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 •  Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland)
 •  VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language)
Art (Modern and Contemporary)
Art & Technology   Suggest a Link
(Theory And Resources)
Gary Downing and Frank Edler (Metropolitan Community C., Omaha, Nebraska), Aesthetics and Electronic Imaging ("attempts to bridge the gap between the rapidly expanding field of visual technology and the traditional humanities") (course)
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. ("a members non-profit organization based in New York City, whose mission is to champion interactive kinetic and technology based art and to encourage collaboration between the art and science communities")
(Art)^n Laboratory: Virtual Photography 
Art on Screen Database (rich site of information and resources relating to the film/video presentation of the visual arts) (Program for Art on Film, Columbia U.)
Sandra Braman (U. Illinois), "Art in the Net" (essay on the sociocultural relation of the arts to information society) (Undercurrents)
British Computer Society's Computer Graphics & Displays Group 
CAiiA: Center for Advanced Inquiry into the Interactive Arts (U. Wales, Newport) 
Castano's Bookmarks (extensive, well-organized general art site; especially good for art and technology) (Jo-Ann E. Castano)
Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) (UC San Diego)
CHart ("society open to all who have an interest in the application of computers to the study of art and design")
CIMI: Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information ("16 organizations who have agreed to work cooperatively to solve complex problems relating to the electronic interchange of museum information. CIMI's major focus of effort is project CHIO, a demonstration project on the theme of folkart") (ceased operations late 2003)
The Coloring Pages (theory, practice, and industry of color: for color-oriented professionals)
Color Printing in the 19th Century (exhibition at Hugh M. Morris Library U. Delaware Library; includes explanations of
Computers and the Intuitive Edge: An Introduction to Computers for the Visual Thinker (Web version of CD-ROM project with experimental interface to teach visual-arts computing) (Victoria Vesna, UCSB)
Amy Bruckman (Georgia Tech), "Cyberspace is not Disneyland: The Role of the Artist in a Networked World" (1995)  
Marc Davis, "Media Streams: An Iconic Visual Language for Video Annotation" ("In order to enable the search and retrieval of video from large archives, we need a representation of video content. . . .")
The Digital Links: A Technology Newsletter for Art Educators (Bettie Lake)
Robert A. Duffy "The Shape of Things to Come: The Worldwide Web in Art History Education" (1995) (CHart)
Michael Ester (Luna Imaging), "Image Use in Art - Historical Practice" 
F-e-mail ("Women artists working with this network are serving as role models helping debunk the mythology which is alienating women from technology") (Victoria Vesna, UCLA)
fineArt forum online (Art, Science and Technology Network)
Graphics & Imaging Laboratory, U. Washington)
3D Scanning 
Computer-Generated Pen-and-Ink Illustration 
Fast Multiresolution Image Querying ("We are exploring a strategy for searching through an image database, in which the query is expressed either as a low-resolution image from a scanner or video camera, or as a rough sketch painted by the user")
Interactive Pen-and-Ink Illustration 
History of Art and Computing ("an exploration of parallel events in the evolution of arts and computers") (Victoria Vesna, U. California, Santa Barbara)
IBM QBIC Project: Query by Image Content ("We have developed a system called QBIC which allows queries of large image databases based on visual image content -- properties such as color percentages, color layout, and textures occurring in the images. Such queries use the visual proper
Index to Multimedia Information Sources (Simon Gibbs)
Interface Theory [Show]
Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) Newsletter 
Introduction to Imaging: Issues in Constructing an Image Database (Howard Besser & Jennifer Trant/Getty AHIP)
John Mount's International Interactive Genetic Art II 
Kac Web (Eduardo Kac)
Eduardo Kac Homepage ("documentation of performances, mixed media work, holopoetry, telecommunications events, computer imaging, interactive installations, telepresence art, essays and articles, as well as actual digital pieces available for downloading")
"Aspects of the Aesthetics of Telecommunications" 
"Beyond the Spatial Paradigm: Time and Cinematic Form in Holographic Art" 
"Holopoetry, Hypertext, Hyperpoetry" 
"Interactive Art on the Internet" 
"On the Notion of Art as a Visual Dialogue" 
Telepresence Art (Ornitorrinco in Eden) 
