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Small Presses   Suggest a Link
Alter Ego Editions (Canadian publisher)
Audenreed Press (Brunswick, Maine) 
Ayer Company Publishers 
Book Hunter Press (info on the Press's Used Book Lover's Guides to rare and antiquarian bookstores in the U.S.)
Coach House Books (Toronto) (small press that also prints both books and online texts)
Danaan Press: The Voice of the Pagan Renaissance 
EPC Small Press Alcove ("alphabetical list of poetry and poetics presses") (Diane M. Ward / Electronic Poetry Center)
Gareth Stevens Publishing (children's books)
Hard Press (non-profit publisher that promotes "both established and emerging literary, visual, musical, and theatrical artists by publishing their works in a variety of media")
Indian Books Centre / Sri Satguru Publishers ("publishers and exporters of Books and Serials from India")
Los Andes Publishing Inc. (Spanish-language books and software for children and young adults)
Small Presses (Electronic Poetry Center, SUNY Buffalo)
Small Press Express (collection of links to small presses) (Audenreed Press)
Small Press Publishers (gopher)

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