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 •  The Media History Project
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Media Studies
Media Histories   Suggest a Link
Dead Media Project (Bruce Gabor)
History of Computers and Communications: Online Resources (Wendy Gale Robinson, U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Duke U.)
History of Language Technology (print & other language techs as reseen from the vantage of the computer age) [Show]
History of Electronic Publishing (David Carlson, U. of Florida)
History of Electronic Music  
History Of Computing & Computer Museums [Show]
The Media History Project ("promoting the study of media history from petroglyphs to pixels") (School of Journalism and Mass Comm., U. of Minnesota)
Media History Project Homepage 
Advertising and Material Culture History 
General Historical Reference 
Keywords, Concepts, & Theorists 
Oral & Scribal Culture 
Printing & Print Culture 
Sound Recording & Video Games 
Time Line/Media History 
Radio Program Archive ("Over 35 years ago I began this radio collection from original transcriptions, private collectors and other institutional collections to preserve for research and scholarship what people had once heard over American radio. It was decided not to attempt to collect every program of every series which exists, but a representative sampling of most series and shows") (Marvin R. Bensman, U. of Memphis)
Recording Technology History: A Chronology (Steve Schoenherr, U. of San Diego)
Telecommunications History 
Telemuseum (history of telecommunications) (Telecommunications Museum, Stockholm; with major links to "History" and "Exhibitions"; available in English or Swedish language)

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