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 •  Canon Dreaming, 1996
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Culture / Canon Wars
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Canon Dreaming, 1996
Homepage of Canon Dreaming, 1996 (online anthologies and courses designed by graduate students in the course)
Electrifying the Renaissance: Hypertext, Literature, and the World Wide Web ("Early Modern paradigms for access to a variety of different texts provides both a way of discussing the WWW and a new way of looking at the western literary canon. Perhaps one of the most manageable ways to navigate through a possibly unlimit
Novel Courses ("Creating a course on the novel? In response to current directions in the canon debate, this site provides an anthology of courses that approach the syllabus at the nexus of pedagogical concerns, genre concerns, and historical concerns")
Romantic Movements ("online anthology intended to geographically situate writings of the period between 1760 and 1830. Knowledge of place is central to the literary history of the period, since it encompasses not only fiercely localized poetry centered in the Lak
The Victorian Canon ("web site devoted to investigating the problem of taste and aesthetics with regard to the Victorian canon in particular, and to the canon debates in the academy in general . . .contains on-line syllabi [e.g. Victoriana: The Popu
Canon Dreaming, 1998
Homepage (online anthologies and courses designed by graduate students in the course)
Author(iz)ing Modern Readers ("Author(iz)ing Modern Readers asserts that readers, rather than specific authors or text, should be brought to the center of contemporary canon debates about literature. . . . locating value in specific literary texts, rather th
So Funny, They Forgot to Laugh: British and American Women's Comedy, 1100-1998 ("Women's comedy has frequently been ignored or disparaged. We seek to change that. Our mission is to furnish scholars and teachers with information about primary and critical sources, and a sample course, on women's comic writing from 1100 to
Tracing Relevance ("Instructors often attempt to demonstrate the way in which canonical texts bear upon the matter at hand by using more current permutations, such as filmed adaptations, to increase accessibility to the past. This project seeks to add to this st

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