiction, autobiography, topical essays)
General Bookseller Resources
Acses: Compare Book Offers on the Internet (specialized search engine designed to find and price books at 25+ online bookstores)
Aladdin's Cave of Book-Related Sites ("book sellers' home pages, books wanted, authors and writing, book reviews, literary agents, booksearch, publishers and publishing") (ARC Books)
Best Big On-Line Bookstores (annotated evaluation of "the size, discount structure, and overall quality" of the largest online bookstores; also includes briefer descriptions of smaller online operations and links for antiquarian booksellers, foreign titles, reviews,
Book Hunter Press (info on the Press's Used Book Lover's Guides to rare and antiquarian bookstores in the U.S.)
Book Publishers and Retailers On-line (Carnegie Mellon U)
Books A to Z: Bookstores (Stephen Herold / Katherine Pollard)
Bookstores in Eastern North America (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in Europe (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in Midwestern North America (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in New York City (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in Asia (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in Boston/Cambridge, MA 
Bookstores in Northern North America (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in Southern California (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in Southwestern North America (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores ub the UK (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Bookstores in Western North America (Evelyn C. Leeper)
The BookWire Booksellers Index (extensive annotated metapage of bookseller online resources)
Cambridge / Boston Bookstores (Evelyn C. Leeper)
Gay and Lesbian Bookstores Worldwide (Lee Anne Phillips)
Sociology Publishers & Bookstores (SocioSite / Albert Benschop)
ABAA: Antiquarian Booksellers' Assoc. of American 
alt.bookstore ("2 million books online")
Amazon.com (major online bookstore; site includes many ancillary features, including tables of contents, jacket or publisher's blurbs, library-journal reviews, and readers' reviews)
ARC Books (Antiquarian, Rare, and Collectable Books) 
ARC Booksearch (free booksearch service) (ARC Books)
Asian Rare Books (New York City rare-book dealer)
BarnesandNoble.com (online bookstore of Barnes and Noble; site inscludes many ancillary features of interest to readers)
Beasley Books 
Bibliocity (rare and collectable books)
Bibliofind ("the Internet's largest inventory of old, used and rare books for sale")
Blackstone & Coke Antiquarian Books 
Bonder Bookstore - Montreal, Quebec Canada 
Book of the Month Club 
Bookport's Access to Booksellers Page 
BookServe (online bookstore promising "the fastest" delivery of the net-based ordering services; "90% of all the U.S. books [400,000] in our database are shipped to you in 24 hours")
Booksmith (San Francisco) (online ordering)
Book Stacks (Camille Tillman, Book Stacks Unlimited)
BookWeb (American Booksellers Assoc.)
Canada's Virtual Bookstore 
Chinese Online 
C.I.R.T. International Center for Retrieval of New, Ancient, and Rare Books from Italy (lists of newly published books) (Franco A. Volta searching service)
Coach House Books (Toronto) (publication list includes online editions)
Deep Politics Bookstore 
Dillons, Gower Street (London) 
Dutton's Brentwood Bookstore (LA)
Freecyb ("cybrarie und bookstore"; in French)
FrontList Books: Scholarly Books on the Web
Homepage of FrontList Books (online bookstore offering "scholarly and literary titles to readers with decidedly theoretical interests;" emphasis on recently published and soon to be published titles from over 175 publishers in "literary, feminist, queer, and postcolonial theory; cinema, literary, gender, women's, asian, latin american, and cultural studies; fiction, philosophy, anthropology, history, and poetry"; allows browsing by category and includes brief descriptions of books)
African-American Studies 
Art History & Theory 
Cinema & Media Studies 
Critical Theory / Marxism 
Cultural Studies 
French Stuff (French Theory) 
Gender & Sexuality 
Literary Studies 
Political Science/ Sociology 
(Post)Colonial Studies 
Queer Theory / Gay & Lesbian Studies 
Race & Culture 
Science Studies 
Future Fantasy Bookstore 
Gates of Heck ("publisher of books and art by people who live on the outside of conventional culture")
Intertain.com: Internet Bookstore 
Kenny's Bookshop Home Page (specializing in books of Irish interest)
L'Arengario Studio Bibliografico ("ancient & modern rare books")
The Last Square (historical prints, miniatures, & books)
The Latin American Bookstore (Latin American and Spanish academic publications)
Libreria al Sole (online bookseller of Italian books based in Lugano)
MediaTechBooks ("your guide to books on the emerging world of media, computing and communication")
Moe's Bookstore (Berkeley) 
Northwest Passages: Canadian Literature On-Line (online bookstore)
Page de France (online bookseller of books from France) (Jean C. Crozel)
The Perfect Bookshops (on-line ordering) (Perfect Electronic Publishing)
Postaprint (UK mail-order supplier of antiquarian maps, prints, illustrated books, and atlases)
Powell's Books (online ordering from the bookstore in Portland, Oregon; large title list)
Powell's Technical Books 
Rank And File Publications (books on the American Civil War)
Robert Temple of London ("established booksellers specialising in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century fiction and prose") (ARC Books)
San Diego Technical Books, Inc. 
Seraphim Rose Books (Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Western and American Orthodox literature, icons, and related items)
U. California, Irvine, Bookstore 
University Press Books (Berkeley, Calif.)
Vedams Books International: Books on Women's Studies Published in India (annotated catalogue of online bookseller; titles are linked to tables of contents and jacket or publisher's blurbs)
Véhicule Press (Montreal publisher specializing in Canadian and Quebec literature)
Ventura Pacific Ltd. (Sandra Stone)
Virtual Book Shop (rare books)
WordsWorth Books Harvard Square

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