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 •  Charles Babbage Institute Center for the History of Computing
Media Histories
History Of Computing & Computer Museums   Suggest a Link
Alan Turing Page (Andrew Hodges)
Charles Babbage Institute Center for the History of Computing
Charles Babbage Institute Homepage ("dedicated to promoting the study and preservation of the history of information processing. . . . includes oral history interviews of prominent computer scientists, engineers, and industrialists") (U. Minnesota)
Charles Babbage Institute Archives and Manuscripts (searchable)
Charles Babbage Institute: The Collections ("CBI collects primary source materials and rare publications documenting the history and development of information technology. Information technology is defined in broad terms to include topics such as computing, information processing, hardware and software design developments, software applications, development of standards, networking, the Internet, and their social implications. Collecting efforts focus on the period from 1935 to the present")
Oral Histories (searchable)
Chronology of Personal Computers (Ken Polsson)
Computer Museums
The Computer Museum (Boston)
The Intel Museum 
Museum of HP Calculators 
Obsolete Computer Museum (Tom Carlson)
The Virtual Museum of Computing (history of computing) (Jonathan Bowen, Oxford U.)
Computers: From the Past to the Present (Web-mounted lecture by Michelle A. Hoyle, U. of Regina, Canada)
Michael and Ronda Hauben, Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet (online book)
Historic Images of Computers (history of computing) (Mike Muuss, U. S. Army Research Lab)
History of Computers and Communications: Online Resources (Wendy Gale Robinson, U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Duke U.)
History of Computing (J.A.N. Lee, Virginia Tech)
History of the Computer: Inventions, Fact, and Myth (a short essay accompanied by a set of resources both in book format and on the Web) (The Great Idea Finder)
History-of-Hypertext Timeline (Jorn Barger)
The History of Computing at the Ballistics Research Laboratory (U. S. Army Research Lab) (illustrated lecture; Mike Muuss, U. S. Army Research lab)
Past Notable Women in Computing (Yale U.)

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