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General Philosophy Resources [Show]
Philosophical Fields [Show]
Modern Philosophical Movements [Show]
Philosophers & Works
Aenesidemus [Show]
Anaxagoras [Show]
Anaxarchus [Show]
Anaximander [Show]
Anaximenes [Show]
Anselm [Show]
Antisthenes [Show]
Thomas Aquinas [Show]
Arendt, Hannah [Show]
Aristotle [Show]
Marcus Aurelius Antonius [Show]
Georges Bataille [Show]
Jean Baudrillard [Show]
Pierre Bayle [Show]
Simone De Beauvoir [Show]
Jeremy Bentham [Show]
George Berkeley [Show]
Maurice Blanchot [Show]
Boethius [Show]
Martin Buber [Show]
Edmund Burke [Show]
Albert Camus [Show]
Ernst Cassirer [Show]
Chrysippus [Show]
Marcus Tullius Cicero [Show]
Cleanthes [Show]
Guy Debord [Show]
Guy Debord [Show]
Gilles Deleuze And Félix Guattari [Show]
Democritus [Show]
Jacques Derrida [Show]
René Descartes [Show]
John Dewey [Show]
Denis Diderot [Show]
John Duns Scotus [Show]
Emile Durkheim [Show]
Empedocles [Show]
The Encyclopedists [Show]
Friedrich Engels
"The Condition of England" (Review of Thomas Carlyle's Past and Present) (Marx/Engels Archive)
The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (Marx/Engels Archive)
Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy (Marx/Engels Archive)
Synopsis of Capital, vol. 1 (Marx/Engels Archive)
Epictetus [Show]
Epicurus [Show]
Erasmus [Show]
Paul Feyerabend [Show]
Johann Gottlieb Fichte [Show]
Michel Foucault [Show]
Gottlob Frege [Show]
Hans-Georg Gadamer [Show]
Kurt Gödel [Show]
Gorgias [Show]
Jürgen Habermas [Show]
G. W. F. Hegel [Show]
Martin Heidegger [Show]
Heraclitus [Show]
Hippias [Show]
Thomas Hobbes [Show]
David Hume [Show]
Edmund Husserl [Show]
Thomas Henry Huxley [Show]
William James [Show]
Immanuel Kant [Show]
Søren Kierkegaard [Show]
George Lakoff [Show]
D. G. Leahy [Show]
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz [Show]
Emmanuel Levinas [Show]
Alain Locke [Show]
John Locke [Show]
Bernard Lonergan [Show]
Lucretius [Show]
Jean-François Lyotard [Show]
Niccolo Machiavelli [Show]
Menippus [Show]
Mauríce Merleau-Ponty [Show]
John Stuart Mill [Show]
Friedrich Nietzsche [Show]
William of Ockham [Show]
Origen [Show]
H. B. Paksoy [Show]
Parmenides [Show]
Charles S. Peirce [Show]
Peripatetics [Show]
Plato [Show]
Plotinus [Show]
Protagoras [Show]
Pythagoras [Show]
W.V. Quine [Show]
Ayn Rand [Show]
John Rawls [Show]
Richard Rorty [Show]
Jean-Jacques Rousseau [Show]
Bertrand Russell [Show]
Jean-Paul Sartre [Show]
Earl of Shaftesbury [Show]
The Sophists [Show]
Baruch (Benedict De) Spinoza [Show]
St. Augustine [Show]
Thales [Show]
Timon [Show]
Alan Turing [Show]
Voltaire [Show]
Uri Wilensky [Show]
Ludwig Wittgenstein [Show]
Xenophon [Show]
Zeno of Elea [Show]
Other Philosophy Sites & Projects
Tom Bridges (Montclair State U.), Philosophy and Civil Society (topically-organized brief essays "devoted to the philosophical examination of the nature of civil society and civic culture in general. . . . addresses the contemporary crisis of liberal democratic civic culture in the postmoder
Complexity Studies
Bibliography of Measures of Complexity (Bruce Edmonds, Manchester Metropolitan U.)
Complexity Related Links 
Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan U.), "What is Complexity? - The Philosophy of Complexity Per Se with Application to Some Examples in Evolution" 
Faith Quest: Navigating Through the Desert of Doubt (resources "that I hope will be of some assistance to my fellow sojourners in their attempt to break out of the maddening silence of God's seeming absence"; includes online philosophical works by Marilyn Adams, Nicholas Rescher, Alvin Plan
Humanism ("Humanism is an approach to life emphasizing ethics, rationality, and intelligent compassion")
Medieval Studies Page
Homepage (Isobel Stark; U. Sheffield)
High Medieval Theologians and Philosophers 
Late Medieval Theologians and Philosophers 
Pagan Philosophers 
Metaphor Home Page (Tony Veale, Trinity College, Dublin)
Metaphysics Research Lab (Stanford U.)
Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James (site on the mind-body problem from the 17th through 19th centuries; originally a 1992 exihibit at the U. S. National Library of Medicine) (Robert H. Wozniak, Bryn Mawr College)
Mudus Philosophicus (Cafe des Philosophes) (Assoc. for Systematic Philosophy MUD and happy hour) (telnet)
National Association of Scholars (NAS)
National Association of Scholars Homepage (the recent pro-canon, anti-pc, anti-"post" professional organization of literary scholars; "the only academic organization dedicated to the restoration of intellectual substance, individual merit, and academic freedom in the university")
The Undergrowth of Philosophy ("containing all that is wacky, preposterous, and just plain silly in contemporary philosophy")
No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed (Ken Knisely's Socratic Philosophy Television) (Web support page for the No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed TV shows)
Objectivity Home Page ("Dedicated to philosophical investigations of objectivity, subjectivity, allocentricity, and egocentricity") (Pete Mandik, Washington U.)
Online Center for the Cognitive Science of Metaphor (Tim Rohrer, U. Oregon)
Philosophy is Everybody's Business: Great Ideas from the Great Books (Center for the Study of the Great Ideas) ("founded by Mortimer J. Adler and Max Weismann, the Center is dedicated to help awaken citizens from their moral and intellectual slumbers and to understand why philosophy is everybody's business")
Philosophy of the Discrete 
The Pre-History of Cognitive Science Web (annotated bibliography and discussion of philosophers of human cognition from the 17th through 19th centuries) (Carl Stahmer, UC Santa Barbara)
Principia Cybernetica Web ("The Project aims to develop a complete philosophy or "world-view", based on the principles of evolutionary cybernetics, and supported by collaborative computer technologies")
Research Sources on Concepts of Person and Self
Homepage (Shaun Gallagher, Canisius C., Buffalo, NY)
On-Line Bibliographies 
On-Line Texts 
Related Associations and Institutions 
Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities (rich, sophisticated introduction to "the various discourses, disciplines, media and institutions that have produced significant critical and theoretical positions and discussions concerning the Nazi Genocide of the Jews of Europe, 1933-45"
Sites philosophiques sur la démarcation des sciences et des pseudo-sciences (in French) (philosophical links relevant to the study of Karl Popper's demarcation problem; contains many general resources in philosophy) (Patrick Peccatte)
Philosophy Journals
Aesthetics Ideas 
Animus: A Philosophical Journal for Our Time ("aimed at contributing toward a restored comprehension of the chief works and arguments of the Western tradition, considered on their own terms. . . . especially encourages reflection on the relation of the authentic historical
ASA/JAAC: American Society for Aesthetics & Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 
Basileus: The Digital Edition (An International Interdisciplinary Journal for the Philosophy of Law) 
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie: Zweimonatsschrift der internationalen philosophischen Forschung ("the leading journal from Germany for international philosophical discourse [authors and board: Habermas, Benhabib, Lyotard, MacIntyre, Nussbaum, Putnam, Ricoeur, Rorty, Taylor and others]")
Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy 
Ends and Means: Journal of the University of Aberdeen Centre for Philosophy Technology and Society 
Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy (tables of contents only)
Husserl Studies 
The International Philosophical Preprint Exchange (Chiba U.)
International Kierkegaard Newsletter (Julia Watkin)
Journal of Buddhist Ethics 
Journal of Nietzsche Studies 
Journal of Société canadienne d'esthétique / Canadian Society for Aesthetics (full-text articles)
Journal of the History of Philosophy (tables of contents)
Missing Link: Cyberspace, Philosophie, Kultur (in German) (Claudia Klinger)
Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic (Philosophy Dept., U. Oslo)
The Owl of Minerva (journal for Hegel studies)
Philosophers' Web Magazine 
Philosophia Perennis (U. Bamberger, Germany)
Philosophical Studies: An International Journal for Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition 
Philosophy Journals (Tom Stone)
Philosophy Journals and Newsletters (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)
Philosophy and Literature 
Philosophy & Theology 
Philosophy in Japan 
Philosophy of Education Society Yearbook 
Postmodern Jewish Philosophy 
Radical Philosophy 
Society for Philosophy and Technology: A Quarterly Electronic Journal (available in both HTML and Adobe Acrobat formats)
Sorites: Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy 
Soundsite: The Online Journal of Sound Theory, Philosophy of Sound and Sound Art 
SubStance (Sydney Lévy, U. California, Santa Barbara)
Techne: Society for Philosophy & Technology -- A Quarterly Electronic Journal 
Philosophy Listservs & Newsgroups
Aesthetics Listserv 
Homepage ("a world wide consortium of people interested in discussing philosophy through computer mediated communication. It expresses itself as a constellation of email lists located presently at two different sites")
The Freelance Academy (Lance Fletcher)
Feyerabend Forum (Web page for the archives of the Feyerabend list, with links to additional resources) (Marko Toivanen / Spoon Collective)
Kant-L (gopher front end to archives)
LisThink ("the philosophy mailing list for everyone"; site includes philosophy links)
Philos-L Archives 
Philosophy Listservs (from U. Penn listserv index)
Philosophy Discussion Lists (Tom Stone)
Philosophy Mailing Lists (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)
Philosophy Newsgroups (Tom Stone)
Philosophy Newsgroups (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)
Philosophy Usenet Groups 
Sophia Archives 
Spoon Collective Mailing Lists (Spoon Collective hosts discussion lists on philosophy, theory, and related topics; site includes info on individual discussion lists as well as list archives)
Spoon Collective Theory Majordomo Guide (subscription/info files for the major theory/philosophy listservs and majordomos, including the Lyotard, Deleuze-Guattari, Baudrillard, Feyerabend, and other famous majordomo theory groups) (caution: some of the info files and/or majordomos appear
Course Syllabi
Tom Bridges (Montclair State U.)
