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 •  Daniel Chandler (U. Wales Aberystwyth)  
 •  Bruce Jones , "The History of Printing"  
 •  Koninklijke Bibliotheek: Historical Dutch Bookmaking & Typography
 •  Media History Project
 •  James J. O'Donnell (U. Penn)
 •  Printmaking: On Line Information
 •  SHARP Web: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, & Publishing
 •  Daniel Traister (U. Penn) (Course Syllabi)
 •  U. of Iowa Center for the Book
Technology Of Writing
Media Histories
History of Language Technology   Suggest a Link
(print & other language techs as reseen from the vantage of the computer age)
Joshua Graham Baldner, "The Telephone: Impact and Expansion" 
Charles Bernstein (State U. of New York, Buffalo), Review of Johanna Drucker, The Visible Word: Experimental Typography and Modern Art, 1909-1923 (1994) (Project Muse, Johns Hopkins U. Press)
Bodleian Library Image Catalogue (.gif and .jpg images of manuscripts; thumbnail index and higher-resolution)
Center for Book Arts (Richard Minsky)
Center for Studies in Oral Tradition at U. Missouri, Columbia 
Daniel Chandler (U. Wales Aberystwyth) [Show]
The Classic Typewriter Page (Richard Polt)
Color Printing in the 19th Century (exhibition at Hugh M. Morris Library U. Delaware Library; includes explanations of
COOL: Conservation Online (Stanford U.)
Sean Cubitt (Liverpool John Moores U., UK), "The Co-Evolution of Voice and Machine from Typewriter to Hypertext" (Freebase)
Cultural Readings: Colonization & Print in the Americas (U. Penn. Library exhibition from the collections of the Jay I. Kislak Foundation and the Rosenbach Museum & Library; includes images, explanations, and essays)
Early Printed Books Project, Oxford U. 
The Electronic Pedagogy Page of Slippery Rock U. (Nancy A. Barta-Smith / Raylene Thompson)
Don Etherington & Matt Roberts, Etherington and Roberts Dictionary-Electronic Edition (glossary of bookbinding and conservation terms)
Feminism and Writing Technologies ("investigates specific technologies--such as, alphabet, moveable type, index, pencil, typewriter, xerox machine, computer, internet--which are historically and currently enmeshed in multinational divisions of labor") (Katie King, U. Maryland)
John Miles Foley, "Oral Formulaic Theory and Research: An Introduction and Annotated Bibliography" (1985) 
Friedrich A. Kittler Bibliography (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Michael Fuller (U. Calif., Irvine), "Gatekeepers of Memory: Issues in the Chinese Efforts to Organize Their Textual Legacy" 
Graphion's Online Type Museum 
J. Hillis Miller (U. California, Irvine), "Graphic or Verbal: A Dilemma" (1998) (on the Victorian "multimedia" novel; drawn in part from Miller's Black Holes, 1999)
History of Art and Computing ("an exploration of parallel events in the evolution of arts and computers") (Victoria Vesna, U. California, Santa Barbara)
History of Books and Printing: A Research Guide (bibliographies) (New York Public Library)
History of Printing (Geoffrey Rubinstein / Jones Telecommunications & Multimedia Encyclopedia)
Images of Orality and Literacy in Greek Iconography of the Fifth, Fourth and Third Centuries BCE (James O'Donnell)
Information Age: People, Information & Technology (Smithsonian Exhibit: pictures and info from the history of early telegraphy, telephony, and cybernetics)
Introduction to Bookbinding (Douglas W. Jones, U. Iowa)
Jan Tschichold Page (info, bilbiography, and some illustrations relating to Tschichold, who defined the "New Typography" in 1928) (Sherry Heinz)
Bruce Jones , "The History of Printing" (U. California, San Diego), [Show]
Kevin S. Kiernan (U. Kentucky), "Digital Preservation, Restoration, and Dissemination of Medieval Manuscripts" 
Katie King (U. Maryland), The Politics of the Oral and the Written: Feminism and Writing Technologies (course)
Koninklijke Bibliotheek: Historical Dutch Bookmaking & Typography
Book Bindings and Design 
Decorated Paper and Papermaking 
Modern Typography and Design 
Typography and Design Until 1800 
A Leonardo da Vinci Notebook (Codex Arundel) (British Library exhibit)
Media History Project
The Dead Media Archives 
General Historical Reference 
Keywords, Concepts, & Theorists 
Oral & Scribal Culture 
Printing & Print Culture 
Sound Recording 
Time Line/Media History 
James J. O'Donnell (U. Penn)
Burning Books 
Chinese Textual Practices 
"Course Bibliography" 
(course) Transformations of Language (1991) 
Literary Resources: Bibliography & History of the Book (annotated links) (Jack Lynch, Rutgers U.)
The Planets and Their Children: A Blockbook of Medieval Popular Astrology ("a hypermedia presentation of a blockbook or "Planetenbuch", in which I have attempted to make the 15th-century experience of reading a popular astrology text accessible to a modern, nonspecialist audience") (Marianne Hansen)
Prairie Paper Project (Douglas W. Jones, U. Iowa)
Printing: History and Development (overview) (Jones International Ltd.)
Printmaking: On Line Information
Homepage (Arvon Wellen, Anglia Polytechnic U., Cambridge, UK)
Links Related to Printmaking 
Printmaking Techniques and History 
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Bibliography & History of the Book (U. Waterloo)
RuneType: The Rune Typology Project--Computerizing Runic Inscriptions at the History Museum in Bergen) (searchable)
SHARP Web: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, & Publishing
Homepage (metapage of publisher archives, publishers' pages, syllabi, bibliographies, online exhibits, calls for papers, and other resources related to the history of published discourse) (Patrick Leary, Indiana U., Bloomington)
Prospectus for Book History MA (includes bibliography) (Robin Alston, U. College, London, for SHARPWeb),
Publishers' Archives: Weedon List (text file)
Publishers' Archives: Albinski List (text file)
Publishers' Materials at the McFarlin Library, U. of Tulsa (Sidney F. Huttner, U. of Tulsa, for SHARPWeb)
SHARP-L: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, & Publishing Listserv (info & subscription address)
Emery Snyder (Princeton U.), "Baroque Simulacra" (1996) (on the relation between early modern manuscript culture, mnemotechnics, historical reading habits, the book, and hypertext)
Technology of the Word in the Middle Ages (manuscript images) (Jim O'Donnell, U. Penn)
Tom Davis (Birmingham U.) (page for courses on bibliography [printing, handwriting, the web] and on theories of the mind)
Daniel Traister (U. Penn) (Course Syllabi)
"History of Books and Printing" 
"History of Books and Printing, 1800-1950" 
Typography Online ("Since 1984 the computer has somewhat revolutionized the way printed matter is manufactured with the sad result that many good typographers have gone out of trade. This is but history repeating itself...") (Nnee Publishing Online)
U. Alabama MFA in the Book Arts Program 
U. of Iowa Center for the Book
Handmade Papers 
U. of Iowa Conservation Lab 
U. of Lund, Sweden: Division for the History of Books and Libraries 
Kim H. Veltman, "Space, Time and Perspective in Print Culture and Electronic Media" (claims "that perspective is not simply a Renaissance phenomenon; that its temporal and kinetic dimensions actually require electronic media; that these have basic implications for our concepts of knowledge and that a new era in the understanding of persp

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