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 •  Harold Bloom (Yale U.)
 •  "The Canon And The Web,"
 •  The Concept of Literary Canon: An Overview
 •  Alan Liu (U. California, Santa Barbara)
 •  Nassr-L
 •  National Association of Scholars (NAS)
 •  Romantic Circles: Anthologies Page
Special Topics (Cultural Studies)
Culture / Canon Wars   Suggest a Link
African American Cultural Literacy (gravity) (temporarily unavailable)
The Anthologies and Miscellanies Page (tables of contents of 18th- and 19th-century British literary anthologies, miscellanies, and "beauties" of historical relevance to the canon debate; includes discussion of
Harold Bloom (Yale U.)
Marion Long,
Bloom's Western Canon, Jr. 
Why Should Children Read? 
"The Canon And The Web," Special Issue Of Romanticism On The Net (May 1998) (Guest Editors: Laura Mandell And Michael Gamer)
Catherine Decker (California State U., San Bernardino), Crossing Old Barriers: The WorldWideWeb, Academia, and the Romantic Novel (1998) (Romanticism on the Net)
Elizabeth Fay (U. Massachusetts, Boston), "The Bluestocking Archive: Constructivism and Salon Theory Revisited" (1998) 
Neil Fraistat, Steven Jones, and Carl Stahmer (Romantic Circles Site), "The Canon, The Web, and the Digitization of Romanticism" (1998) (Romanticism on the Net)
Chris Koenig-Woodyard (Oxford U.), "A Hypertext History of the Transmission of Coleridge's 'Christabel,' 1800-1816" (1998) 
(also: Theory, Walter Benjamin) Douglass H. Thomson (Georgia Southern U.), "The Work of Art in the Age of Electronic (Re)Production" (1998) (Romanticism on the Net)
The Canon and the Web (site for a special session at the Modern Language Assoc. convention, Dec. 1996) (Alan Liu, U. California, Santa Barbara, and Laura Mandell, Miami U., Ohio)
David Chandler (Kyoto U.), " 'One Consciousness,' Historical Criticism and the Romantic Canon" (2000) (Romanticism on the Net)
The Concept of Literary Canon: An Overview
Homepage (Kathryn B. Stockton, U. Utah, and George Landow, Brown U. / Victorian Web)
Alternative Readings of Canonical (Male) Texts 
Calling into Question the Concept and Practice of the Literary Canon 
Canon: Dictionary Definitions 
Developing a Counter-Canon 
Feminist Questions about the Literary Canon 
Feminist Responses to the Idea of a Literary Canon 
Inserting Women Writers into the Canon 
The Literary Canon, Introduction 
Cultural Literacy: Culture as a Field of Contest (quotations from recent critical and theoretical works that bear on the issue of canonicity) (Laura Mandell, Miami U., Ohio)
Matthew M. Davis (U. Virginia), "The Association of Literary Scholars and Critics" (laudatory info piece on the conservative ALSC, here called a "counterrevolutionary organization" that "would combat this decay, a society that would promote high standards and scholarly research instead of deconstruction and trendy t
David Denby, Great Books: My Adventures with Homer, Rousseau, Woolf, and Other Indestructible Writers of the Western World (description of 1996 book) (Simon & Schuster)
"The Economy and Its Impact on the Religious Right" ("multiculturalism is a genuine phenomenon in the New Communities. . . . this multiculturalism can be attributed to some degree to the liberal [and 'politically correct'] university educations most residents have received. But th
T.S. Eliot, "Tradition and the Individual Talent" (Project Bartleby)
Robert M. Fowler (Baldwin-Wallace C., Ohio), "The Fate of the Notion of Canon in the Electronic Age" (1994) 
Great Contemporary Literature (Hatteras: A Journal of Conservative Thought / www.jollyroger.com)
Alan Liu (U. California, Santa Barbara)
Canon Dreaming, 1996
Homepage of Canon Dreaming, 1996 (online anthologies and courses designed by graduate students in the course)
Electrifying the Renaissance: Hypertext, Literature, and the World Wide Web ("Early Modern paradigms for access to a variety of different texts provides both a way of discussing the WWW and a new way of looking at the western literary canon. Perhaps one of the most manageable ways to navigate through a possibly unlimit
Novel Courses ("Creating a course on the novel? In response to current directions in the canon debate, this site provides an anthology of courses that approach the syllabus at the nexus of pedagogical concerns, genre concerns, and historical concerns")
Romantic Movements ("online anthology intended to geographically situate writings of the period between 1760 and 1830. Knowledge of place is central to the literary history of the period, since it encompasses not only fiercely localized poetry centered in the Lak