Ancient Philosophy 
Contemporary Philosophers 
S. Marc Cohen (U. Washington), "Philosophy of Aristotle" 
Cynthia Freeland (U. Houston), "Ancient Greek Philosophy" 
OhioLINK History of Philosophy Instructional Website (courses in the history of philosophy from the Kent State U. Philosophy Dept.)
Philosophy Courses, Syllabi, Teaching Resources (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)
Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses: Philosophy (Joan Korenman, U. Maryland)
Departments, Programs, Associations, Jobs
Associations & Societies
American Philosophical Association 
American Society for Aesthetics 
British Society for Aesthetics 
Tennessee Philosophical Assoc. (James Fieser, U. Tennessee at Martin)
Depts. & Programs
Åbo Akademi U. Philosophy Dept., Finland 
Indiana U. Philosophy Dept. 
Johns Hopkins Philosophy Pages 
Kent State U. Philosophy Dept. 
McGill U. Philosophy Dept. 
Montclair State U., New Jersey: Philosophy and Religion Dept. 
Stanford U. Philosophy Dept. 
U. California, Riverside, Philosophy Dept. 
U. California, San Diego, Philosophy Dept. 
U. California, Santa Barbara, Philosophy Dept. 
U. Chicago Philosophy Dept. 
U. Edinburgh Philosophy Dept. 
U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Philosophy Dept. 
U. Kansas Philosophy Department 
U. Oregon Philosophy Dept. 
Valdosta State U., Georgia: Philosophy Dept. 
General Dept. & Program Resources
McGunigle List of UK & Irish Depts. (catalogue with vital statistics of each dept. and live links where available) (Stephen Clar, U. Liverpool)
The Philosophical Gourmet Report (The Leiter Report) (influential publication ranking philosophy departments) (Brian Leiter / Blackwell)
Philosophy Depts. Around the World (Paul Wong, Australian National U.)
Philosophy Departments Around the World (U.K. site) (Peter King)
Philosophy Depts. (Episteme.com)
Philosophy Organizations (Tom Stone)
Humanities Faculty and Research Positions: Philosophy (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Jobs in Philosophy (listings includes "Europe, America, and Asia / Africa / Australia"; in English, German, French, Spanish) (Vincent C. Mueller, U. Hamburg)
Philosophy Jobs (Peter Suber, Earlham C., Indiana)
Philosophy Conferences
20th World Congress of Philosophy -- Paideia: Philosophy Educating Humanity (Aug. 10-16, 1998, Boston) (multilingual site)
Chance: The Event in the Desert (Nov. 8-10, 1996) ("a philosophical rave and summit meeting between artists and philosophers, chaosophists and croupiers, mathematicians and musicians at Whiskey Pete's Casino in the Nevada desert"; featuring Jean Baudrillard and Allucquere Roseanne Stone)
Conferences, Workshops, and Calls for Papers (Liverpool index; gopher)
Philosophy of Science and Mathematics Events in Britain (Brendan Larvor, U. Liverpool)
The Production of Philosophy: Aesthetics, Practice, Invention (Villanova U., April 19, 1997) ("This conference is devoted to exploring the relationship of the aesthetic to philosophical thinking and to asking about the implications of an aesthetic re-composition of philosophy")
Second Annual New York City International Conference on the History of Philosophy and Religion (May 1-3, 1998, Hunter C., NYC) 
Terminals: The Cultural Production of Death (U. California, Santa Barbara, Nov. 12-13, 1996) (conference on the interface between the cultural and technological construction of death)

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