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VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language)   Suggest a Link
Abulafia Gallery (interactive 3-D gallery, with VRML) (Matthew Lewis)
Matthew Kirschenbaum, U. Maryland "Lucid Mapping and Codex Transformissions in the Z-Buffer" ("investigation of textual and narrative possibilities within three dimensional on-screen environments [specifically Virtual Reality Modeling Language, or VRML]")
Morten Soby, "Possessed by Virtual Reality" 
Morten Sby, "Possessed by Virtual Reality" 
Ocean of the Streams of Story: Virtual Worlds at U. Virginia (Dan Ancona / IATH, U. Virginia)
Virtual COHO: Space Physics in 3-D (visualizations in 3-D VRML of COHO plasma physics experiments aboard ongoing NASA deep space missions)
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Forum 
VRML from HELL (Kevin Hughes)
VRML Links (links to technical help; history; VRML browsers and tools; projects and events; and future of VRML)(David McConville)
VRML Repository ("...The VRML Repository is an impartial, comprehensive, community resource for the dissemination of information relating to VRML.")
VRML Web Ring ("The VRML Ring consists of websites linked together to form a "Tour" of VRML content sites. Unlike a simple list of links, the VRML Ring will provide a guided tour of the VR websites linked together by the VRML Ring.") (David Maloney)
Web 3D Consortium ("The Web3D Consortium was formed to provide a forum for the creation of open standards for Web3D specifications, and to accelerate the worldwide demand for products based on these standards through the sponsorship of market and user education programs")

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