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Philosophers & Works
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General Resources
ArtsandCulture: Jacques Derrida 
Bibliography of Publications by Derrida (organized by year) (Peter Krapp, U. California, Irvine)
Bibliography of Derrida Bibliographies (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Derrida Resources (Notebook for Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
"Derrida and Deconstruction" (David Arnason, U. Manitoba)
Foreign Body ("a deconstructive fanzine. Its purpose is to spread, like a virus") (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Glasweb (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Jacques Derrida Page (Campus Community, Southern Oregon U.)
Writing in Reserve: Deconstruction on the Net (Derrida page) (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Secondary Literature
Kip Canfield (U. Maryland), "The Microstructure of Logocentrism: Sign Models in Derrida and Smolensky" (1993) 
"Conversation with Geoffrey Bennington" (on the relation between deconstruction and hypertext, the Internet, and information technology) (Seulemonde)
Derrida: "Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences" (lecture notes created for a course) (Mary Klages, U. Colorado, Boulder)
Steven Helmling (U. Delaware), "Historicizing Derrida" (1994) (Postmodern Culture)
Vadim Linetski (Hebrew U., Jerusalem)
"The Natural Beauty of Deconstruction" (1996) (Perforations)
"The Promise of Expression to the 'Inexpressible Childe': Deleuze, Derrida and the Impossibility of Adult's Literature" (1997) (Perforations)
Notes on différance (John Lye, Brock U.)
Writings & Interviews
Applied Derrida (interview with Derrida) (Writing in Reserve)
"Architecture New York" (Summary of Impromptu Remarks) (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
"I Have to Wander All Alone" (words on the death of Gilles Deleuze) (trans. David Kammerman, Tympanum)
Jacques Derrida (selective bibliography) (UC Irvine Critical Theory Resource/Eddie Yeghiayan, U. Calif. Irvine)
Jewish Mystic? (part of an interview with Derrida) (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Letter to a Japanese Friend (1983) (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Elizabeth Weber (U. California, Santa Barbara), "To Experience the Future and Welcome the Monster" (interview with Derrida) (Peter Krapp, U. California, Santa Barbara)

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