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General Resources
Brief Biography of Langston Hughes (Nick Evans and David Liss)
It's a Hughes Thang!!!! (Michele Maynard, U. Texas, Austin)
Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center (Queens, NY) 
Langston Hughes Page (The Poetry Archives)
Langston Hughes Page (Epistrophy: Jazz in 20th Century Literature)
Langston Hughes (Academy of American Poets) Includes audiofile of
Langston Hughes Page (History Dept., Hanover C.)
The Poetry of Langston Hughes Teacher Cyberguide (SCORE, San Diego County Office of Education)
Photograph of Langston Hughes by Carl Van Vechten (1939) (Smithsonian)
"Advice," "Island," "Beale Street," "Dream Dust" (David Chanlin)
"Be-Bop Boys" (Epistrophy: Jazz in 20th Century Literature)
"Jazzonia" (Nick Evans and David Liss)
"Justice" and "Still Here" (David Aaron Kurtenbach)
"Song for Billie Holiday" (Epistrophy: Jazz in 20th Century Literature)
"The South" (Crystal Kile)

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