The Victorian Canon ("web site devoted to investigating the problem of taste and aesthetics with regard to the Victorian canon in particular, and to the canon debates in the academy in general . . .contains on-line syllabi [e.g. Victoriana: The Popu
Canon Dreaming, 1998
Homepage (online anthologies and courses designed by graduate students in the course)
Author(iz)ing Modern Readers ("Author(iz)ing Modern Readers asserts that readers, rather than specific authors or text, should be brought to the center of contemporary canon debates about literature. . . . locating value in specific literary texts, rather th
So Funny, They Forgot to Laugh: British and American Women's Comedy, 1100-1998 ("Women's comedy has frequently been ignored or disparaged. We seek to change that. Our mission is to furnish scholars and teachers with information about primary and critical sources, and a sample course, on women's comic writing from 1100 to
Tracing Relevance ("Instructors often attempt to demonstrate the way in which canonical texts bear upon the matter at hand by using more current permutations, such as filmed adaptations, to increase accessibility to the past. This project seeks to add to this st
Robin Markowitz, "Canonizing the Popular" 
The Master Works of Western Civilization ("hypertext-annotated compilation of lists of major works recommended by Drs. Adler and Eliot, Charles Van Doren, Anthony Burgess, Clifton Fadiman, the Easton Press, and many others"; links to online texts) (Mason West)
Meaghan Morris (U. of Technology, Sydney), "Sticks & Stones & Stereotypes" (1997) (Morris on political correctness) (Australian Humanities Review)
Multicultural U.S. Fiction Web: Concepts, Definitions, History, Reading Narrative, Websites (pedagogically-oriented introduction to the concept, history, documents, and fiction of multiculturalism; includes links and study guides) (Richard Pearce, Wheaton C.)
Nassr-L (Discussion List Of The North American Society For The Study Of Romanticism)
Discussion Thread on Felicia Hemans, Aesthetics, Sentiment, and the Canon (July 1997) (Romantic Circles)
Discussion Thread on Recent Romanticism Anthologies & the Canon (Oct. 1995 - Feb. 1996) (Laura Mandell, Miami U., Ohio / Romanticism on the Net)
National Association of Scholars (NAS)
Homepage (the recent pro-canon, anti-pc, anti-"post" professional organization of literary scholars; "the only academic organization dedicated to the restoration of intellectual substance, individual merit, and academic freedom in the universi
Pondering Postmodernism ("an experimental site, still under development, whose purpose is to list actual course descriptions from the pages of college and university catalogs--from all academic disciplines--as well as incidental items to highlight what sparks the post
The Undergrowth of Philosophy ("containing all that is wacky, preposterous, and just plain silly in contemporary philosophy")
Romantic Canons: A Bibliography (and an Argument) ("contains an annotated list of critical and theoretical works about the activity of canonizing as it arose during the Romantic Era"; argues in annotations to the bibliography that canonicity as a concept is definitively 'Romantic.' &
Romantic Circles: Anthologies Page
Homepage (provides "comprehensive list of all the major anthologies currently available for the study of Romantic literature, tables of content for those anthologies, supplementary anthologies that assist the study of Romantic literature, and errata for
Selected Resources:  
Discussion of Anthologies 
Major Anthologies of the Romantic Period 
The "Rutgers Reading List" (an attempt by a Rutgers professer to remember the shape of the "classic" or "traditional" English literature major by "reconstructing the English comprehensive reading list used at one eastern liberal arts college [Dartmout
Rakefat Sela-Sheffy (Tel Aviv U.), "Strategies of Canonization: Manipulating the Idea of the Novel and the Intellectual Field in Eighteenth Century German Culture" (1994) 
Werner Sollors (Harvard U.), " 'Of Plymouth Rock and Jamestown and Ellis Island'; or, Ethnic Literature and Some Redefinitions of 'America' " 
(course) Wesley Morris (Rice U.), Studies in Literary Theory: Problems in the History of the Theory Canon 
The Western Canon ("the purpose of this site is to provide a single location where the Internet community can come and find links to the most important written works of western civilization") (Paul John Barnette, Jr.)
What Should You Read? Who Says So? ("The list below includes almost 900 recommendations found in a variety of sources identifying 'important' books") (Alexander H. McIntire, Jr., U. Miami)

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