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Advanced Visual Interfaces (May 25-27, 1998, Italy) (conference)
Georgia Tech U. Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center 
Human Interface Technology Lab Projects
Human Interface Technology Lab Homepage (U. Washington)
Knowledge Base Project (Human Interface Technology Lab, U Washington)
A Retinal Display for Virtual-Environment Applications (Human Interface Technology Lab, U Washington)
InterFace Magazine (computer interface theory and practice)
Liquid Information Organization (site dedicated to envisioning a future, more "fluid" integration of information; the "liquid information environment" is "total integration, and not just an information tsunami. . . . It's where you can edit information as though you were working with oil paint; as simple as a brush and canvas, and as fluid. It's where there are no more information ghettos where multimedia whiz bang encyclopedia hold their contents hostage")
The Magic Lens Interface (Xerox PARC)
Tim Rohrer (U. Oregon), "Feelings Stuck in a GUI Web: Metaphors, Image-Schemas and Designing the Human Computer Interface" 
User Interface Research at Xerox PARC (text file)
Visible Language Workshop (MIT Media Lab)

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