Ken Goldberg (robotic art projects) (U. California, Berkeley)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland)
Matthew Kirschenbaum Homepage 
Lines for a Virtual T/y/o/pography (in-progress hypertext and VRML dissertation being written "real-time" on the net; concerns the work of textuality theorist/artist Johanna Drucker)
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum "Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformations in the Z-Buffer" (1998) 
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "Materiality and Matter and Stuff: What Virtual Texts are Made Of" (2003) 
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "Vector Futures: New Paradigms for Imagining the Humanities"  (pdf)
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "Virtuality and VMRL: Software Studies after Manovich" (2003) 
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U. Maryland) "A White Paper on Information" (1998) 
Glenn A. Kurtz (San Francisco State U.), "The Aesthetics of Scale" (essay on multimedia)
lastplace.com: The "last place" to visit online - for Cyberart (Rodney Chang)
Leonardo Online 
The Lieberary: Henry Lieberman's On-Line Library (MIT Media Lab researcher's projects in applying artificial intelligence to interactive graphical interfaces)
Machine GRAPHICS & VISION Journal 
Mary Flanagan Web ("VRML online artwork, links to cyberculture and gender + technology syllabi, papers on feminist uses of virtual space, knowledge representation and computer games") (Mary Flanagan, State U. of New York, Buffalo)
MIT Media Lab 
Multimedia Authoring Page (Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction)
Tim Murray (Cornell U.) "Digital Incompossibility: Cruising the Aesthetic Haze of New Media" (2000) (CTheory)
New Media and Art (links to variety of sites) (Rhizome.org)
Ornitorrinco in Eden ("first telebrobotics art work")
Printmaking: On Line Information
Printmaking Homepage (Arvon Wellen, Anglia Polytechnic U., Cambridge, UK)
Links Related to Printmaking 
Printmaking Techniques and History 
Project Alexandria (research project on "distributed spatial data libraries" for image and other spatially-referenced resources; part of the Digital Libraries Initiative) (U. California, Santa Barbara)
Edward A. Shanken (Duke U.), "Technology and Intuition: A Love Story? Roy Ascott's Telematic Embrace" (1997) (Leonardo On-Line)
TreeTown Project Fractal-branching model for representing architectural space. (Peter Oppenheimer, artist-in-residence, Human Interface Technology Lab, U Washington)
UC San Diego Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) 
The USC Interactive Art Museum Project ("removing the barriers between artists and their constituencies")
UVA Digital Image Center 
V2 - Institute for Unstable Media (Rotterdam)
Kim H. Veltman, "Space, Time and Perspective in Print Culture and Electronic Media" (claims "that perspective is not simply a Renaissance phenomenon; that its temporal and kinetic dimensions actually require electronic media")
VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language)
Abulafia Gallery (interactive 3-D gallery, with VRML) (Matthew Lewis)
Matthew Kirschenbaum, U. Maryland "Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformissions in the Z-Buffer" ("investigation of textual and narrative possibilities within three dimensional on-screen environments [specifically Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or VRML]")
Morten Soby, "Possessed by Virtual Reality" 
Morten Sby, "Possessed by Virtual Reality" 
Ocean of the Streams of Story: Virtual Worlds at U. Virginia (Dan Ancona / IATH, U. Virginia)
Virtual COHO: Space Physics in 3-D (visualizations in 3-D VRML of COHO plasma physics experiments aboard ongoing NASA deep space missions)
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Forum 
VRML from HELL (Kevin Hughes)
VRML Links (links to technical help; history; VRML browsers and tools; projects and events; and future of VRML)(David McConville)
VRML Repository ("...The VRML Repository is an impartial, comprehensive, community resource for the dissemination of information relating to VRML.")
VRML Web Ring ("The VRML Ring consists of websites linked together to form a "Tour" of VRML content sites. Unlike a simple list of links, the VRML Ring will provide a guided tour of the VR websites linked together by the VRML Ring.") (David Maloney)
Web 3D Consortium ("The Web3D Consortium was formed to provide a forum for the creation of open standards for Web3D specifications, and to accelerate the worldwide demand for products based on these standards through the sponsorship of market and user education programs")
Xerox PARC Projects
Xerox Parc Homepage 
Image Quality Analysis Using a Human Vision Model 
The Magic Lens Interface (Xerox PARC)

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