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Philosophy Listservs & Newsgroups   Suggest a Link
Aesthetics Listserv 
Homepage ("a world wide consortium of people interested in discussing philosophy through computer mediated communication. It expresses itself as a constellation of email lists located presently at two different sites")
The Freelance Academy (Lance Fletcher)
Feyerabend Forum (Web page for the archives of the Feyerabend list, with links to additional resources) (Marko Toivanen / Spoon Collective)
Kant-L (gopher front end to archives)
LisThink ("the philosophy mailing list for everyone"; site includes philosophy links)
Philos-L Archives 
Philosophy Listservs (from U. Penn listserv index)
Philosophy Discussion Lists (Tom Stone)
Philosophy Mailing Lists (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)
Philosophy Newsgroups (Tom Stone)
Philosophy Newsgroups (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)
Philosophy Usenet Groups 
Sophia Archives 
Spoon Collective Mailing Lists (Spoon Collective hosts discussion lists on philosophy, theory, and related topics; site includes info on individual discussion lists as well as list archives)
Spoon Collective Theory Majordomo Guide (subscription/info files for the major theory/philosophy listservs and majordomos, including the Lyotard, Deleuze-Guattari, Baudrillard, Feyerabend, and other famous majordomo theory groups) (caution: some of the info files and/or majordomos appear

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